Best Travel Blogs That Take You Around the World

Last Updated: 15/01/2024

Looking for travel inspiration? This list has the top blogs to follow for solo travelers, families, or those on a budget. Find tips and discover new destinations from awesome travel bloggers. Whether you love solo adventures, cruises with your family, or backpacking on a shoestring, these top-notch blogs have you covered.

Explore exotic locales through fun stories, useful advice, and beautiful pictures. The top travel blogs will spark ideas for your next journey!

The 49 Best Travel Blogs

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List of the Top 49 Travel Blogs

One Mile at a Time

Are you a frequent traveler looking to maximize your travel status? One Mile at a Time brings you the latest airline news, reviews, and credit card offers. Earn more points with today's best deals on airfare, hotels, and restaurants while learning to maximize elite travel status. With 15 years of experience in daily blogging about everything from airport lounge reviews to pilot pay raises, OMAAT founder Ben Schlappig shares his expertise for easy-to-read tutorials and quick tips so travelers.

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Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt: budget travel blog packed with cash-saving tips and tricks. Learn how to explore the world while spending less. Get the best advice, and start discovering the world on a budget today.

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Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate shares travel stories, tips, and destination guides. The solo female traveler features off-the-beaten-path adventures and practical advice. It's for independent travelers seeking diverse and unique travel experiences.

Expert Vagabond

Follow pro travel blogger and photographer Matthew Karsten on real-life adventures worldwide. Get inspired by his nomadic tales, helpful budget tips, and travel stories. Discover practical recommendations for destinations, travel hacks, and the digital nomad lifestyle.

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DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN - An uncensored travel blog by photographer Sean Brown

DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN is a unique photography-based travel blog showcasing the planet’s most unique and unforgettable destinations. Started in 2010, the uncensored first-person stories about each destination and stunning photography give readers a unique, first-person perspective on what to expect and how to make the experience extraordinary.

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The Blonde Abroad

Kiki is an amazing solo female travel blogger, bringing you stunning pics, useful hints & planning tips. Her goal: show you how to break from routine & embrace a life on the go! Read her blog to get the travel bug & plan the perfect journey of your own. #travelblogger #solotravel #lifeontheroad

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Travel Off Path

Inspired by spontaneity, this blog revolves around embracing minimalism while seeking the freedom of travel. Learn more about travel hacks, destination guides, trending travel news, and other travel essentials.

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Solo Traveler

Solo Traveler is the ideal solo-travel blog: encouraging, supportive community; helpful advice; inspiring stories. Take the plunge and grab your passport--it's time for the adventure of a lifetime! Open the world, make new friends, and get the tips and tools to make your solo travel dreams a reality.

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Travel Codex

Straightforward travel guides and tips about everything from getting there to destinations. See all travel loyalty programs, choose the perfect travel credit card, and make the most of future travel plans in one place.

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Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl is a blog by Earl, who's been exploring the world since 1999. If you're into travel, this blog offers genuine updates from over 20 years of adventures, personal tips, and the best travel insights. Plus, it gives you tips and resources to plan your journey. The blog aims to make travel easy, showing how Earl manages continuous travel and sharing advice on working abroad. Get real stories and practical tips from two decades of traveling the world.

BucketListly Blog

BucketListly Blog is about solo travel and photography for the adventurous. Pete R., the founder, runs it with hundreds of guides for places like Thailand, Southeast Asia, Europe, and South America. It's designed to inspire with travel stories, videos, and budget gear guides. Perfect for solo backpackers planning their next big adventure. It offers practical tips and recommendations from firsthand experience. Follow BucketListly for trip inspiration and advice to make your travel dreams a reality.

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Wondrous Drifter - Best Travel Guide To Fun & Interesting Places Around The World

Curated list of fun and interesting places around the world. Check out the best things to do and best places to visit around the world

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Maui Blog

Pride of Maui Travel Blog guides visitors through Maui's best experiences. It offers insider tips on top activities and must-see locations. Readers discover snorkeling spots, helicopter tours, and hidden gems. The blog covers top restaurants and hotels for all budgets. Local experts share advice on exploring Maui and other Hawaiian islands. Travelers can plan their dream vacation with confidence using this comprehensive resource.

Ordinary Traveler Blog

Ordinary Traveler inspires everyday explorers. It shares top destinations and insider tips. The blog offers practical travel advice and personal growth stories. Christy Woodrow, travel advisor and photographer, curates the blog. Her passion shines through in destination guides and stunning images.

Oneika the Traveller

Oneika the Traveller is a travel blog by Oneika Raymond, an Emmy Award-winning journalist. She has visited 120+ countries and shares her experiences. The blog encourages readers to leave their comfort zones. It provides travel advice, destination guides, and talks about traveling.

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Need travel tips? Then look no further than ItsAllbee. Bianca shares travel tips on her travel blog, a gateway to all who want to see the world, whether in heels or hiking boots. From London To Paris and from Cape Town to Cairo. Experiencing travel from luxury hotels, and hostels to exploring in a campervan in places like Iceland.

Mommy Travels

Mommy Travels™ is a travel blog covering destinations around the world. Here you will find travel tips, reviews of hotels and restaurants, activity suggestions, itineraries, and more. Whether you are on a tight budget and need to stay close to home, or able to have a luxury European vacation, Mommy Travels™ will help you plan the ultimate family vacation.

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Notes from the Road

Notes from the Road is a travel blog that takes you on a journey with beautiful photography and detailed writing. Explore hidden gems and unexpected destinations around the world. Get tips on travel gear, photography, and climate change.

Blogger at Large

Blogger at Large is your go-to for travel insights. Megan Singleton, with years of experience since 2000, runs the blog. It boasts hundreds of posts to fuel your wanderlust. Megan, a New Zealand native, also leads tours worldwide for her readers. Plus, she's a travel expert on Newstalk ZB radio every Sunday. Explore destinations like the Philippines, the Middle East, and South America. Learn blogging tips to earn money.

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The Boutique Adventurer

"Elite Wanderlust" dives into luxury travel's hidden gems. It's for solo adventurers and couples craving culture, beauty, and relaxation. Discover boutique hotels, fine dining, and exquisite wines. Learn tips for immersive experiences in emerging destinations. Explore natural wonders, rich cultures, and culinary delights. Make every journey unforgettable with our expert insights. Perfect for those seeking comfort and adventure off the mainstream path.

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Dan Flying Solo

Dan, a travel photographer, and blogger, shares his tales from around the globe. Focused on Asia, Europe, and Australia, the blog is packed with helpful guides, tips, and stories to inspire your future trips. It's an open book of Dan's travel life, from penguin-filled islands to buzzing Italian cities and his new life in Portugal. Enjoy neat sections like 'Offbeat' for undiscovered gems, 'Sustainability' for eco-friendly travel, and 'City Breaks' for short adventures. So, if you're curious about the world, eager for unique travel ideas, or love good photography, this blog is for you.

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Solo Trips and Tips

Solo female travel blogger Susan Moore became hooked on traveling alone after her 7-month backpacking trip to Southeast Asia. Solo Trips and Tips provides travel guides and inspiration for experienced travelers and those looking to take their first trip alone. Susan is on a multi-year road trip around the USA and Canada, exploring national parks, hiking trails, and beer joints.

Anywhere We Roam

Anywhere We Roam shares adventures and sights from Paul and Mark's travels worldwide. The blog features detailed itineraries, helpful tips, and highlights from their trips. Read about exploring ancient ruins, hiking to stunning viewpoints, and discovering local cultures.

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Cruise Addicts

Cruise Addicts is an online community for people who love cruise travel. Ask a question in our forums, ship reviews, tips and breaking cruise news.

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Idyllic Pursuit

Idyllic Pursuit shares vibrant travel stories, practical tips, and captivating photos from around the globe. Curated by blogger and author Kathy Haan, it's a treasure trove for those keen on unique journeys. Besides travel, it also touches on lifestyle topics, offering a rounded view of enriching life experiences.

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The World Travel Guy

David and Intan, the couple behind The World Travel Guy, explore hidden global destinations on a budget. This American-Balinese duo shares stunning photos and helpful tips. With posts on off-the-beaten-path spots, they inspire readers to discover the world's wonders. The blog is a treasure trove of practical advice and breathtaking visuals for aspiring adventurers.

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The Jet Set

The Jet Set is a TV show about travel and lifestyle. It covers the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean. The show includes travel tips, airline news, cruise reviews, resort suggestions, and expert interviews. It's perfect for travelers looking for advice on their next trip. Viewers get tips on hotels, activities, restaurants, and hidden spots. The show features engaging stories and travel hacks from seasoned hosts. It's a great watch for anyone passionate about discovering new places.

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Boundless Roads

Boundless Roads inspires girls to embrace travel adventures. A seasoned solo traveler, Isabella left her corporate job in 2017 to explore the world. She's journeyed through Mexico, Latin America, and Europe, capturing stunning scenes and wildlife. Her blog shares these adventures, motivating you to pursue your travel dreams. It also offers practical advice on packing, unique accommodations, and transportation for solo travelers.

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Lili's Travel Plans

Lili's Travel Plans offers tales from solo traveler Lili's global journey. Since 2017, after selling her belongings and flying to Tanzania with a one-way ticket, she has explored Africa and more. The blog features genuine travel experiences, from local friendships to wildlife meetings. It provides practical guides and tips for following Lili's path. With honest storytelling and striking photos, Lili encourages exploring lesser-known places.

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Ski Armadillo

Ski Armadillo is the leading Ski Chalet operator in Verbier, Switzerland. They pride themselves on having luxury accommodation and excellent service to match. SkiArmadillo offers 5-star accommodation, food, and drink - all at an affordable price.

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News and travel reviews, from hotels and holidays, restaurants and bars to food and fitness, by journalist and author Sarah Bridge

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Let's travel to Mexico

Venture beyond the ordinary in Mexico. Explore the wild and visit hidden gems. Get the best local tips to stay safe and maximize your adventure!

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Sandaway Suites & Beach Blog

The Sandaway Suites & Beach blog provides travel tips for Maryland's Eastern Shore and the Chesapeake Bay. Explore towns like Oxford and St. Michaels. Find out about attractions, shops, dining, and outdoor fun, such as kayaking and paddleboarding. Get ideas for romantic getaways, and learn about our boutique hotel's amenities, local events, and Oxford's rich history. This blog is perfect for adults looking for a peaceful beach vacation rental on the Chesapeake Bay.


This blog is about a traveler who has taken his gnome figurine on many adventures worldwide. Readers can learn about different cultures and how to travel safely.

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At Freight Girlz, we specialize in providing top-tier trucking dispatch and logistics solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of trucking businesses of all sizes. With years of experience in the transportation industry, our team of dedicated dispatchers and logistics professionals is committed to optimizing your operations, reducing costs, and enhancing your overall efficiency.

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Anna Meanders

Anna Meanders is a travel blog by Anna, a Kiwi digital nomad and software engineer. Over 10 years, she has visited 40+ countries. She shares stories and guides about her adventures in New Zealand, the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Anna offers insights as a budget backpacker, remote student, and travel writer. Find practical tips on destinations, transport, activities, and accommodation. Whether exploring NZ vineyards or small towns worldwide, Anna's advice will inspire your next trip.

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Gum trees and Galaxies

A pair of empty-nested Australians explore places far from the city in this travel blog that goes off the beaten path. It’s more of a glamping travel blog as they make their way around in a teardrop camper. Discover Australian wildlife at its finest as you get a chance to travel to the bush without your passport through these travel stories.

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Itching For Hitching

"Itching for Hitching" gives a fun peek into caravanning with two gray nomads. Follow their adventures and challenges across Australia. Experience breakdowns, meet quirky folks, and enjoy their funny, wise thoughts on life, friends, and travel. A great read for fans of caravans, road trips, or just a good story.

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Touring Duo

Touring Duo offers something for everyone - tips for budget-friendly trips, photos that will make you want to pack your bags and go, and honest reviews!

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A Little Bit Social

Family lifestyle and travel blogger who writes about navigating life with a daughter & disabled son. A 30-something who loves Disney, writing, and drinking tea.

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Amazing Beach Hotels

A selection of the Top 10 beach hotels in each beach destinations of the world. Browse our selection of the best beach hotels in

  • the USA (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Clearwater Beach, San Diego, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara...)
  • Mexico (Cancun, Puerto Vallarta; Tulum...)

But also in Asia : Thailand (Phuket, Patong...), Bali. In Europe (Spain, Italy, France, Croatia)

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Florida Travel Blog

Eager to explore Florida? Need tips and recommendations? Get it all from the Florida Travel Blog! From historical sites to beach bars, the Sunshine State offers endless possibilities. Our blog uncovers hidden gems, reviews restaurants, and shares insights on the best things to do and see. Let us help make your vacation planning easy: delve into the culture, find romantic getaways, and uncover the best food and experiences – all here.

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#bizleisure Business Travel Blog by Josh Vignona

I’m Josh Vignona and #bizleisure has become a lifestyle. Don’t you have the foggiest idea what that is? It’s a LIFEstyle that I decide to live by. Being a business explorer doesn’t need to mean letting your life pass you by out the window of a plane or at the lodging bar. For me, business travel life is tied in with living at the time and place you are in and getting a charge out of the encounters that encompass my day. Follow my Blog and Social Media to learn everything about it!

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Tiffany Takes On The World...with tim

We're just a couple of explorers who have had some pretty incredible adventures, from hiking the Red Rocks of Sedona to spelunking the deep caves of Alabama. So whether you're looking for travel tips or recommendations or want to explore with us vicariously, we invite you to come along!

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Mark's Meanderings - for travellers by a traveller

Not your stereotypical travel blogger, join me as I look to indulge in the intricacies of each journey made...Travels split by region and city. My short term aim is to visit and document every city in the UK...

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Serhii Villa Orlando Blog

Serhii Villa Orlando Blog is your ultimate guide to a magical Orlando getaway. Book a private villa with a pool and spa for your family. Score discounted tickets to Universal Studios and Disney World theme parks. Discover the best Mediterranean restaurants in the area for delicious dining. Get insider tips for enjoying summer in this enchanting Florida destination. Experience warm weather, thrilling attractions, and exciting outdoor adventures in Orlando.

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Destination Someplace

A travel blog for over 50s travelers with trips, tips, real-life stories, and recommendations. Steve and Mrs A. share their travel stories from Europe and beyond.

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Vegas Outside

Vegas Outside is your guide to outdoor fun in Las Vegas. We give expert tips on running, biking, and hiking off the Strip. As locals, we share the best routes and gear. Explore natural wonders near Vegas, from trails to National Parks. Vegas Outside helps tourists and residents enjoy the outdoors in Sin City.

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Ugly Gringo

Ugly Gringo guides digital nomads and expats. Discover exotic destinations. Learn about starting businesses, remote work, and buying property. Navigate dating, investing, and working pitfalls abroad. Turn dreams into reality. Explore paradise destinations - for those seeking adventure and savings.

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