Just a space for me, as a frustrated author, to put up some stories and thoughts, opinions, ideas and tall tales, for you to enjoy, despise, or ignore. You choose.
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It's Snarkurday!

Someone named Jason Derulo, a singer, apparently—thanks Google—has accused American Airlines of racial discrimination over a disagreement on baggage fees. And it must be true because Jason scooted over to bastion of journalistic integrity, The ...

America Under Siege: Hair Furor Is A Delusional, Narcissistic, Ill-Equipped To Lead, Lying Mess ... And He Proved That AGAIN Yesterday

Yesterday Hair Furor gave one of his first press conferences where he didn’t take questions only from Fox News or Breitbart and, as CNN’s Jake Tapper called it moments after it was over, _____ was “unhinged” and “wild.”And, in case ...

I Didn't Say It ...

Trevor Noah, The Daily Show host, on that idiotic photo of Ivanka ____ sitting at the desk in the Oval Office, flanked by Daddy and Justin Trudeau:“Oh, I’m sorry, that photo shows the importance of women having a seat at the table? Your ...