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Topics covered range from Sacred science, meditation, Kabbalah, the healing arts, Sufism, Tibetan Buddhism, the nature of consciousness, the relationship of ego to higher faculties, alchemy, initiatory & Inner traditions; symbolic teachings, cultural musings on comparative religion, esoteric commentary, Magick, Freemasonry, esoteric Orders and the Mystery Schools, book and video reviews, Pharaonic Egypt, our interpersonal relationships and the fostering of personal empowerment for All. This is a different take on issues and realities than is normally seen. Join me for an online mystic adventure.
Added: September 10, 2009
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Daily Meditation Focus 12NOV2009

Humility In an age of materialism and supercharged egos, the notion of humility may be quickly discarded or dismissed. While it is true that most continue to learn, evolve and expand throughout life, many attribute acquired knowledge and experience ...

Bread of the Presence – Monoatomics, Akhenaton, Serabit El-Khadim and Feeding the Ka

While I do not encourage or recommend ingestion and attempted integration of the white powder monoatomic gold (MFKZT) for anyone, there is sufficient information available regarding this process, extreme physical longevity, the cessation of ...

Egyptian Roots of the Bread of the Presence – MFKZT and Alchemy

This was a very interesting lecture given by Vincent Bridges in the past year. His presentation of John Dee’s work in Prague as well as his historical synopsis of the history of Alchemy is quite interesting and informative as well as being ...

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