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Last Updated: 29/11/2021

This is a list of the best web design and development blogs for you to follow this year.

If you're looking for the latest trends in web design, tips for building professionally looking website, or inspiration for your web development, look no further!

Check our list of high-quality blogs about web design and web development. Find all the info you need to create a website that will attract and engage your target audience.

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1.  Webdesigner Depot - Web Design Blog

Webdesigner Depot - Web Design Blog

WebdesignerDepot is what you need to know about web design, user experience, or freelance. Our writers are actually designers, working with real clients in real life. They bring their expertise to your inbox every morning.
If you're curious about the future of the web, stop by WebdesignerDepot!

2.  CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks

CSS-Tricks is a blog that will keep you informed with cutting-edge web design, development, and general news. With new articles daily from staff writers as well as guest authors, the content here is as diverse as they are.

3.  Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger

4.  Jeffrey Zeldman Web Design Blog

Jeffrey Zeldman Web Design Blog

Web design insights since 1995. Personal site of Jeffrey Zeldman, publisher of A List Apart Magazine, founder of Happy Cog Studios, co-founder of The Web Standards Project, co-founder of the Event Apart design conference, author of Designing With Web Standards.

5.  Vandalay Design

Bowling Green, KY 42102, USA
Vandalay Design

Vandelay Design is a blog geared towards creatives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. Our primary focus is equipping creatives with the right tools to make their business venture a success. We were launched in 2007 making us one of the oldest active design blogs online.

6.  Web design & development blog | ResellerClub

Web design & development blog | ResellerClub

Subscribe to the official ResellerClub Blog for tips on your Web Design and Development business. Get updates on Digital Marketing, Domains and Hosting offers!

7.  Lounge Lizard Blog

Lounge Lizard Blog

A website design and digital marketing blog focused on providing ideas and tools for professionals and amateurs. The content is updated with fresh, informative articles related to web design, coding, social media marketing, blogging, link building and more.

8.  Omaha SEO, Web Design, and Web Hosting

Omaha SEO, Web Design, and Web Hosting

We are an Omaha website design, internet marketing, SEO, and web hosting company. We specialize in HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, and other languages as well. Our web hosting is fast and simple to operate. We offer different levels of marketing to our clients.

The first level is simple listings ($75 per month). We place your website in over 60 directories on the internet, and we provide a high level of support by adding graphics and additional content to your listings.

The second level is our gold level ($140 per month) of search engine support where we perform work with you and find the best traffic sources for your business. We also make your website more visible on the search engines as well.

The next level is our platinum support ($220 per month). We handle of of your content management, your internet marketing, website updates, and web design. Most of our clients go with this level for convenience.

Our highest level is our enterprise web design and marketing package ($350 per month) where we handle all of your online needs. All of these packages are extremely competitive in the industry.

9.  85ideas WordPress Magazine

85ideas WordPress Magazine

Providing users with daily articles on how to master WordPress and other Web design related tips and tricks. You also get weekly freebies just for visiting. Eighty-five Ideas also create awesome free template for you to use at no extra cost.

10.  UX Reflections | the Official Akendi UX Blog

UX Reflections | the Official Akendi UX Blog

Akendi is made up of an enthusiastic team that specializes in understanding user behavior and bringing it to life with innovative, tested design. We combine deep user insights and inspired design for a unique product that drives engagement. With specialists in systems engineering, behavioral sciences, information science, and graphic design we can help your project succeed.

11.  Nebulas Website Design Blog

Nebulas Website Design Blog

Nebulas Website Design Blog

12.  Logoswish Blog

Logoswish Blog

Logoswish is an excellent resource of graphic design material for designers, graphic artists, web designers, illustrators, photographers, bloggers, filmmakers, small business owners, web developers, artists or just regular people looking for inspiration everyday. We promote the works of talented artists from all over the world and share with other people worldwide.

13.  Tualatin Web

Tualatin Web

Award-winning web development since 1995

14.  Web Design, SEO and More from Pleasanton CA

Web Design, SEO and More from Pleasanton CA

Information, tips and tricks about web design, web marketing, and a dash of local flavor from Pleasanton, California.

15.  Freelance PowerPoint Presentation Specialist - Adrienne Johnston Blog

Freelance PowerPoint Presentation Specialist - Adrienne Johnston Blog

16.  Advance Web Design & Online Marketing Blog

Advance Web Design & Online Marketing Blog

17.  We Love Graphic & Web Design, Joing the Chat

We Love Graphic & Web Design, Joing the Chat

18.  Web Design Blog

Web Design Blog

19.  Krack Media Web Design

Krack Media Web Design

(Computer) Geeks since the 1980’s

The core staff at Krack Media has been building quality products since we were kids. Then came the Internet revolution and the transition from curious, playful engineers to full-fledged computer geeks was a natural one. As we grow, we handpick only the best up-and-coming talent to join our team. Our new technical staff has grown up in the revolution and they are already geeks. The creative and support staff are experienced marketing professionals (they don’t like to be called geeks.)

Our Philosophy:
We do what we do because we like to do it.
What does this mean to us?
We look forward to our daily challenges.
What does this mean to you?
We immerse ourselves in your project. We welcome the demands of our work that require us to be at the top of our game every day. We consider our challenges to be opportunities. Opportunities for us; but more importantly, opportunities for our clients.

20.  Rigler Digital Blog

Rigler Digital Blog