Best Fitness Blogs You Should Read to Stay in Shape

Last Updated: 22/09/2023

The top fitness blogs inspire with workout ideas. It is a great way to get started if you are interested in getting fit and healthy. Follow their advice to reach your fitness goals faster. Read them to find the drive you need to meet your fitness goals.

The 14 Best Fitness Blogs

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Fitbit Blog

The Fitbit Blog offers tips for a healthier, active life. Learn how Fitbit tracks your fitness, sleep, and nutrition. Stay informed about new products and features to keep up with the latest news. This blog helps you enhance your mental and physical health.

Muscle and Fitness

Transform your body with Muscle & Fitness, the ultimate source for workouts and nutrition tips. Get shredded in 28 days, or target specific muscles with over 1,000 exercises. Learn from athletes like Paddy Pimblett and Michael B. Jordan to improve mental health and motivation.

Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle keeps you strong and lean with the latest on workouts, nutrition, gear reviews, and more. Get killer routines, healthy recipes, and training tips from experts and hardcore athletes. Whether you're a newbie or elite, this is your daily dose of everything fitness and health. Quick reads on hot topics to fuel your active lifestyle.

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Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody On Demand is a streaming platform. It offers world-class fitness programs for all levels. Users can access various workouts and nutrition plans. The platform also provides wellness resources. Beachbody On Demand helps users reach fitness goals at home. Experienced trainers lead the effective programs.

Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is a fitness website that helps nerds and average Joes lose weight, get stronger, and live better. It offers low-calorie, delicious recipes and programs workouts in Nerd Fitness Coaching. They also provide tips for making meals delicious, using only a few common spices, and bodyweight workout routines that don't require gym memberships. The blog also offers the Nerd Fitness Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) Calculator, a step-by-step weight-loss plan using your TDEE, and a guide to the Paleo Diet.

Fit Bottomed Girls

This blog gives straight-up advice to help busy moms stay healthy and feel good. The posts cover fitness, food, mindset and self-care in a real way. The goal is to motivate women and build confidence - no matter their size or stage of motherhood. Mamas will find tips, laughs and community here. It's a judgment-free zone that welcomes all bodies and helps ladies care for their health.

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The Fitnessista

The Fitnessista is a healthy lifestyle blog by a certified personal trainer and weight loss specialist. It offers quick workouts and recipes for busy moms and shares the author's adventures. The Fitnessista also provides helpful tips for reaching your health goals and improving your daily routines.

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BroScience: Experience, expertise & knowledge all in one. Get your muscle-building & fat loss questions answered by bodybuilding experts. Meet Dr. Dave Hopper - chiropractor, health & fitness expert, inventor, & former pro-athlete. His passion is family, living & working in the Chicago suburbs. Get the answers you need today.

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Sarms Army Blog

SARMs Army: Canada's #1 supplier of muscle-building, fat-burning SARMs. Helping you reach your peak physique & recommended by medical professionals for treating bone density issues. Get the extra boost on your wellness journey, today!

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Trail Running Blog

Blog about training for races with workouts, stretches, and product reviews.

Read about trail running at the University of California San Diego campus trails, end-of-summer runs to the beach, trail running adventures to waterfalls, and Des Moines trail runs. It includes GoPro videos, running interviews, race photos, and a Brooks I.D. program.

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Simon Niklaus offers fitness, health, and self-improvement tips. Learn safe training methods, equipment use, and goal achievement. You will find advice on healthy living, nutrition, and energy boosts. He also covers finance, including credit cards, savings, and loans. Discover the latest updates and improve both physically and financially.

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Actlive Life

Actlive Life delivers fitness and motivation content for health-focused women. Our blog offers tips on fitting exercise into tight schedules and establishing lasting healthy habits. We share home workouts, beginner yoga, and muscle-strengthening methods. Find budget-friendly gift suggestions and the mood-lifting perks for living your best life.

The Best Workout Equipment

The Workout Equipment reviews home gym gear. That includes resistance bands, adjustable dumbbells, and exercise bikes. It helps you find the best equipment for your home workouts. The site gives real, honest opinions on the pros and cons of different brands. Articles explain how to use the equipment correctly. They also share the benefits of your training. The Workout Equipment provides helpful information to create your ideal home gym.

Fit Dads Over 40

Fit Dads Fitness helps dads over 40 live an active, healthy lifestyle. Our blog provides the latest fitness and nutrition advice to help you achieve your health goals. Join now for positivity, motivation, and resources for the fit dad lifestyle.