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Last Updated: 26/09/2023

The top bloggers dish on life, passions, and anything in between. Whether you love travel, food, family, or just real talk - these pros cover it all. Their posts are down-to-earth and fun. Consider these awesome blogs your new faves for entertainment and inspiration.

The 15 Best Personal Blogs

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List of the Top 15 Personal Blogs

Steph’s Social Pie

Steph Social is a spiritual blog by Steph, a former Canadian journalist. She shares tips on manifesting your best life through journaling, meditation, and mindset. The blog covers personal development, wellness, beauty, and recipes.

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Beauty Cooks Kisses

Beauty Cooks Kisses, run by Mary, is a makeup and lifestyle blog. Mary, a beauty product enthusiast, offers quick recipes for healthy muffins, scones, and stir-fries. She also shares DIY ideas, makeup tips, and reviews. Mary aims to inspire self-care through smart beauty tips and simple, healthy recipes.

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5 Things to Do Today

5 Things to Do Today: Uncover unique lifestyle tips, explore top travel destinations, savor diverse food experiences, and stay updated on arts and entertainment. Spark your curiosity daily.

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Northwest Research & Covert Book Report

Covert Book Report provides book reports, hidden histories, political news, and personal views. You will find an in-depth analysis of current events and social issues.

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I Should Be Laughing Blog

Just a space for me, as a frustrated author, to put up some stories and thoughts, opinions, ideas, and tall tales, for you to enjoy, despise, or ignore. You choose.

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This blog explores big issues shaping our world, like politics and human nature. I post thought-provoking commentary to inform readers and encourage discussion. My goal is to break down complex ideas and present many perspectives without telling readers what to think.

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Started in 2016, the blog offers a sneak peek into the life of a socialite who is just entering motherhood. Join her in food and travel trips, beauty and fashion experiments, family adventures, and more.

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My Voice

Ever wondered how life looks through the eyes of a clairvoyant? My Voice, a weblog by Miss LaToya Lawrence, offers you a peek!

A self-professed clairvoyant, she shares everyday stories with words like vibrations, energies, spells, magic, and whatnot casually thrown in here and there. She also explains the workings of the spiritual realm and how it affects the physical world.

She also speaks proudly of being a caul bearer and a rootworker. Find out what that means and more on her blog!

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Mamanee's Nest

Mamanee's Nest is a lifestyle blog by Marie that features posts on beauty, food, parenting, events, causes, shopping, and more. Get tips, reviews, recipes, and inspiration on fashion, family, health, and home. Learn about the latest sales and promos, too. A great blog for bright moms and women seeking advice on looking good, eating well, and living life to the fullest.

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Live on Impulse

Live on Impulse is a collection of ramblings of a twenty-something woman trying to make sense of the world around her. She flip-flops between hating traditional views, embracing fundamental principles, wanting spontaneity and desiring comfort and warmth, and being hopeful and brooding.

Delve into her mind and heart through her free verse poetry as she grapples with the beauty and complications of life, love, and relationships. Other than poems, there are also short essays packed with insights on how things are and how things ought to be.

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Coffee Journeys Blog

Coffee Journeys is Piotr Zagórowski's blog about work, family, leadership, and technology. Piotr shares his journey from technical expert to leader. He offers insights on how to succeed in today's world. The blog is for those in similar transitions or seeking growth. It's also great for technology enthusiasts.

My Brain's Not Broken

"My Brain's Not Broken" is a mental health blog by Nathan Smith. It shares personal stories and tips for managing mental health. The blog fosters community and promotes open conversations about mental wellness. It supports those facing mental health challenges, aiming to reduce stigma and encourage self-compassion.

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Mom MD Hawaii

Explore a sports medicine doctor's life in Hawaii, covering health, travel, and family. Get expert sports injury care tips and Kauai travel secrets. Discover crafting guides, Cricut hacks, and family-friendly recipes. Ideal for craft enthusiasts, Cricut newbies, and those seeking sports injury insights. Offers practical advice for juggling a medical career and family life. Enjoy benefits like injury help, crafting how-tos, and affordable Hawaiian adventures.

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Zodiac Daters

Sophia writes Zodiac Daters. The blog helps women navigate dating and relationships using astrology. It's perfect for women seeking astrological dating advice.

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Daily Dose of Positive Psychology

This blog shares doses of positivity and optimism. Learn simple, fun strategies to stay motivated, achieve goals, and live happily. The posts serve as friendly reminders to focus your thoughts on what matters. Whether you feel stuck, disconnected, or need inspiration, these bite-sized posts can provide a boost. For anyone seeking more fulfillment, this is your feel-good guide.

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