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Last Updated: 13/01/2023

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WebMD Healthcare Blogs

WebMD is the leading online resource to support wellness for people of all ages, from newborns to seniors.

The WebMD content staff blends award-winning expertise in journalism, content creation, community services, expert commentary, and medical review to give our users various ways to find what they are looking for.

Harvard Health Blog

Harvard Health Publishing is a division of the Harvard Medical School of Harvard University. It provides the most up-to-date health information from trustworthy sources and experts, including more than 10,000 physicians at Harvard Medical School. provides the latest and most credible health information. It provides health advice for women who want to live well. They offer to empower, encourage, and provide educational information on various topics such as fitness, nutrition, weight loss, diabetes management, and depression prevention.


Healthline provides 'real-life' advice for your physical and mental health objectively. Get inspiration, guidance, and support to be your overall best with real stories and advice.

Everyday Health

Everyday Health provides advice that relates to the 'everyday person' with a perfect combination of lifestyle and medical advice. Read stories, learn tips, and get new tools to help you make the most of your physical, emotional, and intellectual wellbeing.

The Complete Herbal Guide

These resources will come in handy whether you are just starting or you've been working on rejuvenating your health for a long time. From alternative medicine, health, fitness, beauty, and cooking tips to how-to guides, answers, and more. You'll find everything you need to turn your health around, and you will look and feel the way you deserve to.

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Medi-Share Blog

Medi-Share is an affordable, Biblical alternative to health insurance. Our blog offers readers solutions to their healthcare concerns, information on how to live healthy lifestyles, and encouragement from the Word of God.

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Plastic Surgery Miami- Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery

Miami plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Blog- Plastic surgery news, information, and before and after photos

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Amada Senior Care Blog - Senior Resources

Amada Senior Care Blog is a trusted resource for seniors. The company provides high-quality, personable attention to the elderly. Amada's goal is to enrich lives by helping seniors feel safe and move securely through beauty and dignity in their golden years.

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InVia Fertility

At the Invia Fertility blog, experts with years of experience answer fertility-related questions. Topics include most infertility treatments, such as the risks of being an egg donor, how many times you can donate eggs, how cannabis affects male fertility and more.

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Thrive! Insights on Independent Senior Living

Thrive is a blog created by Medical Care Alert and American Response Technologies. While promoting its alert systems, it also provides valuable information on how seniors can live independently.

Be Healthy Now

Be Healthy Now is a blog promoting natural living and a healthy lifestyle. It contains health articles and posts about nutrition, fitness, toxin elimination, beauty products, stress management, and more.

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JM Nutrition
404-600 Sherbourne Street, Toronto, ON, Canada

JM Nutrition is a nutritional counseling service by Registered Nutritionists and Registered Dietitians with a widely read blog.

Back Pain Blog

Back pain blog is a personal journey of a chronic back pain sufferer. My site is full of the latest treatments, product reviews, therapies, drugs, tips, and websites on back pain, fibromyalgia, and arthritic conditions.

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Fibroid Free

At Fibroid Institute, we treat uterine fibroids without a hysterectomy and surgery. Our doctors are among the top experts in Texas for safe, successful, non-surgical uterine fibroid treatment. A hysterectomy is not your only option. Avoid surgery with Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). In-office or telehealth consultations are available with an experienced specialist. Our founder and medical director, Dr. Suzanne Slonim, is an honoree of the prestigious Women in Business Awards by the Dallas Business Journal, voted the best Doctor in D Magazine, and listed in Top Doctors by Texas Monthly.

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Addicted to massage - book a massage near you

Massageaholic is an online information hub on a mission to bring massage therapies, tools, and practices into our routine for healthy living. You can find out about the best massage places in your city, book a massage near you and discover the techniques that are best suited to fill your energy cup, so you can better serve not only yourself but others around you as well.

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Relieve Stress Naturally

Learn how to relieve stress naturally using relaxation exercises, aromatherapy, stress relief videos, and more.

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Sierra Care - Knowledge Center

Sierra Care is California's premier 24-hour congregate living health facility (CLHF). We provide subacute care and offer one-on-one personalized nursing and recuperative treatments for patients suffering from spinal cord injury (SCI), traumatic brain injury (TBI), neuromuscular conditions, congenital conditions, or other medically complex injuries.

Breast Surgery Stories Blog

We fill you in with the knowledge and skills to make significant decisions about your breast surgery. We want to share our tips, tricks, and views to help you make the most of your voyage through the world of breast surgery and surgeons. Whether you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or are planning cosmetic breast surgery, we have all the information you want.

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Missy Printable Design

Get tips, planners, coloring pages, and free printables to help make life less stressful. Discover crafts, printables tips, planner tips, and much more.

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Carla Corelli Blog

This blog is a platform for survivors of narcissistic abuse to speak up, lighting a beacon to guide victims who have suffered at the hands of a narcissist to safety. It is possible to overcome the impact of narcissism and other forms of emotional or psychological abuse. This type of abuse leaves no obvious signs on the body – no bruises or scars. However, the damage inflicted on victims is genuine, and we struggle with issues such as negative self-talk, low self-esteem, and other challenges for the rest of our lives.

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FibroMomBlog is a community-building website where those with fibromyalgia and chronic illness can find hope and understanding.

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Cooking2Thrive - in thriver words

Education, entertainment, social and emotional support for those who follow special diets to be healthy.

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The Soul Intention

The Soul Intention Blog is for Spiritual Seekers of Truth looking for Alternative, Metaphysical, and Spiritual ways for overall health and well-being.

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Family Health

Family Health is a blog developed through the genuine efforts of the Sefla media led by an experienced public health physician to raise the consciousness of our readers on the impact of lifestyle choices on their health and wellbeing.

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Los Angeles Health Directory

You can find a highly qualified doctor or dentist in L.A. with a click of a button on this health directory site. Doctors and dentists list their qualifications, specialties, and reviews from past patients to help you choose which one is right for you

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A Better Life Blog - Feel Better and Stay Healthy!

My journey of how I learned the best ways to do things, eat right, and be healthy. It began in college, at CU Boulder, when the health scene pulled me in. I have become more disciplined and healthier. I wanted the best for my daughter when I had her. I research everything and give time to have studies done before I pass on knowledge - unless it works for me and has no manufactured ingredients. I write about travel, money, safety, and more - whatever comes to mind. I only promote true and tested advice. Never assume that what works for one person works for the entire population. Never assume fads are entirely safe. Moderation and common sense are essential.

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Back & Knee Pain

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Vigorwire is dedicated to being your go-to resource for expert health and wellness information. Come to us in your quest for wellness.

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Rational Therapeutics - Hope Practiced Here for Cancer Patients

Rational Therapeutics - Hope Practiced Here for Cancer Patients

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