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Help Dad Fight to Protect his Son! Donate If you Can!

Help Dad Fight for his SonDonate Here: https://www.gofundme.com/help-dad-fight-for-his-sonIt is a shame that in Texas, good fathers have to fight to stay in the lives of their children!Hey I'm David Bellow and I need help to protect and fight ...

Baseless Indictment tossed - Corrupt Jefferson County D.A. Scrambles to re-indict Whistle Blower David Bellow

The Jefferson County DA had to abandon their original indictment of David Bellow due to the indictment pending being Quashed and dismissed.This confirms that the original charges were botched, completely baseless, and nothing but a political ...

Attorney Scott Browne had Stalking/Harassment Charges Pressed Against Him a week before Corrupt Jefferson County DA (his friend) pushed false arrest

Attorney Scott Browne, friend of the Jefferson County DA, had charges pressed against him for stalking/harassment over a week before the Jefferson County DA had me charged for a bogus misdemeanor. Going after me was payback for me going after ...