Best Food & Cooking Blogs to Cook Like a Pro

Last Updated: 07/05/2024

This list covers the top food and cooking blogs. The talented bloggers dish up drool-worthy recipes with pro tips and stunning pics. Satisfy your cravings and elevate your kitchen game with the best cooking inspiration on the web!

The 27 Best Food & Cooking Blogs

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List of the Top 27 Food & Cooking Blogs

Serious Eats

Serious Eats offers delicious recipes and culinary tips. Learn cooking techniques, discover global cuisines, and nerd out on ingredients. Since 2006, they've served home cooks seeking to level up their skills.

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Food52 is a website focused on food and cooking. It was founded by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs in 2009. The site features recipes, cooking tips, and articles about food. Users can submit their recipes and participate in contests. Food52 also has an online shop selling kitchen and home goods. The site has a large and active community of home cooks.

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Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker offers simple vegan and gluten-free recipes. The dishes use wholesome ingredients and are easy to make with up to 10 ingredients. Home cooks of all skill levels can enjoy the recipes. Minimalist Baker provides photos and instructions for plant-based cooking inspiration.

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Smitten Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen is a cooking blog from a small NYC kitchen. Deb Perelman, a home cook, shares easy recipes for dinners, cakes, and seasonal treats. It's for home cooks looking for inspiration and tips. You'll find tasty, simple recipes from crispy potatoes to rich desserts. Many are gluten-free or freezer-friendly.

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Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum is a food blog with simple and tasty recipes. Lindsay, a former teacher, created the blog for everyday cooking. The blog has quick and easy dishes for all skill levels. You'll find classic, vegan, and gluten-free options with step-by-step instructions. Pinch of Yum makes cooking enjoyable with mouthwatering photos.

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Steamy Kitchen

Steamy Kitchen, led by chef Jaden Hair, offers quick, accessible recipes. The blog simplifies home cooking with fast meal ideas and practical tips. It promotes mindful eating and the joy of simple dishes. Engaging giveaways and life advice complement the culinary content. Steamy Kitchen serves as a resource for easy weeknight dinners and culinary inspiration. It fosters a community for all skill levels to explore cooking.

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Cookie and Kate

Cookie and Kate shares simple, wholesome vegetarian recipes to make eating easy and enjoyable. Learn how to cook flavorful plant-based meals from scratch. The blog features healthy, seasonal ingredients. It's perfect for newbie cooks looking to eat more veggies and longtime vegetarians alike.

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A Couple Cooks

A Couple Cooks shares thousands of tasty, easy recipes for vegetarians, vegans, and those on a gluten-free diet. Sonja and Alex, a husband-wife team, offer meal plans, cooking tips, and knife skills. They cover everything from daily meals to special dishes. They encourage cooking delicious plant-based meals that fit into weekly routines. Focusing on whole foods and fresh ingredients, they make healthy cooking straightforward and fun.

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I am a food blog

Delicious recipes, food travels, and fun kitchen stories. We celebrate the joy of cooking and eating good food. Learn techniques, find meal inspiration, and drool over food photos. For home cooks who love experimenting in the kitchen.

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Budget Bytes

Beth Moncel started Budget Bytes in 2009 to share tasty, easy, cheap recipes. The blog has simple instructions and shows the cost of each dish. Budget Bytes makes cooking enjoyable and affordable for all home cooks. It's the perfect place to find recipes that won't break the bank.

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Love and Lemons

Jeanine is the food blogger behind Love and Lemons's cooking blog. The recipes here focus on seasonal produce, an excellent way for all home cooks to discover how to try something new or a new preparation method. Vegetarian recipes are plentiful on this website; with cookbooks, you can also get to.

While the focus of these food recipes is more on health, there are desserts and other indulgences to round things out in the name of balance. This blog also has a shop section to make it easy to find quality kitchen tools and gadgets to make these delicious meals.

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 Kalyn's Kitchen - South Beach Diet Cooking and Recipe Blog

Kalyn started her home-cooking blog in 2005 after she'd lost over 40 pounds. She shares creative and easy-to-prepare healthy, carb-conscious recipes for people who want to limit carbs in their diet.

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Sprouted Kitchen

Sara Forte's Sprouted Kitchen is a food blog featuring healthy, vegetarian recipes. She uses seasonal whole foods and natural ingredients to create nutritious meals. Her husband Hugh photographs the dishes for the blog. Together, they've published two cookbooks and run a meal-planning service. Sprouted Kitchen offers wholesome recipe ideas for everyday cooking.

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The culture of cocktails is the heart of this blog. It's the perfect spot for hunting delicious treasures of decadent cocktail recipes. This award-winning blog also offers enjoyable and exciting travel stories, and foodie art.

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Cooking Chat

Cooking Chat offers hundreds of healthy recipes and wine pairings. The blog emphasizes whole foods and seasonal produce for dishes like soups and pasta. It guides home cooks in meal planning and wine selection, offering tips for repurposing leftovers. Resources for food bloggers are available. Popular dishes feature baked pork ribs and Greek turkey skillet. David, the founder, is passionate about crafting and sharing delicious meals.

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Honest Food Talks

Honest Food Talks, a popular blog, has delighted readers since 2019. It helps them discover new recipes, kitchen tips, and must-try restaurants. The blog reaches over 600,000 food enthusiasts in the UK and US monthly. Honest Food Talks shares authentic global recipes and genuine restaurant reviews.

Your Dream Coffee

Your Dream Coffee is a blog for coffee lovers. It offers expert tips and recipes to help you brew the perfect cup at home. The blog reviews top coffee gear for beginners and seasoned baristas. Learn about the best beans and master brewing techniques.

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Yummy Indian Kitchen

Indian food blogger sharing all kinds of Indian recipes. Find vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine from all across India and international recipes. Learn to make weight loss smoothies, detox drinks, and more with easy cooking guides.

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A Sweet Alternative

Healthy gluten-free recipes with plenty of paleo, vegan, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free options.

Becoming a Chef Blog

Discover cooking tips from amateur and professional cooks in the UK. This blog is perfect for those dreaming of a chef career. Learn essential knife skills and cooking methods, and try easy recipes. Explore different chef roles. Find cookery courses and work experience in hospitality. Get tips on improving your skills, profile, and CV for a commis chef position.

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Ben VIveur

Ben Vivieur is a blog written by a renowned author, critic, and gourmand, Benjamin Nunn. It has strong opinions and commentaries about the food and drink industry.

Restaurant reviews are brutally honest, whether about a newly opened pub or a savory discovery. Beer is a celebrated topic, with the articles mainly being about brewing, breweries, festivals, and nostalgia. There's a yearly award for the best pub in London as well.

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The Coffee  Bean Menu

The Coffee Bean Menu is our little blog about anything related to coffee and coffee beans.

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Afternoon Tea4Two

Afternoon Tea4Two is a delightful food and lifestyle blog. It's perfect for tea and coffee enthusiasts. The blog shares news, reviews, and recipes on afternoon tea. Readers will find useful baking tips and inspiring tea quotes. Afternoon Tea4Two helps enhance tea time and cooking skills. It provides a warm and welcoming setting for all. Whether a beginner or expert, this blog has something for everyone.

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Rustle Up

Rustle Up delivers quick, tasty recipes for home cooks. Find dishes by type, cuisine, and dietary needs. Try popular, easy-to-prepare recipes and discover new favorites. Rustle Up celebrates food traditions and kitchen connections. Sign up to get the latest recipes in your inbox.

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Keto Recipe Ideas

Whether you’re new to the Keto diet or a seasoned pro, our recipes are sure to satisfy your cravings. Keto Recipe Ideas features a range of delicious Keto and Low Carb recipes that are easy to make at home.

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The Eating Emporium

The Eating Emporium fuels your love for food. This blog offers soul-boosting recipes. Master new kitchen skills, whether with a knife or a pan. Rachel invites you to feed both body and soul. Sign up for our newsletter to get the newest recipes.

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A Country Girls Kitchen

Country Girls Kitchen, a delightful cooking blog by Sophie from Devon. She shares easy, tasty recipes for simple, satisfying meals you'll love. Find mouthwatering savoury dishes like cheesy twists and decadent desserts. Sophie's recipes are wholesome and homely, showcasing the rustic charm of country cooking. Her clear instructions make it easy to recreate her delicious food in your own kitchen.

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How do I start a cooking blog and make money?

  1. Choose a niche that you're passionate and knowledgeable about.
  2. Register a domain name and set up web hosting.
  3. Install a blogging platform like WordPress and choose a theme.
  4. Create a content strategy and maintain a consistent posting schedule.
  5. Utilize social media platforms to promote your blog.
  6. Monetize your blog through ad networks, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, or selling your products.

How do I get my food blog noticed?

  1. Optimize your content for search engines to rank higher in search results.
  2. Leverage social media for sharing your content and engaging with your audience.
  3. Network with other food bloggers and collaborate on guest posts or joint ventures.
  4. Participate in online communities, such as Reddit or food-related forums, as an active contributor.
  5. Offer valuable content such as recipes, cooking techniques, or food-related articles to keep readers coming back.

What is the best cooking blog?

Determining the best cooking blog can be subjective, as individual interests vary. However, popular food blogs like Smitten Kitchen, Serious Eats, Pinch of Yum, and Minimalist Baker consistently receive high praise and traffic for their content, recipes, and presentation.

Are cooking blogs profitable?

They can be profitable if you monetize and promote your content effectively. Many successful food bloggers generate income through various avenues, such as display advertising, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, selling their products like cookbooks or meal plans, or offering paid content like online cooking courses.

Remember that profitability largely depends on the work, creativity, and marketing efforts you put into your blog. Building a loyal audience, offering value through high-quality content, and staying consistent can contribute to a cooking blog's financial success.