Best Parenting Blogs for Every Mom and Dad to Read

Last Updated: 23/12/2022

Raising children is a challenging but rewarding role. If you're looking for parenting advice and tips, you're in luck. These best parenting blogs are hand-picked and sorted by authority, so you can be sure you're getting the highest quality information.

Learn from experienced moms and dads as they share their parenting journey and offer resources for parents with kids of all ages. Follow these top-rated parenting blogs for help, support, and inspiration.

54 Top Parenting Blogs

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Alpha Mom - Your Pregnancy and Parenting Blog

The parenting blog for moms and moms-to-be that need a connection and non-judgmental advice, support, and ideas. Through humor and kindness, it aims to make motherhood less isolating.

Parenting Today

Parenting Today provides practical solutions to raising healthy, well-adjusted, and independent kids. Learn how to teach valuable life skills at different stages of development, build kids' confidence, make different family setups work, reduce parental burnout, and more.

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Love Tazza

An up-close and personal blog of parenting advice where a mom shares her family adventures in NYC. Discover beautiful photography, motherhood tips, travel, food, and how to enjoy life as it is.

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Janet Lansbury

An early childhood expert helms. For parents looking for experts, this blog is for parenting tips. Through articles and podcasts, learn how to overcome common parenting challenges, from discipline to communication.

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Creating a Family; infertility and adoption support and resources

For many people, the road to parenthood is a bumpy one, and they need help in creating their family. Creating a Family provides resources and support for this alternative journey, regardless of whether your path is infertility treatment or adoption.

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Duggar Family Blog

On the Duggar Family Blog, you will find oodles of information about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their nineteen delightful kids, including news updates, recipes, and episode times and summaries of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting."

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Hand in Hand Parenting

Run by a non-profit organization, this blog brings insight, support, and skills to parents for better connections with kids through parenting articles. Browse the topics that help all parents cope with difficulties, from tantrums to bullying.

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What Moms Love

An uplifting and cheerful blog for modern moms that need parenting tips. It offers information, enlightenment, and entertainment to make being a mom more relatable and functional.

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Tales From the Nursery

Darcy and Brian is a blog for parents who like to keep their kids busy and entertained. Also, find out more about parenting challenges and issues such as sexuality, race and privilege, good sportsmanship, self-care, and more.

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Nurture and Thrive

Expert advice can be found in this blog written by a child psychologist and mother. The content covers topics like babyhood, toddler, play, mindful parenting, and many more by presenting research-backed strategies through parenting articles to go along with instincts.

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U Me and the Kids

U, Me and the Kids by UK mom Rachel Hirst is a lifestyle, beauty, and parenting blog all in one. Find out more about home decorating, money-saving tips, fashion, and beauty.

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Parenting From The Heart

Real mom parenting blog that pairs expertise in psychology and free-range parenting together for honest advice. Great storytelling and real-time current event concerns for parents offer tips for thriving as a parent as the world turns.

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The Anti-June Cleaver

Family-friendly travels, suggestions for fun activities to do in and out of New England, crafts for kids and adults, and favorite recipes.

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Diary of a First Child

Learn about natural and conscious parenting.

Lushka is a mom to two girls and a homeschooling/home-educating family. On her blog, you can read about her family's travel adventures, what they are reading, playing, and cooking. Luschka also writes about natural and conscious parenting principles that she has embraced.

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Dallas Single Mom

Dallas Single Mom is a lifestyle and parenting blog by executive coach Teia Blackshear Collier. Learn more about single and preemie parenting, budgeting, career, and more.

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Nanny to Mommy

Former Nanny turned Frugal Mom, learning how to take care of my OWN family, one day at a time.

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Mudpie Fridays

Mudpie Fridays is a parenting and travel blog of UK mom, Clare. Perfect for parents looking to reach a better work-life balance.

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Parents with Confidence

Discover the way to help kids be confident in who they are. This blog guides parents through positive parenting techniques, childhood mental health, emotions, and mindfulness to have families connect with positivity through researched parenting articles. Ideal for families struggling to find harmony.

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Daddy Mojo

Daddy Mojo is a blog about parenting from the perspective of Trey Burley, a stay-at-home dad.

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Shifting The Focus Back To Parents

The blog addresses common parental concerns such as hair loss during pregnancy or how to involve your kids in doing housework.

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Natural Parent Guide

Encouraging moms to follow their natural parenting instincts, including alternative education, homeschooling activities, and incorporating more art and nature in family life. Also, clean eating, gluten-free recipes, and green living tips.

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Pregnancy Experts

Our blog is targeted toward pregnancy, baby, and everything in between. Find us on Pinterest @PregnancyExperts

Our website, "The Gender Experts," provides accurate early gender prediction for entertainment purposes.

Sammy Approves

Sammy Approves is the digital platform of a homeschooling mom from Southern California. This blog offers stress-free and straightforward solutions to care for the family and run the household while homeschooling the kids. Learn about the life skills children should possess at different stages. Get to know positive parenting strategies, homeschooling resources, budgeting and work-from-home tips, delicious recipes, and more.

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Thrifty Momma Ramblings

Thrifty Momma Ramblings is a family blog that helps you save money. You can find free items, coupons, great deals, and giveaways on the website.

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Mama Challenge

Mama Challenge is a blog that offers 'real solutions for real parents.

Find information about family-friendly places to go in DFW, new restaurants to try, and some giveaways for products and services.

Moms will also find tips on how to do their makeup in five minutes and some R&R recommendations.

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Single Mother Ahoy

Single Mother Ahoy is a lifestyle, woo-woo, and parenting blog in one by Vicky Charles. Read on for tips on how to raise a well-adjusted kid as a single parent.

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The Kid Counselor

The Kid Counselor blog is a resource for parents and professionals with articles on parenting, play therapy, and child development.

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Mother of nine9 is a blog of a mom with nine kids. Melanie Jean Juneau chronicles her stories and insights on parenting with fondness and humor.

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 Morgan's Milieu

Morgan's Milieu is a blog for women who struggle with the idea of being a stay-at-home mom.

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The Yorkshire Dad

The Yorkshire Dad is the creative outlet of Karl Young, a multi-award-nominated UK blogger and married father of two boys.

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