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Scheduling: A Boring Task With Superhuman Perks

You’re busy; Busy being an entrepreneur, busy being a wife/significant other, busy being a mother, busy wearing the 20 to 30 other hats life has thrown on your hat rack.   Being a busy person is a struggle. You dedicate your time to one activity ...

How to juggle work, motherhood, and still get that MBA

If you’re considering enrolling in an MBA program, there’s a good chance you’re an ambitious, hard-working person with a spotless academic and professional record. But there’s a reason why many working mothers hesitate to commit to an ...

20 Must Read Books For Every eCommerce Business Owner

Whether you’re brand new to the world of e-commerce or you haven’t quite taken the leap yet, these books will be your guideposts as you navigate. From actionable advice to case studies, analytics to web design, finance to marketing… and ...

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