Injured at Work Lawyers St. Louis

Added: April 26, 2016
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Lockout / Tagout Procedures for Preventing Workplace Injuries

Machines have the potential to cause a number of injuries among workers. Many people work around various types of machines in the workplace, and there is a set of rules according to which these machines should be used, run and maintained. These ...

Torn Knee Ligament Injuries – St. Louis Work Injury Attorney

Knee injuries are quite common in the construction, manufacturing or any other industry that requires manual labor. The knee is the largest weight bearing joint in the human body. There are four ligaments in our knee. If a tendon ruptures or ...

How Chemical Exposure Can Cause Cancer – St. Louis Work Injury Lawyer

Chemical exposure in the workplace poses a serious risk to workers and can cause health problems ranging from minor skin irritation to respiratory diseases. As of 2014, nearly 8.8 percent of all workplace fatalities were attributed to toxic ...

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