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Last Updated: 27/03/2023

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Illinois Business Law Journal

The Illinois Business Law Journal is a student-run, peer-reviewed publication of the University of Illinois College of Law. The IBLJ's goals are to provide readers with information and analysis on recent developments at the intersection of business and law and give authors a creative outlet for legal topics which interest them.

Blog Last Updated On: is the leading authority in the legal industry, delivering news, rankings, reports, and strategy content to help lawyers prepare for today and anticipate opportunities for future success. provides lawyers with the competitive intelligence they need to grow their businesses worldwide with a global perspective and local focus.

Above the Law

Above the Law: Stay updated with expert insights on law firms, lawyers, law schools, cases, judges, and courts. Explore legal trends and innovations in a dynamic industry.

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Legal Reader

Stay updated with compelling legal news, analysis, and commentary on laws shaping our world, covering diverse topics from personal injury to civil rights. Empowering your legal journey.

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LawSites Blog by Robert Ambrogi

Robert Ambrogi is an experienced lawyer and journalist who writes about legal technology and innovation. He has been covering this topic for over two decades, and his blog has been running since 2002. Additionally, he hosts the LawNext podcast, which features innovators and entrepreneurs in the legal field, and writes a column on legal technology for Above the Law. Ambrogi is also an executive director of the Massachusetts Newspaper Publishers Association and a First Amendment advocate. In 2011, he was named to the inaugural Fastcase 50; in 2017, he received the Yankee Quill award for journalism.

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Law Technology Today

Law Technology Today is a publication by the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center. It provides practical guidance and sensible strategies for the legal community. LTT brings lawyers, technology professionals, and practice management experts from various backgrounds to help overcome obstacles, identify opportunities, and improve their practices. The ABA Law Practice Division focuses on marketing, management, technology, and finance to provide professionals with the tools they need to serve their clients.

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Constitutional & Legal Educational News

Shestokas Law Blog: Explore insightful articles on U.S. constitutional law, legal news, and educational resources by attorney David J. Shestokas, promoting informed citizenship.

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The official website of O'Flaherty Law in Illinois, Learn About Law, covers family law, estate planning, litigation, business, bankruptcy, real estate, probate, immigration, DUI, and criminal law articles.

Copyright Litigation Blog

Copyright Litigation Blog: Dive into the complexities of copyright law, litigation, and fine art with expert insights from attorney Raymond J. Dowd. A must-follow for lawyers and law students alike.

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Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Blog by Steven M. Sweat

Los Angeles personal injury attorneys blog about topics related to tort law and personal injury claims.

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Legal Desire

Legal Desire provides insights and updates on the legal industry, focusing on global news and coverage. The site offers interviews, podcasts, and how-to guides to help you stay informed about lawful things.

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Customs & International Trade Law Blog

International trade has extensive experience in legal issues governing customs, international trade, food and cosmetics, product licensing, and related intellectual property issues. We understand the intricate governmental processes and help our clients avoid unnecessary difficulties or delays. If some violation occurs, we work closely with our clients and the governmental agency to obtain a favorable resolution as quickly as possible. We aim to help our clients be as competitive as possible in the global marketplace.

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Abajian Law - News & Insights

Tax Law Insights | Abajian Law

Explore Abajian Law's blog for expert analysis on tax law, IRS updates, and practical advice for individuals and businesses navigating complex tax situations.

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Robert J. Reeves P.C. Blog

Expert trial attorneys serving North and South Carolina provide legal advice and blog articles that discuss personal injury law, family law, and criminal defense.

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Berberian Ain LLP - Law Blog

Berberian Ain Legal Blog: Gain insights on personal injury, elder abuse, and medical malpractice with our expert articles. Stay informed and empowered with concise, user-friendly content.

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San Diego Abogado

Tips and information about immigration, criminal defense, personal injury in the United States, and more.

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The Khunkhun Law Firm

Family Based Immigration Blogs - Khunkhun Law: Navigate the complexities of family immigration, including marriage green cards, USCIS requirements, work permits, and maintaining legal status. Expert advice for a smoother journey toward permanent residency in the US.

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Ribera Law Firm Blog

Ribera Law Firm offers informative articles on personal injury, wage disputes, employee civil rights, employment law, elder abuse, and other legal issues.

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Houston Business Litigation Attorney - Brad Laney's Blog

Blog | Bradford T. Laney

Explore insightful articles on business litigation, catastrophic industry, intellectual property theft, and more with Bradford T. Laney's expert legal blog. Stay informed and ahead of the curve.

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