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Last Updated: 12/03/2024

Seattle's Premier Injury Law Firms to Maximize Your Compensation

The 46 Best Seattle Personal Injury Lawyers

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List of the Top Injury Law Firms in Seattle, Washington

Davis Law Group - Injury Lawyers

Davis Law Group is Seattle's top personal injury law firm. Since 1994, we've helped accident victims get justice. We've won tens of millions for our clients. Our skilled lawyers tackle tough cases like car crashes, work injuries, medical mistakes, and wrongful death. We provide free consultations, fight hard against insurance companies, and go to court when necessary. We're all about defending the injured and chasing justice. Need help? Call us at 206-727-4000 for a free chat.

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Boohoff Law P.A.
2200 6th Avenue, Suite 768, Seattle, WA 98121

Boohoff Law is a personal injury firm in Seattle, Washington, and Florida. We help accident victims get the most compensation. Our team has won millions for clients in car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. We offer free case reviews to value your injury claim. With care and expertise, we create solid cases and push for fair settlements from insurers. Let our committed lawyers fight for you so that you can heal. Call us anytime for a free consultation.

Emery Reddy, PLLC
600 Stewart Street Suite 1100, Seattle, WA 98101

Emery Reddy specializes in workers' compensation and labor law. We serve injured workers in Seattle and all over Washington State. With 20 years of experience, we aim to get you the most from your L&I claims. We handle denied claims, appeals, disability pensions, and settlements. Our team effectively defends injured workers' rights. Call for a free case review.

Adler Giersch PS
333 Taylor Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, USA

Adler Giersch helps people hurt in accidents get the legal support they need. With over 40 years of experience, we fight hard against insurance companies. We handle car crashes, brain injuries, pedestrian and bike accidents, wrongful death, and more. Our firm strives for the best results for clients.

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Bernard Law Group
900 Aurora Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109

Bernard Law Group helps get compensation for those hurt in accidents, such as car crashes. Kirk Bernard started the firm over 30 years ago in Seattle, Washington. Our lawyers have won over $500 million for more than 10,000 clients. We handle cases from traffic accidents, nursing home abuse, dog bites, and more. Our team wins 98% of cases by fighting hard for our clients. We offer free case reviews. You don't pay unless we win. Let our top personal injury lawyers help you, too.

Luvera Law Firm
701 5th Ave #6700, Seattle WA 98104

Luvera Law Firm is the top personal injury firm in the Northwest, with 40+ years of winning experience. Our lawyers excel in cases of severe injuries and wrongful death cases. That includes car and truck crashes, medical mistakes, corporate carelessness, and faulty products. We offer caring, ethical support to get our clients the compensation and justice they deserve.

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The Advocates Injury Attorneys
2125 Western Ave #500, Seattle, WA 98121

The Advocates Injury Attorneys assist accident victims in getting compensation for injuries. Their skilled lawyers negotiate with insurers for fair settlements. If needed, they'll take cases to court. The Advocates have won over $500 million for clients across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Their main goal is to handle claims so clients can focus on healing. For a free case review, contact The Advocates.

Pendergast Law
520 Pike St Suite 1015, Seattle, WA 98101

Pendergast Law has been helping injury victims in Seattle and throughout Washington since 1989. Our lawyers have won millions for clients in cases involving:

  • car, motorcycle, and truck accidents,
  • slip-and-fall,
  • product liability,
  • and wrongful death cases.

We provide free consultations and work on a no-win, no-fee basis. Our goal is to make things easier for you, allowing you to focus on recovery while we fight for fair compensation. Get in touch for a free case evaluation.

Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner PLLC
Columbia Tower, 701 5th Ave 42nd Floor Seattle, WA 98104

Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner PLLC helps people hurt in accidents. We fight for your rights and work hard to get you the money you deserve. Our team knows the law well and has won many cases. If you're injured, we're here to help. We handle all the legal matters so you can focus on getting better. Trust us to take care of you and your case.

The Walthew Law Firm
3000 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

The Walthew Law Firm is a reliable Seattle legal team. We help injured workers and accident victims secure the compensation they need. We can guide you if you've been hurt at work, in a car accident, or denied benefits. Our lawyers know Washington's workers' compensation and personal injury laws well. We use our legal expertise and empathy to get you the best settlement. Call us for a free case review.

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Dubin Law Group - Personal Injury Attorneys
115 N 85th St Suite 202, Seattle, WA 98103, USA

The Dubin Law Group is a respected personal injury law firm in Seattle. With over 40 years of experience, we've helped injury victims across Washington. Our attorneys have secured over $100 million for clients involved in:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck crashes
  • Motorcycle wrecks
  • Other negligence-related incidents

We offer free consultations and work on a contingency-fee-basis. Our team works hard to ensure victims get the maximum compensation. Contact us for a free case review today.

Bradley Johnson Lawyers
1400 112th Ave SE STE #100, Bellevue, WA 98004, USA

Bradley Johnson Lawyers tackle DUIs, personal injury from accidents, and more. We work to lower or drop charges for those accused of crimes. For accident victims, we aim for the highest compensation. We're experts at handling DUIs, often reducing or dismissing charges with creative strategies. We're committed to ensuring everyone gets a fair outcome. Call us anytime for a free case review.

Connelly Law Offices
2301 North 30th Street, Tacoma, WA 98403

Connelly Law Offices, based in Tacoma and Seattle, Washington, started in 2006. We focus on personal injury, civil rights, medical malpractice, and complex cases. Our lawyers fight hard for victims of negligence, seeking justice. We tackle big cases of corporate wrongdoing, severe injuries, and unfair insurance practices.

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Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers
212 Wells Ave S unit a, Renton, WA 98057, USA

Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers is a Seattle-based personal injury law firm. Led by Jeffrey Caffee and Ryan Odegard, we specialize in:

  • car, motorcycle,
  • truck accidents,
  • bicycle collisions,
  • brain and burn injuries,
  • wrongful death, and more.

We investigate accidents, negotiate settlements, and go to trial when necessary. With 20 years of experience, we work to secure the compensation our clients deserve.

Coluccio Law
2120 1st Avenue North #201, Seattle, WA 98109, United States

Coluccio Law is a Seattle-based personal injury firm. Our team, led by Kevin Coluccio, a leading trial lawyer, secures justice for injury and wrongful death victims. We specialize in truck, car, motorcycle, and bike accident cases. Our attorneys also handle burn injuries, spinal cord and brain trauma, and pedestrian accidents. Known for personalized service, we've won over $450 million for our clients. Get in touch for a free case review.

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Nelson Langer Engle, PLLC
12055 15th Ave NE Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98125, USA

Aaron Engle Law helps people in Seattle who've been denied long-term disability benefits. Our skilled lawyers battle insurance firms to secure your rightful compensation. We deal with ERISA disability, brain injury, and unfair insurance practices. Book a no-cost chat to talk about your rights. If we win, our fee is taken from your award - you pay zero upfront. For a free case evaluation, call 206-623-7520 and speak with a leading disability attorney.

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Kraft Davies Olsson PLLC
1700 7th Ave #2100, Seattle, WA 98101

Kraft Davies Olsson is a Seattle-based law firm specializing in personal injury. We help injured maritime workers and other accident victims get fair compensation. We've represented more than 300 maritime workers hurt at sea on ferries, fishing vessels, and cruise ships. Our lawyers also tackle serious injury claims from truck, motorcycle, and car accidents. We handle wrongful death, premises liability, and defective product cases too. Kraft Davies Olsson fights against insurance companies for the best recovery possible. Contact us for a free consultation.

Dean Standish Perkins & Associates
119 1st Avenue South, Suite 310, Seattle, WA 98104

Dean Standish Perkins & Associates is a Seattle personal injury law firm. For over 30 years, we've helped injured victims get compensation. We specialize in car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, along with slip-and-fall cases. Our attorneys work hard to get clients the best outcomes. We also guide new lawyers via Seattle University's Incubator Program. If you're injured, reach out for a free chat about your options.

701 5th Ave Suite 4200, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

Emerald City Law Group Inc. offers top-notch legal help in Seattle and Washington. Our skilled lawyers handle criminal defense, personal injury, and traffic ticket cases. Facing serious charges, a major injury, or a ticket that could cost your license? Count on us to fight hard for you. Trust Emerald City Law Group to guide you to the best outcome.

Menzer Law
2800 1st Ave Suite 328, Seattle, WA 98121, USA

Menzer Law is a leading personal injury and medical malpractice firm in Washington and Hawaii. Led by the award-winning Matt Menzer, our team specializes in medical mistakes, accidents, or wrongful death. We blend legal know-how with real care to get our clients the most compensation. Reach out for a free case review. You don't pay unless we win.

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Osborn Machler
2025 1st Ave Suite 1140, Seattle, WA 98121, USA

Osborn Machler is a top-rated law firm specializing in personal injury and civil litigation. We've won hundreds of millions for our clients. Based in Seattle, we serve clients nationwide. Our team tackles personal injury, product liability, medical malpractice, and trampoline park injuries. We're recognized among America's Top 100 High Stakes Litigators and Top 25 Trial Lawyers. Need help? Call us for a free consultation.

Colburn Law
22500 SE 64th Pl #200, Issaquah, WA 98027, USA

Colburn Law handles car, truck, and motorcycle crashes, slips and falls, work injuries, wrongful death, and more. Our team has years of experience fighting to get you the best money settlement so you can heal. We work on a no-win, no-fee basis. We're tough and caring.

Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC
4039 21st Ave W #401, Seattle, WA 98199, USA

Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC is a top maritime injury law firm in Seattle, Washington. We represent injured seamen and maritime workers across the country. Our attorneys have won millions for clients in negligence, unseaworthiness, and maintenance claims. We deal with cases involving fishing boats, tugboats, cargo ships, ferries, barges, offshore rigs, and more. Our maritime industry experience drives our tough yet caring approach. We strive for fair compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Trust us to handle even the hardest cases.

Tomlinson Bomsztyk Russ
1000 2nd Ave #3660, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

Tomlinson Bomsztyk Russ is a Seattle-based litigation law firm. We specialize in business fights, serious injuries, white-collar crime, and real estate disputes. Need legal help? Get in touch for a consultation.

Emerald Law Group
12055 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125

We fight for victims of injury and abuse. Our lawyers also handle negligence cases involving property owners, drivers, and institutions. Emerald Law Group fights for the highest compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain.

Practice Areas:

  • slip & fall, trip & fall, premises liability, dog bites
  • Vehicle accidents: car, motorcycle, pedestrian
  • product defects, wrongful death, child sex abuse
  • Employment law
Buckley & Associates
900 SW 16th St Suite 130, Renton, WA 98057, USA

Buckley & Associates, established in 1983, offers personal injury legal help in Seattle, Tacoma, and Vancouver, WA. We assist with injuries from car and truck accidents, slips and falls, nursing home abuse, defective products, and wrongful death cases. Our dedicated team speaks 7 languages, making your rights accessible. We provide free consultations and charge fees only after winning your case. Call for a free case review.

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Leemon + Royer, PLLC
403 Columbia St Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

Leemon + Royer, PLLC assists severe injury victims in Washington and Alaska to get the highest compensation. Our skilled lawyers have a strong track record in medical mistake cases, violent crimes, and abuse. Mark Leemon brings decades of experience and was the 2009 Washington State Trial Lawyer of the Year. For a free consultation, call 866-248-3845.

Community Law Firm, PLLC
701 5th Ave Suite 4200, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

Community Law Firm, PLLC offers top-notch, affordable legal help in the Greater Seattle area. Our lawyers are skilled in criminal defense, traffic tickets, and personal injury cases. We provide free consultations in our offices in downtown Bellevue and Seattle.

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Dann Sheffield & Associates
5511 Seaview Ave NW B, Seattle, WA 98107, USA

Dann D. Sheffield & Associates is a Seattle-based personal injury law firm. We specialize in car, motorcycle, job site, maritime accidents, and medical malpractice claims. Our team has won millions in compensation for our clients. We offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee, meaning you pay nothing unless we win. Our goal is to secure the best outcome for every client with our proven expertise and dedicated service. Contact us anytime for a free case review.

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Injury at Sea
2601 4th Ave, 6th Floor, Seattle, WA 98121

Maritime Injury offers legal help for injured maritime workers in the Pacific Northwest. Our lawyers support injured fishermen, merchant mariners, ferry workers, and oil rig staff. We deal with Jones Act negligence and unseaworthiness claims, securing millions for our clients. Reach out anytime for a free case review. Our committed team is here to defend your rights with care and respect.

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Myers & Company
1530 Eastlake Avenue East Seattle, Washington 98102

Myers & Company is a personal injury law firm with over 30 years of experience. We specialize in motorcycle, bicycle, and auto collision cases. Our track record shows success in various personal injury claims. We work on a contingency fee basis, covering all case costs. We're known for securing maximum compensation for our clients.

John Merriam & Gordon Webb
4005 20th Ave W Suite 110, Seattle, WA 98199, USA

John Merriam & Gordon Webb is a Seattle-based maritime law firm. They help people injured on ships and boats. This includes cruise passengers, fishermen, seamen, and ferry workers.

Founders John Merriam and Gordon Webb bring decades of experience in maritime injury law. They've won cases on severe injuries, wrongful death, unpaid wages, and more.

The firm fights hard for its clients, aiming for the highest compensation. They handle cases of negligence, maintenance disputes, and wrongful death at sea.

Damisi Velasquez Attorney at Law, PLLC
1700 7th Ave #2100, Seattle, WA 98101, USA

Damisi Velasquez, Attorney at Law, is a Seattle-based personal injury law firm. We help victims of car and ride-sharing accidents, sexual and elder abuse, and other injuries. Our skilled lawyer works hard to get clients the most compensation. We offer personal guidance through legal steps and connect clients with extra recovery resources. We charge no upfront fees and are working on contingency. Clients value our clear communication, hard work, and results-driven approach.

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Sears Injury Law, PLLC
929 E Main Ave #305a, Puyallup, WA 98372, USA

Sears Injury Law, PLLC offers personal injury legal help across Washington State. Robert L. Sears, our lead attorney, and our team fight for injury victims against big companies and the government. We aim for the highest compensation. Our process is simple: let clients focus on healing while we manage the legal work. We charge contingency fees, meaning we only get paid if you win. For a free consultation on car accidents, wrongful death, bike and motorcycle accidents, dog bites, and more, call 253-286-7444.

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MartinLaw PLLC
1001 4th Ave #3200, Seattle, WA 98154, USA

Martin Law PLLC is a Seattle personal injury law firm. We aim to help injured individuals get justice and compensation. As a small firm, we offer excellent personal service and fight hard for our clients to secure the best outcomes. We focus on cases involving car, truck, bus, and motorcycle accidents and incidents with bicycles and pedestrians. With over 35 years of experience, attorney Chuck Martin serves the Puget Sound area. We're easy to work with and quick to respond to client calls. Reach out for a free case evaluation.

Law Office of Kirk C. Davis, PLLC
1218 3rd Ave #1518, Seattle, WA 98101, USA

Kirk C. Davis is Seattle's personal injury and victims' rights lawyer. He helps those hurt or abused get justice and fair compensation. With decades of experience, Kirk personally takes on each case to win the best settlements. He deals with:

  • Car accidents
  • Workplace injuries
  • Nursing home neglect
  • Child abuse
  • Clergy abuse

Kirk is a top personal injury lawyer in the Puget Sound area. He works directly with clients, using his prosecution background to build solid cases.

The Fang Law Firm
506 Second Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98104

The Fang Law Firm, based in Seattle, focuses on personal injury cases. Nicole Fang and Remington Fang, experienced litigators, lead our team. We boast a 98% success rate in settlements across over 10,000 cases. Our policy: you pay nothing until we win. We're known for excellent service, direct communication, and solid results. We limit our caseloads to ensure your case gets the attention it needs. Our expertise covers car, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents, slip and falls, workers' compensation, and wrongful death.

John Duggan
401 2nd Ave S #600, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Seattle, Washington, helps injured cyclists. John Duggan, a keen cyclist, founded the firm. It only handles cycling cases. John has 30 years of injury law experience and deep ties to the cycling community. The firm supports local cycling teams and events pushes for safer roads and advocates for better infrastructure. Contact John for a free case review if you're hurt cycling in Seattle. His cycling law expertise can help you get compensated, heal, and return to biking.

Moure Law
1521 2nd Ave APT 1400, Seattle, WA 98101, USA

Moure Law offers expert legal help in maritime law, cruise injuries, and court cases. Charles Moure and his skilled team help clients get money for sea injuries and deal with tough sea laws. We're dedicated to winning your case. Whether it's a cruise ship accident or a sea business issue, we've got you covered.

Seattle Injury Law PLLC
1800 Westlake Ave N Suite 101, Seattle, WA 98109

Seattle Injury Law PLLC is a top-rated legal firm serving Seattle and nearby areas. They specialize in car accidents, motorcycle crashes, and pedestrian injuries. The practice delivers exceptional results through a personalized "client-centered" approach.

Their team includes experienced investigators, negotiators, and paralegals. Seattle Injury Law was named the #1 Car Accident Attorney in Washington and Oregon. They have recovered over $100 million for clients across hundreds of cases.

The firm offers free initial consultations and only gets paid if they win.

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Shaw Legal Solutions
4738 11th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105, USA

Shaw Legal Solutions offers personal injury legal help in Seattle, WA. With over years of experience, attorney Steven Shaw fights for victims' rights. The firm helps with car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, and more. Shaw and his team work hard against insurance companies to secure fair compensation. They hold negligent parties responsible. Shaw uses his trial experience for strong cases, aiming for fair settlements or court if necessary.

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Baumgartner, Wagner & Jahn, PLLC
112 W 11th St #150, Vancouver, WA 98660, USA

BWJ Law is a seasoned law firm in Vancouver, WA, specializing in personal injury and malpractice. We deal with claims from:

  • car, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents,
  • medical and dental malpractice,
  • slips/falls,
  • unsafe products,
  • nursing home neglect and wrongful death.

Our legal team works hard to get clients compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain/suffering. Get in touch for a free consultation. You pay no fee unless we win your case.

R. D. Kelly Law Firm, PLLC
1420 5th Ave #2200, Seattle, WA 98101, USA

R. D. Kelly Law Firm fights for those seriously injured in Seattle and nearby areas. We deal with cases involving vehicles, medical errors, defective products, construction issues, and insurance wrongdoings. Our unmatched skills deliver outstanding results. We treat every client with honesty, support, and empathy. Our firm offers affordable solutions. Contact us at (206) 623-3702.

Vanguard Law Firm, LLC

Vanguard Law offers expert legal help to employees and injured individuals. Founder Spencer Thal brings years of experience in employment law, wage issues, and personal injuries. With a top "superb" rating on Avvo, Vanguard effectively defends your rights. Count on us for wrongful firing, denied medical leave, car accidents, and rejected insurance claims. Book a free consultation today.

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Malling Law Office

Malling Law Office, led by attorney Karl E. Malling in Shoreline, Washington, helps injured individuals. We focus on cases like car accidents, medical mistakes, nursing home abuse, insurance issues, and slip and falls. Our goal is to secure justice and fair compensation for people wronged by big companies. We only represent individuals, not corporations. For a free consultation, get in touch.

Law Offices of Justin R. Boland
12055 15th Ave NE Suite A, Seattle, WA 98125, USA

Justin Boland Law Offices is a Seattle-based personal injury firm. We focus on helping injury victims get compensation and hold others accountable. Our practice areas include:

  • car crashes,
  • unsafe properties,
  • elder abuse,
  • bike accidents,
  • insurance issues,
  • wrongful death,
  • assault,
  • and medical mistakes.

Attorney Justin Boland brings years of experience in injury claims. He has secured settlements over $1 million. Justin aims for the highest compensation, letting you heal. He tackles insurance companies to recover your damages. Reach out for a free consultation.

When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you've been injured due to someone else's negligence, you may wonder when to hire a lawyer. Here are some situations where it's crucial to seek legal representation:

Severity of Injuries

If your injuries require medical treatment or result in long-term disability, you should hire an injury lawyer. They can help you recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Complexity of the Case

Some cases are more complex than others. If multiple parties are involved or there are complicated legal issues, it's best to have an experienced attorney on your side. They can navigate the legal system and build a strong case on your behalf.

Insurance Company Disputes

Insurers often try to minimize payouts or deny claims altogether. If you're facing resistance from the insurance provider, a lawyer can negotiate and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Seeking Maximum Compensation

To ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries, it's crucial to have a lawyer. They can assess the value of your claim and negotiate a fair settlement. That would cover all your damages, including future medical expenses and lost earning capacity.

How to Choose the Best Personal Injury Attorney

Experience. Look for an attorney with years of practice and successful case results. More experience often means better strategies for your case.

Check if the lawyer is board-certified in injury trial law. This certification shows they have expertise in this field. It also means they met rigorous standards set by the board.

Consider their practice areas.Some attorneys focus on specific types of injury cases. For example, car accidents or medical malpractice. Choose a lawyer with experience in cases like yours.

Read client reviews and testimonials. These give insight into the attorney's communication skills and dedication. Look for reviews that mention cases like yours.

Schedule a consultation to assess their expertise. Most lawyers offer free consultations. Use this time to ask questions and gauge their knowledge.

Questions to Ask During a Consultation

  • How long have you practiced injury law?
  • What is your success rate with cases like mine?
  • Will you personally handle my case?
  • What is your fee structure?

The answers will help determine if they're the right fit. You want a lawyer who will give your case the attention it deserves. They should also have a track record of success in similar cases.

The Personal Injury Claim Process

The injury claim process involves several key steps. First, your lawyer will investigate the accident and gather evidence. This may include:

  • Police reports
  • Witness statements
  • Medical records
  • Photos of the scene and injuries

Next, your attorney will file an insurance claim on your behalf. They will negotiate with the insurance carrier to seek a fair settlement. This process can take 2-6 months.

Your lawyer may file a lawsuit if a settlement cannot be reached. This can extend the timeline to 1-2 years. During this time, your attorney will:

  • Draft and file a complaint
  • Engage in the discovery process
  • Prepare for trial

Most cases settle before going to trial. However, if necessary, your lawyer will represent you in court. The duration of a settlement or trial varies case by case.

Timeline of a Typical Personal Injury Case

Step Duration
Investigation 2-4 weeks
Insurance claim 2-6 months
Lawsuit filing 1-2 years
Settlement/trial Varies

Throughout the process, your attorney will handle all legal aspects of your claim. They will fight for your rights and work to get you the compensation you deserve.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

A lawyer can help you in many ways. They handle all communication with insurance firms. This saves you time and stress.

Your lawyer will also gather evidence to support your claim. This may include:

  • Police reports
  • Medical records
  • Witness statements
  • Expert testimony

With this evidence, your lawyer can build a strong case on your behalf.

Your attorney will negotiate with insurers for a fair settlement. They know how to deal with lowball offers and tactics used by insurance agencies.

If necessary, your lawyer will represent you in court. They have the trial experience to present your case persuasively to a judge and jury.

Throughout the process, your attorney's goal is to maximize your compensation. They'll fight for every dollar you deserve for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other damages

Having a skilled lawyer on your side levels the playing field. You can focus on healing while they handle the legal heavy lifting.