Best Parenting Blogs for Every Mom and Dad to Read

Last Updated: 06/04/2024

Discover the best parenting blogs for every mom and dad. We scoured the web to find top-rated sites packed with advice, tips, and support. Our picks cover a range of parenting styles and topics, from pregnancy to teens. Each blog is vetted for expertise, engaging content, and active communities.

The 24 Best Parenting Blogs

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Alpha Mom - Your Pregnancy and Parenting Blog

Alpha Mom is your go-to blog for pregnancy, babies, toddlers, and motherhood. Get expert advice and helpful tips on everything from baby names to gear. Alpha Mom covers preconception health, pregnancy, relationships, single parenting, and raising kids. The site is a friendly, informative resource for moms at every stage.

Child Development Info

Parenting Isn't Easy offers expert tips and advice for raising happy, healthy, independent kids. Discover child psychology, development stages, communication strategies, and health and safety tips. Find balance as a working parent, strengthen father-child bonds, manage screen time, and more. Expert child psychologists provide practical tools to enhance your parenting skills.

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Janet Lansbury

An early childhood expert helms. For parents looking for experts, this blog is for parenting tips. Through articles and podcasts, learn how to overcome common parenting challenges, from discipline to communication.

Duggar Family Blog

The Duggar Family Blog shares fun details about parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children. Read updates, recipes, and summaries of their TLC show "19 Kids and Counting." Information is provided in a friendly way for all ages.

U Me and the Kids

U, Me and the Kids by UK mom Rachel Hirst is a lifestyle, beauty, and parenting blog all in one. Find out more about home decorating, money-saving tips, fashion, and beauty.

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What Moms Love

A fun lifestyle site helping busy moms simplify their lives. Discover kid-friendly recipes, helpful product reviews, creative DIY projects, and gift ideas. Get organizing tips, parenting advice, and essential baby and kid gear recommendations.

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Nurture and Thrive

Dr. Ashley Soderlund's blog guides parents on nurturing kids' emotional health. It covers self-regulation, compassion, and a growth mindset. Strategies focus on emotion management, loving discipline, and healthy routines. The content is evidence-based, aiming to foster children's social-emotional development. Parents get actionable tips for raising empathetic, resilient kids.

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Parents with Confidence

Parents With Confidence helps parents raise resilient kids with strong mental health. This blog shares strategies from a licensed child therapist in a friendly voice. It offers tips to nurture children's self-esteem, cooperation, and essential life skills. The goal is to empower parents to raise emotionally healthy children.

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Parenting From The Heart

Parenting From The Heart is a blog for parents. It gives tips and news about raising babies and young kids. The blog has advice to help parents with the ups and downs. It discusses pregnancy, how kids grow, and family fun and reviews products.

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Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine

Tampa Bay Parenting: the ultimate resource for Tampa Bay families. Discover family-friendly events, activities, and attractions in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and beyond. Get weekend roundups, seasonal guides, health tips, and school news. Fresh, relevant content to help you make the most of life in this vibrant region.

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Nanny to Mommy

Nanny to Mommy is a parenting and lifestyle blog that offers product reviews, giveaways, and advice for moms. Get insights on pregnancy tips, baby gear essentials & more. Find honest opinions about family-friendly products with helpful details such as pros/cons rated in the writers' personal experiences.

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Geek Mamas

Geek Mamas is a fun mom blog with a geeky twist. Learn crafts, get activity ideas, read reviews for family-friendly movies, games, travel, and more.

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ParentsNeed is the one-stop site for all your parenting needs. Get tips on pregnancy, babies, toddlers, kids, and teens. Find reviews on the best baby gear, parenting products, and family items. Learn about child development, discipline, nutrition and more to become a savvy, prepared parent.

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The Yorkshire Dad

The Yorkshire Dad Blog, a relatable UK daddy blogger sharing experiences with kids, golf, DIY, and life advice. Stay connected and inspired through fresh insights and tips for all parents.

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Adore Charlotte - Parenting Lifestyle

Welcome to Adore Charlotte, a blog for parents by Charlotte, a mom of three. Explore affordable essentials, travel spots, planning tools, home decor, and side hustle ideas. Discover how to balance parenthood with earning passive income. Follow our blended family's adventures as we find exciting, family-friendly treasures.

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Mama Dews Reviews

Mama Dews is the parenting blog of a Texas mom with three kids. Read on tips on how to homeschool a child with autism. Find some recipes, product reviews, and gift guides for kids and parents.

Orlando Parenting Magazine

Orlando Parenting Magazine is the top resource for parents in the Orlando area. We share insider tips on fun activities for kids from local parents. Discover great places for birthdays, theme parks, family events, and dining options. Our articles help families enjoy Orlando to the fullest. Locals write our content for both visitors and residents.

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Fatherhood Reloaded

Fatherhood Reloaded shares the randomness of a geeky dad of 3. It brings awareness to everything you need as an awesome dad. Get the latest on parenting, tech, entertainment, nostalgia, and gear. Articles and videos keep you in the know with honest reviews. It started as a blog from a new 40-year-old dad and now covers awareness for his son's Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. By a dad for dads, but useful for anyone - moms, aunts, uncles too. Relatable and practical resources for modern fatherhood.

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ThinkJr offers engaging math games. Our educational games make math practice fun. They turn dull math problems into thrilling quests. The games adjust to each student's level, ensuring the right challenges. We have over 100 games in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and more. ThinkJr turns math practice into a fun adventure.

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Low Stress Motherhood

Low Stress Motherhood is a mom blog that makes motherhood easier. It provides helpful tips for moms who want to feel calm. The blog covers baby-led weaning, potty training, picky eating, and toddler tantrums. It aims to reduce stress and boost confidence for moms. Low Stress Motherhood supports moms with practical guides and advice. The blog helps moms navigate challenges while staying relaxed.

The Pittsburgh Mom

Musings by me about life, love, relationships, family and general Pittsburghery.It’ll be happy, sad, angry and sometimes all of those in one post.My husband and I were both born and raised in the suburbs of the ‘Burgh. We’re now trying to raise our sons here and are just enjoying life.

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The Yumcha Mama

An Aussie wife and mother are living in Singapore. Read my playgroup reviews, and thoughts on music, homeschooling, and travel.

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The Mint Chip Mama

The Mint Chip Mama site offers family-friendly travel tips and product reviews. Created by a mom, it provides insights for parents on where to go with kids and what products they need while traveling. The blog covers everything from local day trips in the US to international destinations, making it a great resource for those seeking adventure or inspiration for their next trip.

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Super Mommy Blog

Super Mommy Blog is a go-to resource for modern moms. It provides practical parenting tips and inspiring stories. The site covers pregnancy through raising happy, healthy kids. Posts offer useful advice for handling the joys and challenges of motherhood. Super Mommy shares helpful information for moms at all stages. New and experienced mothers alike will find relatable content.

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