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Last Updated: 05/06/2023

This is a list of the best personal blogs sorted by the MOZ authority score.

Connecting with someone who "gets you" and shares your interests is golden. That's why we bring you the top personal blogs so that you can access quality entertainment and insights on a wide range of topics.

Check out these great personal blogs by people who share their personal life and passions.

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Paul Levinson's Infinite Regress

reviews of 24, Battlestar Galactica, Dexter, Heroes, Lost, Rome, The Sopranos, The Tudors - the best of television - minutes after the episodes have aired ... with links to 3-5 minute podcast reviews

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My Silly Little Gang

My Silly Little Gang gives a glimpse of the life of Silvie with her husband and three rambunctious boys. Aside from personal accounts of family life, you can also find her favorite recipes and recommendations of family-friendly places to visit.

And if you're a little bit curious about vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) or Nutrisystem for weight loss, get some first-hand info on the subject from Silvie. She has tried different weight loss solutions and chronicled her experiments with them. Also, check out weight loss recipes and products she's tried.

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The Frugal Mom

The Frugal Mom blog is written by Dawn, a 35-year-old mom of four from Fort Worth, Texas. The blog offers tips and advice on living a frugal lifestyle, including how to save money on products, travel, recipes, and more.

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Clarissa's Blog

Clarissa's blog offers a peek into the mind of an academic as she shares her views on the many things that make up her reality.

Find thousands of posts on politics, literature, and philosophy, her favorite topics. She also likes to talk about everyday life, teaching, pop culture, and more.

Sharing her opinions on a wide range of topics from 2009 to the present, the blog reflects a rich inner life. Her passion for writing down her thoughts is evident in her 100+ entries per month.

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Susie Lindau's Wild Side

Susie Lindau is a fiction and non-fiction writer, jet setter, and poster child of early detection. Her blog, aptly called Susie Lindau's Wild Side, reflects her thriver.

Join her as she walks you through the adventures and misadventures she’s encountered in the different places she's traveled to. She also peeks at her crazy journey to being cancer-free in her Boobs Report. And if you're an aspiring writer or blogger, check out her blog tips!

Don’t miss out on her interviews with interesting people who have embraced their wild side! Among them are an FBI profiler, a drug and alcohol counselor, and a 101-year-old man.

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 3 Quarters Today

3 Quarters Today is a blog by an American mom with many passions. She loves farming, her small town, photography, the military, Jesus, and her human and furry kids.

All these are evident in her articles. One moment, you'll find her sharing tips on raising a dog or discussing the rudiments of photography. In another, you get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a Marine mom as she shares stories and recipes. Next, she updates you on events in her town or farming.

Add to her many hats the fact that she's a passionate shopkeeper. Find a wide range of items in her store which has to do with her interests.

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This blog is a place for the author to share their thoughts on various topics, including social science, the occult, 9/11, Zionism, and more.

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Roddy Macleod's Blog

What is life like after retirement? Roddy says ‘positive’ and has got his blog to prove it!

Let Roddy Macleod take you on a day in the life of an information professional enjoying retirement. He travels, tries new food experiences, and keeps active. Learn about his kayaking trip on the Isle of Barra, week-long tour of Bulgaria, 14-day cultural tour of Vietnam, and more.

Since he also loves to read books and talk about politics, you’ll see this side of him, too. And let’s not forget he worked as an information professional, so you can expect some interesting trivia and snippets of history in the Roddy Macleod blog.

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Plutonium Sox

Plutonium Sox serves as the digital archive of Natalie Ray. A freelance writer, wild swimmer, and runner living in rural Worcestershire.

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 Leo Adam Biga's Blog

A Working Journalist's no-frills blog featuring my stories about people, their passions, and their magnificent obsessions.

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Steph’s Social Pie

Steph Social offers expert manifestation and law of attraction guidance for a fulfilling life, alongside insights on beauty, food, branding, and marketing. Discover inspiration through affirmations, angel numbers, and spiritual growth tips.

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I Should Be Laughing Blog

Just a space for me, as a frustrated author, to put up some stories and thoughts, opinions, ideas, and tall tales, for you to enjoy, despise, or ignore. You choose.

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Northwest Research & Covert Book Report

Covert Book Report provides book reports, hidden histories, political news, personal views, and in-depth analysis of current events and social issues.

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Xzendor7 Fractal Art, and Retouched Classical & Vintage Art

Explore Xzendor7's captivating fusion of remastered classical, vintage, and digital art. Discover stunning fractal fantasy, pinup illustrations, and exquisite reproductions for your home or office decor needs. Delve into an evolving world of timeless visual masterpieces.

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Janmary is the creative and personal platform of a mom from Northern Ireland, Janine. With over 300 posts on family life, it offers an invitation to get to know the author intimately. It mixes family history, parenting tips and reflections, personal stories, and favorite recipes. Every entry is made more enjoyable with her wonderful snapshots.

She also takes you through her jewelry designs, crafts, home decor creations, and photos taken with her iPhone or trusty Fuji X100S camera, and she travels in Northern Ireland and abroad. Browse through her gallery for inspiration.

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Shane McDonald is an expert in software and web development, e-commerce, digital marketing, and social media marketing pro with a love for music and photography.

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Beauty Cooks Kisses

A treasure trove of beauty and style pointers, great food and home-tested recipes, DIY projects, time-saving tips, health articles, organizing hacks, product reviews, giveaways, and so much more!

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5 Things to Do Today

5 Things to Do Today: Uncover unique lifestyle tips, explore top travel destinations, savor diverse food experiences, and stay updated on arts and entertainment. Spark your curiosity daily.

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New England Lighthouses

Got a thing for lighthouses or curious about what it’s like to be a lighthouse keeper? New England Lighthouses is wholly dedicated to the topic!

Learn about the history of lighthouses in New England and their keepers. Find lectures, interviews with the lighthouse keepers, photographs of the towers, and more. If you’re interested in booking a lighthouse tour, that’s an option, too.

The blog is published by Jeremy D’Entremont, a maritime historian, lighthouse preservationist, tour guide, and photographer.

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Andrea Wilson Woods

This is the story of a sister's journey to find wisdom, happiness, and hope after losing a sibling whom she raised as her own to liver cancer. Besides her struggles with the loss, she reserves a spot on her blog for cancer advocacy, self-development, and career coaching.


News, articles, and commentary from the Shadowsphere: geopolitics, psychology, ponerology, society, culture, and conspiracy

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Not Before Coffee

Not Before Coffee is the personal blog of Gayla Baer-Taylor, a self-professed worrywart, life-long learner, an early adopter of social media, and Christian. Started in 2005, it served as Gayla's platform to share her thoughts on politics, religion, and life in general--topics her grandma told her never to discuss at the dinner table or anywhere else. Pick her brain on universal issues such as divorce and depression, as well as on polarizing American topics such as Black Lives Matter and Donald Trump.

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Your Life Creation - Self Development, Law of Attraction, Meditation

Your Life Creation was designed by a Reiki Master, certified hypnotist, success & life coach, and entrepreneur to help people find their real passion and create an amazing and fulfilling life. Offers understandings and tips to make the Law of Attraction and other spiritual principles fetch you the desired results.

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Claire Wade

Bed-bound and home-bound. Such was life for one woman struggling with severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, aka Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. For years, she found refuge in freely riding her imagination until she made a slow recovery and could put thoughts on paper. Read about her first novel, The Choice, and her experiences and reflections on living with a debilitating condition.

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polishing peanuts

Polishingpeanuts is the personal and professional blog of Ian Anderson, a builder by trade who involves himself in international development work.

Take a look at the DIY projects he’s undertaken at his family home and his professional portfolio in the construction industry.

Check out his reviews on books about construction, tools of the trade, and health and safety equipment.

You can also read about how living in Africa changed his life and his humanitarian work in East Africa. He thoughtfully adds pointers for those looking to do volunteer work as well.

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Candy Floss Crazy Blog

An irreverent look at the events industry, coupled with stories of our misadventures and trials and tribulations.

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Mamanee's Nest

A smorgasbord of recipes, Althea Angels beauty product reviews, event updates around the Metro area, and a peek into the life of a busy Filipino mom are a must-read for anyone trying to keep up with what’s happening in town.

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What Mel Did

The digital journal of Melinda Fargo. A delightful collection of sincere and sarcastic musings on life by a newspaper columnist, editor-in-chief, amateur photographer, public speaker, and widowed mother of four grown-up children (who don't oppose her entering the dating scene again but warn her not to do 'daft things' like lift a six-person sofa).

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Virtual Lab Rats

A miscellany of product and service reviews, food and restaurant critique, urban and nature exploration guides, homesteading articles, health features, tech updates, and more.

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John Michael Creatives

Explore John Michael Creatives, a captivating blog showcasing military history, photography, and unique stories. Unearth powerful memories from America's past with compelling visuals and insights.

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