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Last Updated: 16/03/2023

Photography is an exciting hobby or profession. There's so much to learn about the settings, the exposure triangle, composition, and lighting. Learning how to master these settings can help you become a more creative photographer.

The learning process is long and sometimes experimental at the best of times without proper guidance. That's why we recommend you turn to some of the best photography blogs to help you learn the skills necessary. We explore some of the top photography blogs and what each of the sites cover to help you on your journey.

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PetaPixel is the number one photography blog on the planet. Michael Zhang, the founder, has always had a vision for developing newsworthy photography content for both the imaging industry and photographers.

The chief editor, DL Cade, has worked for prestigious sites, including and His news coverage is extensive; however, it doesn't stop there. His articles include a rich trove of photography tutorials from industry leaders and the photography community. These articles guide taking photos, editing tutorials, and gear advice.

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Digital Photography Review

What originally started as the only photography blog on the internet, DPReview was gobbled up by Amazon in the late '90s. Since then, it has been a fascinating resource for camera equipment history, advice, and news. The DPReview Youtube channel features excellent insight into photography equipment.

The hosts, Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake, who developed a cult following from Canada's 'The Camera Store', share incredible insight into what you should expect from your photography and videography equipment.

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Lee Morris and Patrick Hall were quick to establish their website as the best place for photographers to learn. Developing a series of online learning world-class productions, most notably with Elia Locardi in 'Travelling the World', the duo invites professionals in their field to share their insights.

In addition to the popular video series, the community arm of the site is one of the most knowledgeable. The community continually shares excellent articles on how to photograph particular subjects. Fstoppers is a photography site we would highly recommend learning from.

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Digital Photography School

Melbourne Australian-based professional blogger Darren Rowse established Digital Photography School as the ultimate learning resource. The site content is biased toward beginners, but enthusiast photographers can still learn so much.

Digital Photography School has a rich content base, so if you want to learn how to photograph something specific, you should search here first. If you wish to develop your skills further, then browse their store, which is full of guides and video courses to help you navigate the exposure triangle through how to photograph landscapes.

The Phoblographer

The founder, Chris Gampat, authors many interesting photography articles. Some of these include interviews with photographers, which can boost your inspiration when you reach a certain level of burnout.

In addition to interviews, you can read various camera reviews, photography tips, and education. Learn from myriad photography subjects covering film, shooting techniques, how-to guides, and reviews to help turn you into a better photographer.

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A Photo Editor

A Photo Editor takes a different approach to photography. Rather than focus on the gear, the content centers around a photographer's work; in each article, see another photographer's perspective. Understand what a photographer's vision is and how it impacts their photos.

Learn visual techniques for breaking the composition rules and understand the processes behind a picture. It's worth taking a deep dive through the endless pages as there aren't many websites that dedicate themselves to featuring such creative individuals.

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Photography Concentrate Blog

We're an educational website for folks who love photography - pros and hobbyists! You'll find in-depth tutorials, freebies, gear recommendations, and fun times here.

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Toronto Grand Prix Tourist Blog

Photographer explores locations, events, and adventures in Toronto.

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Govind Vijayakumar is a photographer with a passion for image. The author shares many post-processing tutorials, photography articles, and reviews on the Photography Axis website to help new photographers master their trade.

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Corporate Photographer

Corporate photography by Grantly Lynch, a professional photographer based in London. Visit this blog for corporate headshots, office photography, generic images, and supplementary photos for marketing materials.

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Richard Skins Photography

Dorset wedding photographer covering weddings across the country and destination weddings in Europe

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Retired newsguy

Retired news photographer from Charleston shares travel snippets and stories behind the photos collected over the past decades. See old photos presented from a new perspective.

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photos HD

Online portfolio of Kedar Mesani, featuring HD photos of travel, art, and nature. See beach photos and artworks from Bali and chemtrail clouds in Zurich.

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Norfolk Wedding Photographer Duncan Kerridge

Fun, spontaneous documentary wedding photography by Norfolk wedding photographer Duncan Kerridge.

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Ray Akey Photography

Blog of Commercial Photographer Ray Akey, located in Windsor, Ontario

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Market Connections - Job Search Blog

The best job search blog provides an array of job search advice for all career levels starting from entry-level internships to senior-level career transitions. It contains the following categories: Career Counseling, Employment Services, Interview Coaching, Job Search Ideas, LinkedIn Strategies, Personal Branding, Recruiters, and Resume Writing Ideas

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Photography by John Michael

Professional photographer and historian John Michael presents a unique collection of images honoring the heraldry and history of the US military.

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Craig Greenslade Photography

Professional headshots, portraits, and commercial photography.

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Classic Film Cameras

Old school photographer still uses classic film cameras. Online resource for non-digital camera care, repair manuals, coverings, light seal kits, and vintage art photography.

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A Life Savored

Random photos and imagery capturing the beauty and fun in life. Devoted primarily to images from my life abroad in Asia.

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All About Photo

Fine art photography is discussed and presented through words and images. With references, news, and updates from various photography trends and events worldwide.

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Gallery of high-definition photos of flowers, animals, landscapes, artworks, and people. Includes travel pictures from Malta, Japan, Switzerland, China, Germany, France, and more.

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Black UniGryphon's Modest Photos

Showcase of the works by photographer Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman, featuring stylized compositions, general photos, thoughts, and opinions of the artist.

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