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Last Updated: 16/03/2023

DIY is all about taking control of projects yourself in order to customize your life, build hobbies you’re passionate about, and save money. The top DIY blogs contain helpful tutorials and inspiration for new ways you can get things done.

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Remodelaholic is a fun and friendly space for everyone who believes in the power of DIY. It's all about learning to spruce up your space, from room makeovers to crafty home decor projects. Ideal for creative homeowners and design enthusiasts, this blog helps you design the perfect home on a budget, offering guides on furniture building, room remodeling, and handy crafts. Run by Justin and Cassity, two remodeling addicts, it's packed with easy-to-follow instructions, creative inspiration, and expert advice.

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PickTheBrain: A self-improvement blog

Pick the Brain is a bright spot in your day, with insights on motivation, productivity, health, and self-improvement. It's a blog that simplifies complex concepts and delivers them in an easily digestible way.

Whether you're a teen trying to navigate high school or an adult striving for professional success, you'll find stories and advice here to power your journey. With its broad range of topics, Pick the Brain is like a toolbox for life, helping you handle stress, build relationships, and even explore the universe. It's not just a blog - it's a roadmap to a better you.

Sawdust Girl

Renovation, remodeling, cabinet making, workshop projects, and a bit of woodworking.

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Kid-Friendly Things To Do

Kid Friendly Things To Do shares easy family recipes, fun crafts, and game ideas for kids. Find tasty recipes, creative arts and crafts, and family-friendly activities. It's a go-to for busy parents seeking quick and simple ideas to make meals, holiday crafts, and indoor games more fun for the whole family.

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Moving Cost Blog at MyMovingReviews provides comprehensive moving information with tips and guides on how to move stress-free. Find reliable movers, read reviews from real customers, get quotes, or estimate the cost of their upcoming moves for free. Choose a better way to approach your relocation!

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Construction2Style is a blog about home renovation, DIY projects, and interior design. It offers comprehensive guides on enhancing your property's value creatively, such as repurposing furniture or installing new countertops. The founder shares their experiences in modernizing homes with aesthetically pleasing features that elevate comfort levels while increasing functionality at affordable rates. If you want practical insights into better using limited spaces within your house or office space, Construction2style has got you covered!

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Organise My House

Streamline at-home chaos: Get organized today with tips from Organise My House. Master clutter control, maximize space & time, increase aesthetics & take control of life. Articles, tools & more: Discover the secrets of getting organized.

Real Estate Agent

This blog offers trendy real estate topics, advice, and tips on selling or buying a home. Learn about DIY upgrades, sustainability, marketing tips, and more. It covers home improvement, eco-friendly living, marketing strategies, real estate agent reviews, investing advice, and lifestyle content.

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Artie's Eight by Frame Destination

The Frame Destination blog has tips to decorate your home. Learn simple DIY framing ideas. Get advice on picking frames and mats for your photos and art. Read artist interviews. Find guides on decor styles like boho, industrial, and cottagecore. The blog helps beginners frame on a budget.

DIY Home Craft Projects

Discover Cassie Smallwood's blog: a treasure trove of DIY crafts, free printables, and insightful resources for Etsy sellers. Unleash your creativity and master the art of selling online.

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Modern Day Redneck

Get your dose of southern living! Modern Day Redneck is the ultimate blog for down-to-earth folks. From fishing and hunting to backyard BBQs - we got you covered with tips and tricks that'll make every day a good ol' time.

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Dear Creatives

A lifestyle blog sparking your creativity. Dive into a world of DIY projects, crafts, home decor, beauty, and fashion. Perfect for anyone seeking inspiration for everyday living. Discover engaging posts, free printables, and delectable recipes. Enjoy the adventure of crafting a beautiful life.

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Because... I'm Cheap

"Because I'm Cheap" is a lively, insightful blog with smart tips on saving money, living frugally, and traveling on a budget. It's a perfect place for anyone keen to make the most of their money without sacrificing fun or quality of life. Explore great deals, savvy financial advice, and easy DIY projects to boost your savings. Ideal for those eager to learn and grow, this blog supports a rewarding, affordable lifestyle.

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Sunshine and Sippy Cups

Find practical and helpful DIY projects for your kids' party and school projects, and some ways you can earn from home by working online.

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The Homelife

The Homelife is the go-to blog for DIYers and home improvement enthusiasts. Learn tips on renovations, remodeling, landscaping, interior design, and more. Get inspired with DIY project ideas. Find reviews on tools and materials. The Homelife makes home improvement accessible for beginners and seasoned DIYers alike.

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Perfectly Placed Professional Organization & Design

When you have too much stuff, the clutter not only fills up your home, it fills up your life and keeps you from the things you love. Maybe you have tried tidying up on your own, but it hasn't worked.

Perfectly Placed Professional Organization and Design offer tips for decluttering, organizing, and maintaining a calm home environment.

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The DIY Educator

DIY Educator: Tackle DIY projects confidently with expert tips, how-to guides, and home improvement news. Ideal for homeowners and hobbyists alike.

You Can Know Anything

You Can Know Anything: Dive into a thought-provoking blog covering self-led learning, budget-friendly DIY projects, and gluten-free living tips, inspiring readers to unlock their full potential while enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

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Edomey Cleaning Tips

Blogs of Edomey Cleaning with a lot of tips about cleaning instruction, franchise tips, information about the janitorial cleaning industry, how-to guides

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French River Co.

French River Co. is a blog about repairing and restoring outdoor power equipment. From riding mowers to snow blowers and everything in between, we talk about different problems and how to fix them. As a Christian writer, I also delve into different Christian theological posts for discussion.

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Uniquity Builders, Inc. Green Building and Remodeling

Uniquity Builders, Inc. is a family-owned and operated construction company. Effective remodeling and redesigning tips to help you achieve the look that you want for your home.

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Solar Thoughts Blog

Solar Power Edge provides the latest insights on photovoltaic technology, green living tips, and more. Get the edge - follow us today to stay updated with the most advanced information on solar power.

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ICW Store

Get all your boating answers from the ICW Store Blog. Get electricals sorted, rigging complete, water makers functional, and anchors in place - all free. We provide expert engineering & technical support for any size vessel.

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