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Catering Chef Asado Specialist on fire for small and large events Our team knows how to do upscale events like weddings, corporate events, luxury parties and more.Our menus contain everything you need to have a full, high-quality meat meal. The menus include a variety of meats, hot additions, fresh salads, light drinks, hot drinks and desserts. Fine serving, professional and skilled staff, dinnerware and lots of good atmosphere. If you are debating which short catering to order for your wedding we recommend that you contact us and get 3 menus in three bids that you can choose from the one that best suits your taste and you are the most suitable menu for your budget. Catering Chef Asado has been working for many years in the field of events and has a lot of reputation and many recommendations for recommendations on catering services. If you would like to consult which menu you should choose for your event you are welcome to call us and we will be happy to advise you on choosing the right menu.Our Meat Catering It is well known that a highly renowned expert catering for meat making on fire we arrive at the event with all the equipment needed to prepare the meat in front of the guests. In this method, guests also enjoy quality and tasty meat and a presentation of the arrangements that show how to prepare good quality meat in years and professional bbq equipment. We change our meats for a long time and thus create a unique taste for meat that will give her parents a good and indulgent meat experience. Our chef explains while cooking how to prepare the meat on the fire in the right way, how to roast it if desired, how much time it should be on the fire and the like if you want to incorporate culinary attraction into your event and a good quality lunch contact us today and get a quote
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