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Last Updated: 06/10/2023

The 11 Best Music Blogs

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List of the Top 11 Music Blogs


Pitchfork is the pulse of the music. It's where you find the latest news, unbiased album reviews, artist features, and thought-provoking podcasts. Ideal for music enthusiasts and industry insiders alike, it's the perfect platform to keep your finger on the rhythm of the music world.

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Similar to its name, the Brooklyn Vegan is a local site for Brooklyn, NY. The artistic section of the site has an archive of artists who have performed at the Brooklyn Bowl and pictures of them with members of the bands. Some reviews include pictures and videos. They offer their own curated list of music festivals in addition to posting about music in general on both local and national levels, which can offer readers more festival options. For people in Brooklyn or interested in what is happening there, this site will be useful because it offers content specifically for this area like concerts, outdoor movies


Hypebot delivers daily music industry news focusing on tech and social media trends. It reports on changes in music discovery, consumption, and monetization. The blog provides current insights for over 30,000 music executives from labels, indies, and tech companies.

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I Hate The 90s

alternative, shoegaze, punk, pop-punk, world, indie, math rock, and hardcore from the 1990s.

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Eclectic Grooves

Eclectic Grooves takes you on a journey through the depths of avant-garde, free-jazz, psych-rock, folk, blues, afro-beat, etc. Full albums, mp3s, mixes, and reviews for your listening and viewing pleasure.

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DJ.Studio Blog

This DJ blog covers everything about DJ mixing, from software and techniques to news and tips. Learn mixing skills, find the best apps, discover new music, and stay up-to-date. Topics include harmonic mixing, creative transitions, planning a perfect DJ set, and more. Written for beginner and pro DJs alike.

Blast from Your Past

Blast from Your Past – 50 Years Ago this Month! Rock & Roll Radio: the DJs, the music & the mayhem. Let’s Rock!

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Funky-Soul-Vinyls-Blog Hello and welcome to Funky-Soul-Vinyls Blog. This Blog is all about my personal life and the Music I Love, Funk, Soul, and Dance Music in some sort of way; I will also be writing about how I got into the Music, the artists I like, and who I have seen in Concert, amongst other things. I feature Life & Music on alternate weeks. I will also feature every week A Soul/Funk/Dance Mix. I also sell Vinyl and Tapes on my Website; please visit!

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Music Assent

Music Assent keeps you in the know on what's hot in music. We dish out trending songs, big releases, concert news, and upcoming artists. Stay tuned for the latest on pop, rap, rock, and more around the world.

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Subverse Magazine

Beyond the surface of music, culture and society. More than a music magazine, Subverse Magazine transcends the conventional boundaries of a mere music magazine. If you seek a a more in-depth exploration of diverse subjects such as the music industry, subculture, and the interplay between music and society, as well as its profound impact on each and every one of us as individuals, then you have arrived at the perfect destination.

Subverse is an online magazine about music, culture and society. Here you can read articles about subculture, popular culture, society and sociology as well as music.

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Your Online Singing Coach

Our blog guides singers to enhance their voices and stage skills. We offer singing lessons, vocal health tips, and performance strategies. Vocal coach Juliet Lyons leads with expertise in vocal improvement for all levels. Learn breath control, range expansion, and stage confidence. Free resources help beginners; advanced lessons cater to professionals. We aim to boost every singer's technique and artistry.

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