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Last Updated: 27/03/2023

The 13 Best Legal Blogs

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List of the Top 13 Legal Blogs

Illinois Business Law Journal - Top Blog For Lawyers

The Illinois Business Law Journal is a rich resource that explores legal intricacies in the business landscape. From technology's influence on antitrust law and worker rights in the digital age to the regulation of burgeoning sectors like cryptocurrency, it offers thought-provoking content. Ideal for students, legal professionals, and those intrigued by the blend of business and law.

Blog Last Updated On: delivers the latest legal news, insights, and resources to help stay on top of changes in the law. Find out what's happening in courts across the country. Get ideas on improving your law practice and prepare for future success in the legal profession. has been serving the legal community since 2000.

Above the Law

"Above the Law" brings fresh insights, opinions, and news from the legal world. It covers law firms, lawyers, law schools, lawsuits, and courts. Perfect for law students, professionals, or anyone interested in the legal field. Enjoy engaging articles, topical podcasts, and job listings.

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Legal Reader

Legal Reader is the perfect stop for curious minds wanting to stay updated about legal happenings, from trending lawsuits to critical legal analysis. This is your go-to spot if you're interested in how laws shape the world around you. It's a hub for the latest legal news and commentaries designed for those who love learning, understanding, and discussing legal matters. Plus, it's not all serious - we add a touch of science, health, and positive news into the mix.

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Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Blog by Steven M. Sweat

Los Angeles personal injury attorneys blog about topics related to tort law and personal injury claims.

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Legal Desire

Legal Desire is a top online platform for legal news and insights. It has been a trusted source of legal information for over a decade. The blog covers various legal topics, interviews, and law firm updates. Legal Desire keeps readers informed on the changing legal world.

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Customs & International Trade Law Blog

The blog covers news on customs regulations, trade agreements, and import/export laws. It provides legal analysis to help businesses follow rules on shipping, tariffs, and audits. Shares tips for importing/exporting, and avoiding penalties. The goal is to help companies be competitive globally.

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Abajian Law - News & Insights

Abajian Law publishes original, well-researched content about tax news and insights. Learn about trending tax topics, recent IRS policy changes, and guides to IRS programs. Our experienced tax attorneys provide updates on audits, tax fraud, and more to help taxpayers.

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Robert J. Reeves P.C. Blog

The SC/NC Law Blog by Robert J. Reeves P.C. covers legal topics for South and North Carolina residents. It provides insights into personal injury, workers' compensation, criminal defense, and family law. The experienced attorneys share valuable information to help clients understand their legal situations. The blog educates and supports individuals facing legal challenges.

Wink & Wink Bankruptcy Lawyers Blog
11101 West 120th Avenue suite 230, Broomfield, CO 80021, USA

The Wink Law Firm, based in Denver, offers expert bankruptcy, debt settlement, and tax resolution services. They guide individuals and businesses through debt challenges. Their blog updates readers on bankruptcy trends, law changes, and financial strategies. It aims to empower informed debt resolution choices. The firm holds prestigious memberships and has earned notable awards. Their advice helps clients regain financial stability.

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Berberian Ain LLP - Law Blog

Berberian Ain Legal Blog: Gain insights on personal injury, elder abuse, and medical malpractice with our expert articles. Stay informed and empowered with concise, user-friendly content.

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The Khunkhun Law Firm

Sharon Khunkhun's Blog simplifies marriage-based US immigration. Learn about green cards, status adjustments, visas, and remarriage. It guides through complex rules, aiding in successful navigation. Ideal for couples aiming for US residency. A clear, informative resource for family immigration.

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Houston Business Litigation Attorney - Brad Laney's Blog

Bradford T. Laney's blog simplifies legal topics for businesses and inventors. It tackles intellectual property, patent lawsuits, and personal injury cases. The content guides readers through their legal rights and decision-making. It's a resource for understanding when to seek legal help.

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