Privacy Policy

We have created this privacy policy to protect your privacy and also to keep you informed about how we gather information using the OnTopList blog directory. We are committed to your privacy and want you to feel comfortable when using this website, knowing that you are sharing information within a trusted, secure environment.

Please also refer to our terms and conditions page for more information about the service that we offer you, or the FAQ page for common questions and answers.

How We Collect And Use Information

Any information collected via OnTopList is solely for our use and will never be distributed to any third parties. We collect information form a few different areas on our website.


When you register to use OnTopList, an account will be created for you and your personal information will be retained and used only within our secure environment. If you have expressed any interest in information that we share, we will use this contact information to keep you informed about product updates or business opportunities.

You can update your personal details at any time by navigating to this page: (you need to be logged in to access the page).

We will never send you any unsolicited mail or what constitutes as spam as this is against our policy.

Log files

Some personal information is collected as log files during the use of our website. This helps us create a personal profile for each user, which allows us to offer you content that aligns with your preferences. As with all information collected within our website, none of it is ever shared with third parties.

Some information that may be collected via our log files, includes:

  • Internet Protocol address (also known as your IP address)
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Browser type
  • Pages visited (referring pages, pages you visit and exit pages)
  • Time spent on site

We use these log files as statistical, insightful data that helps us improve the experience offered to you. None of this information violates your personal privacy.

Payment information

When you submit your site to OnTopList we collect billing information related only to PayPal payments. We use PayPal because we feel that it is the most secure way to conduct payments online, which protects both you and OnTopList. If we experience any difficulties charging your PayPal account for your website submission, we will use your personal information to contact you.

Please note that our privacy policy does not cover the business practice that takes place with PayPal. Please read the privacy policy on their website to familiarize yourself with their privacy practice.

If your submission is rejected, you will receive a full refund. You can also cancel your payment with PayPal, which will in turn cancel your service with OnTopList.

We may disclose information that is (in our sole discretion) deemed necessary, to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental agency upon request.

If you would prefer not to share any of this information with us, we ask you to please refrain from using OnTopList’s blog directory.

Exercising My Rights Under GDPR

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into play on 25 May 2018, OnTopList wants to assure all users that their rights are fully protected and respected at all times. Users will have personal access to their profiles at any time and can update or amend any personal details or delete personal information. This includes:

  • Amending personal information provided to OnTopList
  • Users can also delete the information they have previously provided
  • Users can also exercise the right to be removed from all communications


Communication from OnTopList

We may, from time to time, use your personal information to contact you. If you have elected not to receive communications from us, we will not contact you unless we have an important service announcement to share with you.

You can update your newsletter and communication preferences at any time by visiting this page: (you need to be logged in to view the page).

Special offers

We may communicate special offers or information relating to deals that you might appreciate if you have opted in to receive this kind of information. You are within your rights to opt out from receiving this information at any time, as we respect the privacy of our users and would not want to do anything to violate that. Please update your communication preferences here: (you need to be logged in to view the page).

Service announcements

In the case of product service announcements that affect the running of the website, system maintenance, the user experience, changes to the privacy policy, terms and conditions, or any aspect that could affect you, the user, we will use your contact information to contact you and inform you. These communications will be non-promotional in nature.

Customer service

If there are any issues relating to your account, we will contact you to notify you. This is to ensure that you receive the best possible experience and support when making use of OnTopList. These communications will be non-promotional in nature.

Updating your personal information

If, at any time, you need to update your personal information, you may do so using our website. This information will be updated in our logs and the same policies listed here will apply to the new information supplied.

You can update your personal details at any time by navigating to this page: (you need to be logged in to access the page).

Updating this privacy policy

We may, at times, update the privacy policy without consulting you or notifying you. It is therefore your responsibility to please check this page regularly for any changes that might affect you.

Opt out

If you would prefer to opt out of any promotional communications, please update your communication preferences here: (you need to be logged in to view the page).

Website Security

At OnTopList, we take all the necessary precautions to protect your personal information at all times. This includes having up to date security measures in place that protect your information both online and off. Your payment information (PayPal information) is managed by PayPal, which adheres to the strictest security protocols available.

We use SSL encryption to protect your personal information on the website, which means that only we at OnTopList have access to that information at any given time. The team at OnTopList also uses stringent security measures on our personal systems to ensure that no unknown external access is permitted. We also have 100% up-to-date security measures in place to prevent hacking, malware or ransomware.

If you have any questions about our security measures, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


OnTopList does make use of links to other external and third-party websites. We cannot be held responsible for the privacy of these websites and encourage our users to be aware of the links that they are clicking on. Please read the privacy policies on all external websites, as this privacy policy only applies to OnTopList.

Business Transfers

In the event that OnTopList goes through a transition on the business front, there may be a transfer of personal information from this business entity to the next. These circumstances could pertain to a merger, sale of a portion of the business, etc. If this is the case, you will be notified with at least 30 days to change your consent to us having access to your personal information. You will be able to opt out within that timeframe, or you may choose not to. Failure to opt out will result in your personal information being treated in lieu of the updated privacy policy for the new business.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the way that we manage your personal information within this blog directory, please don’t hesitate to contact us.