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Last Updated: 28/02/2024

Qualified doctors, registered nutritionists, and dietitians write the best diet and nutrition blogs. They provide reliable dieting and nutrition information. But the same diet won’t work for everyone. There are many ways to eat healthily. Whether you’re interested in paleo, vegetarian, plant-based, or weight-loss diets, you’ll find plenty of ideas to inspire you.

The 10 Best Diet & Nutrition Blogs

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List of the Top 10 Diet & Nutrition Blogs

Dr. Greger's Medical Nutrition Blog

Nonprofit, founded by Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM helps people access the latest nutritional research to prevent disease & promote wellness. They provide 2K+ videos, blogs & infographics with multilingual captions, plus social media content on the benefits of whole food plant-based diet for weight loss & longevity.

Nutrition Stripped

McKel Kooienga, MS, RDN, founded Nutrition Stripped to teach mindful eating habits. The blog provides nutrition education and tools for a positive relationship with food. It features nourishing recipes and tips for mindful eating. Nutrition Stripped promotes a balanced approach to wellness. It helps you feel confident with food choices and find peace with eating. The blog focuses on simple, wholesome ingredients and intuitive eating practices.

The Real Food Dietitians

Discover healthy comfort foods and meal prep tips at The Real Food Dietitians. Enjoy simple, real food recipes that are mostly gluten-free and customizable for special diets. Get delivered dietitian-approved wholesome recipe ideas like Instant Pot Vegetable Beef Soup or Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes right to your inbox!

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Nutrition Realm

Nutrition Realm is a health and wellness site for all fitness levels. It features healthy recipes, nutrition facts, and simple solutions to reach wellness goals. The blog offers articles on healthy eating, fitness, supplements, and health trends. It helps readers maintain a positive mindset and healthy lifestyle.

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Nutriciously - Plant-Based Recipe Blog

Nutriciously is a vegan recipe blog by Certified Vegan Nutritionist Alena. It features easy, healthy, plant-based meals for all. Find beginner and seasoned vegan recipes. Discover gluten-free, low-calorie, and family-friendly options. Nutriciously helps you thrive on a vegan diet. Alena shares delicious recipes and expert advice. Her blog makes going vegan easy and enjoyable.

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Diet To Go

Diet To Go is a meal delivery blog that simplifies healthy eating. It offers fresh, delicious, low-calorie meals at affordable prices. The meals help you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Andy The RD

Andy the RD's blog delivers simple, insightful nutrition advice from an accredited expert. It offers practical tips, from weight loss to diet-based disease management, suitable for anyone seeking to improve their health. A handy resource for nutrition facts, healthy recipes, and lifestyle choices.

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Dietarious Health and Fitness Blog

Dietarious guides on bodybuilding, dieting, and shedding pounds. It advises on fat burners, weight loss aids, and muscle enhancers. The blog serves fitness enthusiasts and those aiming to tone up or increase energy. Content covers fat-burning exercises and supplement reviews. Dietarious seeks to boost readers' health and fitness knowledge.

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My Cozy Farm: Organic & Natural Living Blog.

Discover a healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle with My Cozy Farm, your source for organic groceries, natural personal care tips, and sustainable living advice. Join our green journey today.

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I Hate My Gluten-Free Life

I Hate My Gluten-Free Life shares the author's wheat allergy struggles. The blog provides helpful info for others facing gluten-free challenges. It details experiences with diet and health issues.

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