121.  Tim Bits: Better then a Tim Horton's donut hole, nourishing your mind and soul

Tim Bits: Better then a Tim Horton's donut hole, nourishing your mind and soul

I am an aspiring writer seeking opportunities to expand my abilities that hopes to one day get published. If you wish to cintact me about any writing opportunities,feel free to contact me by emailing ofwolfandman01@gmail.com

I currently write weekly devotionals inspiring the body of Christ through Got To Be There Ministries International.

122.  Everyday Bible Blog

Everyday Bible Blog

123.  Housetops


124.  The Model behind brain and behavior

The Model behind brain and behavior

The oak tree is in the acorn. Looking at this small, beautiful rounded shape, no one would guess it could become an oak tree. Of course, by itself it would not develop. It needs the right conditions. In the same way, humans are called to become what our ancestors and even ourselves cannot see. But to develop all our potentialities, to evolve, some conditions are needed. These must be enhanced in the same way we surround the seed of nutrients, water, earth and light, putting it in contact with and allowing it to be a part of a living whole.This living whole is found in nature. The system behind nature has been described by all great tradition and can be found in the structure of our brain. The LIFE biosystem or Isis Code deciphers it. Book:Isis Code by Ariane Page

125.  Hope Horner: Blogging Outside My Lane

Hope Horner: Blogging Outside My Lane

126.  GRACE for Us

GRACE for Us

GRACEforUs.Net was launched to provide a forum for those who are interested in knowing the truth about God's Word.

127.  Focus on God's Word

Focus on God's Word

Daily Bible Reading Devotion Site

128.  How to meditate

How to meditate

Simply, meditation for beginners

129.  The Christian Vigil

The Christian Vigil

The Christian life is never an easy road to walk. This blog focuses on strengthening faith, and learning more about the true and living God.

130.  Trivia on spirituality

Trivia on spirituality

131.  A Good Blog

A Good Blog

132.  Damsels Digress

Damsels Digress

It’s no secret that most women like to talk. And what’s wrong with that? Life as a Christian can get complicated, and sometimes, you just have to talk stuff out. Or digress, as we call it.

Whether it’s mulling over the church’s aversion to a healthy discussion of sex, detailing how culture has corrupted the biblical meaning of judgment, giving advice on how to talk to a grieving friend, or just listing our favorite fictional couples, Damsels Digress has been an online forum where young Christian women express themselves since 2014.

We strive for honesty, because if we’re never honest about where we are then we’ll never understand what we must do to grow.

We hope our digressions will challenge both you and us to live a life dedicated to becoming more like Christ in our speech, conduct, love, faith and purity.

To God be the glory.

133.  Stephen Allerton People Power and Christianity

Stephen Allerton People Power and Christianity

My site includes posts about life in general and my strengths lie in Christianity. I do focus on non debate none argumentative material in order to grow a friendly site, however my passion of Christianity can as you are probably aware throw up issues which I would like to occasionally address from time to time.

134.  Writings of My Heart

Writings of My Heart

Inspirational and motivational reflections from Dr. Robin Eubanks

135.  Dances In The Light

Dances In The Light

A Christian blog offering free social media graphics to church communicators as well as a short devotional message related to the graphic.

136.  The Seven Deadly Sins - Myths

The Seven Deadly Sins - Myths

137.  How to Walk on Water

How to Walk on Water

This book is an inspiring manual about how to manage the trials of life with grace, courage and spiritual growth. If you want to know how to maintain your Christian walk while struggling through life, this is the book! If you want to stay spiritually alert and aware as a Christian, read my blog.

138.  Bryn Independent Methodist Blog

Bryn Independent Methodist Blog

Bryn Independent Methodist Blog

139.  Eric In Context

Eric In Context

140.  A Tree Firmly Planted Blog

A Tree Firmly Planted Blog

141.  Mindful Moments

Mindful Moments

Mindfulness, Stoicism, self improvement, self awareness, self care, meditation