Best Travel Blogs That Take You Around the World

Last Updated: 25/09/2023

Looking for travel inspiration? This list has the top blogs to follow for solo travelers, families, or those on a budget. Find tips and discover new destinations from awesome travel bloggers. Whether you love solo adventures, cruises with your family, or backpacking on a shoestring, these top-notch blogs have you covered. Get swept away to exotic locales through fun stories, useful advice, and beautiful pictures. The top travel blogs will spark ideas for your next journey!

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One Mile at a Time

Are you a frequent traveler looking to maximize your travel status? One Mile at a Time brings you the latest airline news, reviews, and credit card offers. Earn more points with today's best deals on airfare, hotels, and restaurants while learning to maximize elite travel status. With 15 years of experience in daily blogging about everything from airport lounge reviews to pilot pay raises, OMAAT founder Ben Schlappig shares his expertise for easy-to-read tutorials and quick tips so travelers.

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Adventurous Kate

Solo female travel blogger Kate takes you on epic adventures worldwide. It’s one of the blogs to follow for women interested in solo female travel. You’ll find out the best places to visit and what to do and discover valuable tips about keeping safe everywhere you go. Travel worldwide with Kate, guiding you on how to go about the world on your own and love it.

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt: budget travel blog packed with cash-saving tips and tricks. Learn how to explore the world while spending less. Get the best advice, and start discovering the world on a budget today.

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Expert Vagabond

"Expert Vagabond" is a lively adventure and photography blog by Matt, a globe-trotting professional photographer. The blog lets you join Matt's thrilling journeys, offering a blend of vibrant photography, personal tales, and handy travel advice. It's a treasure trove of stories from camping on an active volcano to trekking in remote Greenland and a guide to becoming a digital nomad.

A hub for those who love to see the world through an adventurer's eyes, it's also a great place for photography enthusiasts with advice on capturing stunning travel shots.

A unique feature? Matt's special tips on how to earn while roaming the globe. Whether you're a passionate traveler or a dreamer planning your next adventure, "Expert Vagabond" is a blog for you.

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DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN - An uncensored travel blog by Sean Brown

DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN is a unique photography-based travel blog showcasing the planet’s most unique and unforgettable destinations. The uncensored first-person stories about each destination and stunning photography give readers a unique, first-person perspective on what to expect and how to make the experience extraordinary.

The Blonde Abroad

Kiki is an amazing solo female travel blogger, bringing you stunning pics, useful hints & planning tips. Her goal: show you how to break from routine & embrace a life on the go! Read her blog to get the travel bug & plan the perfect journey of your own. #travelblogger #solotravel #lifeontheroad

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Solo Traveler

Solo Traveler is the ideal solo-travel blog: encouraging, supportive community; helpful advice; inspiring stories. Take the plunge and grab your passport--it's time for the adventure of a lifetime! Open the world, make new friends, and get the tips and tools to make your solo travel dreams a reality.

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Travel Off Path

Inspired by spontaneity, this blog revolves around embracing minimalism while seeking the freedom of travel. Learn more about travel hacks, destination guides, trending travel news, and other travel essentials.

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Travel Codex

Straightforward travel guides and tips about everything from getting there to destinations. See all travel loyalty programs, choose the perfect travel credit card, and make the most of future travel plans in one place.

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Wandering Earl

Explore the world with Wandering Earl: 20+ yrs of travel experience, inspiring posts, resources & advice to plan an amazing adventure! Read, smile & gain confidence as you plan - all while being entertained. Come & find your wanderlust!

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Best Destination Guide

Discover the world through our travel blog. Immerse yourself in captivating stories, breathtaking photographs, and valuable tips as we explore destinations near and far. Our blog is your passport to wanderlust, from hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path adventures to iconic landmarks and cultural experiences. Join us on a journey of discovery as we share our passion for travel and inspire you to embark on your unforgettable adventures. Get ready to explore, learn, and create memories that will last a lifetime with our travel blog.

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Oneika the Traveller

Travel blogger Oneika Raymond inspires readers to explore the world beyond their boundaries. Her blog offers travel tips, destination ideas, and unique experiences to inform and excite. Whether planning a vacation or dreaming, Oneika the Traveller has something new.

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BucketListly Blog

BucketListly Blog is a handy resource for backpackers, wanderers, and photography buffs. Authored by a Thailand-based travel enthusiast, it offers a collection of useful travel guides, engaging backpacking itineraries, and tips to explore places from Thailand to New Zealand and beyond.

You can also find an array of photography resources to hone your skills. If you're someone who enjoys solo travels, likes to hit the hiking trails or just a fan of absorbing different cultures and landscapes through beautiful imagery, BucketListly Blog is worth a read.

It's not just about journeys. It's also about making those experiences worthwhile with over 500 guides and itineraries to assist your travel planning. And for your visual delight, it brings captivating travel videos that teleport you to exotic locations from your screen. Simple, straightforward, and loaded with insights, that's BucketListly Blog for you.

Maui Blog

Plan your dream Hawaiian getaway with this local travel blog! From fun activities to must-see sights, get insider tips to make the most of your visit to Maui and the rest of Hawaii. Be inspired by the best places to shop, eat, and explore. Get the most out of your experience with curated, up-to-date insights from local experts.


Need travel tips? Then look no further than ItsAllbee. Bianca shares travel tips on her travel blog, a gateway to all who want to see the world, whether in heels or hiking boots. From London To Paris and from Cape Town to Cairo. Experiencing travel from luxury hotels, and hostels to exploring in a campervan in places like Iceland.

Ordinary Traveler Blog

Blog on travel with an emphasis on extraordinary photography plus useful travel tips and advice. It features personal stories on balancing home life, the urge to travel, and how to make the most of being in different lands.

Wondrous Drifter - Best Travel Guide To Fun & Interesting Places Around The World

Curated list of fun and interesting places around the world. Check out the best things to do and best places to visit around the world

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Mommy Travels

Mommy Travels™ is a travel blog covering destinations around the world. Here you will find travel tips, reviews of hotels and restaurants, activity suggestions, itineraries, and more. Whether you are on a tight budget and need to stay close to home, or able to have a luxury European vacation, Mommy Travels™ will help you plan the ultimate family vacation.

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Blogger at Large

Travel blogger Megan offers easy travel inspiration with her blog & radio show. Hundreds of posts full of tips & tricks, itinerary ideas & great accommodations to help you plan your next journey. Dare to open your eyes to the world!

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Notes from the Road

Notes from the Road offers an experimental, independent voice in travel writing and photography. Since 1999, it has provided unique, immersive stories inviting readers to join in the journey and see the world through a new lens. Explore the darker roads of travel through Erik Gauger's sketches, maps, prose and images from destinations across the globe.

The Boutique Adventurer

For those 35 years and over who still want to go on adventures but want a high thread count on their sheets in the evening

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Anywhere We Roam

Discover awe-inspiring destinations, unique experiences, and expert advice with Anywhere We Roam's captivating stories and comprehensive guides for the curious traveler. Embrace your wanderlust.

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Dan Flying Solo

Dan, a travel photographer, and blogger, shares his tales from around the globe. Focused on Asia, Europe, and Australia, the blog is packed with helpful guides, tips, and stories to inspire your future trips. It's an open book of Dan's travel life, from penguin-filled islands to buzzing Italian cities and his new life in Portugal. Enjoy neat sections like 'Offbeat' for undiscovered gems, 'Sustainability' for eco-friendly travel, and 'City Breaks' for short adventures. So, if you're curious about the world, eager for unique travel ideas, or love good photography, this blog is for you.

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Solo Trips and Tips

Solo female travel blogger Susan Moore became hooked on traveling alone after her 7-month backpacking trip to Southeast Asia. Solo Trips and Tips provides travel guides and inspiration for experienced travelers and those looking to take their first trip alone. Susan is on a multi-year road trip around the USA and Canada, exploring national parks, hiking trails, and beer joints.

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Boundless Roads

Boundless Roads is a travel site written by a solo female traveler and digital nomad to inspire other female travelers to live their best life on the road, whether they want to pursue the digital nomad life or travel alone.

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Lili's Travel Plans

Jet off to Tanzania with Lili and experience a true, authentic adventure! A traveler for travelers, she shows you how to leave the grind and find personality in travel. No glossy posts, just real stories, and compelling life lessons. Get ready for a journey of a lifetime!

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Cruise Addicts

Cruise Addicts is an online community for people who love cruise travel. Ask a question in our forums, ship reviews, tips and breaking cruise news.

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Idyllic Pursuit

Idyllic Pursuit shares vibrant travel stories, practical tips, and captivating photos from around the globe. Curated by blogger and author Kathy Haan, it's a treasure trove for those keen on unique journeys. Besides travel, it also touches on lifestyle topics, offering a rounded view of enriching life experiences.

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The World Travel Guy

Explore the world with David&Intan! Passionate travelers sharing tips, photos & videos from places like the Himalayas, Indonesia, Hawaii, & more. Trek Mt. Everest Base Camp, go wild in Komodo, dine on tarantulas, ride camels to the Pyramids, skydive in Hawaii & visit iconic monuments!

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Let's travel to Mexico

Venture beyond the ordinary in Mexico. Explore the wild and visit hidden gems. Get the best local tips to stay safe and maximize your adventure!

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