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Last Updated: 21/12/2022

Cooking blogs provide a wealth of information and inspiration for anyone looking to improve their culinary skills. From delicious recipes to expert tips and tricks, these best cooking blogs have everything you need to make the most of your time in the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of any home; cooking is a wonderful way to share food and create memories with those you love. With the help of these top cooking blogs, you can learn how to cook delicious meals that will impress your friends and family. So why not explore some of these blogs and discover new ways to make the most of your time in the kitchen?

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Serious Eats

Serious Eats is an award-winning cooking blog, founded by Ed Levine in 2006, full of delicious and tested recipes. The team behind it has worked for big publications and has a wealth of experience in culinary and food science.


Food52 is a James Beard award-winning cooking community that's been dishing out delicious recipes for 10 years. From the online community where cooks share recipes, to the thousands of recipes tested by the editors, to the shop with curated kitchen products and home goods - Food52 is your one-stop-shop for all things food and joyful living.

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Minimalist Baker

The Minimalist Baker makes it easy for anyone to cook delicious meals with simple ingredients, minimal prep time, and no fancy kitchen gadgets. Perfect for beginners and experienced cooks looking for new inspiration for healthy and easy meals, with a focus on plant-based options.

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Smitten Kitchen

Offers easy-to-follow tutorials, accessible ingredients, and even gluten-free options. With categories like "Put An Egg On It" and "Surprise Me" it's more than just a recipe collection; it's a personal touch.

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Pinch of Yum

Fresh, flavorful and healthy recipes that are easy to prepare. A mom dedicated to creating approachable and exciting recipes is shared with you. Whether you're cooking for yourself, your family, or your friends, you can always find what you're looking for here.

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Cookie and Kate

Cookie and Kate is a food site that caters to all dietary needs. Kate focuses on nutrition and health while making meals delicious and fun. With natural and sustainable food plus versatile recipes, this food blogger and cookbook author is one to follow.

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Steamy Kitchen

Jaden from Steamy Kitchen, a TV chef, brings her expertise to the food blogging world with unique and easy ways to help people cook. Microwave recipes and reverse meal planning make it easy for beginners, while the focus is on healthy, approachable, and easy-to-make meals. Recipes are indexed and searchable by cuisine, with an extensive Asian section and ideas for using leftovers."

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Budget Bytes

Run by Beth, a former microbiologist, who shows you how to make delicious recipes on a budget. She provides affordable meal ideas. Her blog is excellent for anyone who wants to spend less while filling their stomach.

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A Couple Cooks

A Couple Cooks is an award-winning food blog by Sonja and Alex Overhiser. They inspire new cooks to make delicious plant-based meals with easy-to-navigate recipes that suit all dietary needs.

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Fruit & Vegetable Blog: Stem & Stalk

Have A Plant is more than just a blog about fruits and veggies. This blog gives you more reasons to adopt a plant-based diet or eat fruits and vegetables more often.

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 I am a food blog

From easy Keto-friendly Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry to Mini Beef Wellingtons, this husband and wife team covers both effortless and diverse recipes. They also have travel and food guides from different parts of the world.

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Love and Lemons

Love and Lemons is a cooking blog by Jeanine, where you'll find recipes using seasonal produce, mostly plant-based meals, and cookbooks for inspiration. Discover healthy and indulgent recipes, and shop for quality kitchen tools to make them.

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 Kalyn's Kitchen - South Beach Diet Cooking and Recipe Blog

Kalyn started her home-cooking blog in 2005 after she'd lost over 40 pounds. She continues to share creative and easy-to-prepare healthy, carb-conscious recipes for people who want to limit carbs in their diet.

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Looking for fast, easy, and family-friendly meals? Then you've come to the right place! This food blog is a virtual kitchen where dishes are prepared using fresh and cost-effective ingredients. The cooking procedures are easy to follow, and the flavors define hearty home-cooked meals.

With the blogger's love for baking, there are many tips on making bread rolls, meat pies, and much more.

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Sprouted Kitchen

A Mediterranean-style cooking site that focuses on healthy, natural, and delicious meals. It is perfect for those who want to eat healthier and find new ways to get nutritious meals without suffering from blandness. Recipes are indexed to search by meal, season, or dietary concerns like gluten-free.

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Miami Food Critic

Miami Food Tours takes you on a journey through the best restaurants in Miami with local experts as your guides. Discover the flavors and culture that make Miami's food scene unique, from traditional dishes to innovative creations. Recreate your favorite Miami meals home with a food blog full of recipes.

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Pickled Plum

Over 600 Asian-influenced recipes that are easy to make with a focus on health. The blog includes nutritional labels, cooking videos, and step-by-step recipe photos.

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This Silly Girl's Life

Find delicious and healthy recipes that are home-cook-tested and chef-approved. From mouth-watering appetizers to satisfying baked goods, This Silly Girl's Life offers tips and tricks on how to cook the ultimate comfort food for every season.

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Ahead of Thyme

Find quick and easy seasonal recipes for the everyday home chef. Find a good selection of meaty dishes and vegetarian recipes on this blog. Browse this site and make something yummy for dinner tonight.

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Food For Thought

Know what life looks like behind the scenes in the food industry with this insightful blog. Food For Thought will take you on a fun and educational journey. Learn how coffee is grown, where chocolate comes from, and much more.

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Cooking and Beer Blog

What better way to explore new food and beer than to pair them together? This blog shares exciting favorite ideas and recipes for all to enjoy. Explore new recipes and better craft beer options.

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Culinary Ginger

Authentic recipes using honest ingredients brought to you by the resident redhead of Culinary Ginger. Janette uses only the freshest ingredients. From Herbed Pickled Red Onion to Charred Edamame, you'll find recipes here that are healthy and exciting.

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The culture of cocktails is the heart of this blog. It's the perfect spot for hunting delicious treasures of decadent cocktail recipes. This award-winning blog also offers you enjoyable and exciting travel stories, still-life paintings, and foodie art.

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365 Days of Baking

I'm Lynne, and my goal is to excite you with food, move you into the kitchen if you aren't already there, and have FUN!!

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The Sugar-Free Diva - Food Blog

Reformed sugar addict's kitchen recommendations and sugar-free recipes for meals and desserts, including low-carb, air-fried, gluten-free, and vegan food options.

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Kitchen Dreaming

Find easy, family-friendly recipes that anyone can make. Specializing in quick and easy recipes perfect for today's hectic lifestyles. Authentic and flavorful dishes that are ready in just 30 minutes or less.

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Cooking Chat

Great recipes, better with wine! Cooking Chat has hundreds of tasty (mostly) healthy recipes with wine pairings. Our recipes are based primarily on whole foods and seasonal ingredients. The site is a great resource for finding wine pairings for a meal you are making and getting inspiration for cooking for dinner tonight. We also enjoy finding creative ways to use leftovers and ingredients that happen to be on hand.

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The Frosted Petticoat

Food and drinks with a dash of whimsy! Join Sam, the mastermind behind The Frosted Petticoat, as she explores the world of high-end food and beverages while having some fun. A firm believer that quality and merriment should go hand-in-hand, she'll highlight the magic inherent in everything from immaculate cocktails to new foodie products. And with a knack for whimsical twists on classic recipes, there's no end to the deliciousness. So grab a fork and get ready to dig in!

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Yummy Indian Kitchen

Indian food blogger sharing all kinds of Indian recipes, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine from all across India, as well as International Recipes...

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Honest Food Talks

Find truthful reviews, authentic recipes, in-depth guides, and insights into the F&B industry. Get ready for some honest foodie reads.

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