1.  Eye Of The Psychic

Eye Of The Psychic

Find out how to get the best psychic reading, discover sacred sites, read articles by the well known Philip Coppens and learn about ancient spiritual and archaeological discoveries.

2.  Atheist Revolution

Atheist Revolution

Religious belief is a destructive force that causes far more harm than good. Atheist Revolution is a blog dedicated to breaking free from irrational belief and opposing Christian extremism. Topics include atheism, skepticism, secularism, and freethought.

3.  Couragoeus Christian Father

Couragoeus Christian Father

A Christian Blog, family blog

4.  The Watchman's Post

The Watchman's Post

The Watchman's Post

5.  Discerning the World

Discerning the World

6.  Sunday School Lessons at Christianity Cove

Sunday School Lessons at Christianity Cove

Sunday School Lessons at Christianity Cove

7.  Counting My Blessings

Counting My Blessings

What you can expect at Counting My Blessings

Motivation/Transformation . . . motivation to make changes toward the blessing of a closer walk with God.
Appreciation / Satisfaction . . . guidance to an understanding that greater appreciation leads to greater satisfaction and therefore happiness
Illustration / Intersection . . . the sharing of good news stories of faith intersecting with life
Inspiration / Affirmation . . . reminders of just how much God really loves them.
Devotion / Adoration . . . the joy and blessings of living for God’s glory.

8.  Purposeful Faith

Purposeful Faith

9.  A Healer's Journey

A Healer's Journey

10.  Generation Cedar

Generation Cedar

11.  Psychics 4 Today

Psychics 4 Today

Psychics 4 Today teaches people how to avoid psychic scams and how to find the best psychic reader.

12.  Soul Intent Arts - Intentional Insights, Q&A From Within

Soul Intent Arts - Intentional Insights, Q&A From Within

An open dialogue with souls sharing reader inquiries on modern shamanism, animism, and the every day paranormal.

13.  Orthodox way of LIfe

Orthodox way of LIfe

How to live a spiritual life in a busy world. Growing spiritually to gain union with God.

14.  The Lowdown Truth

The Lowdown Truth

15.  Blog | Action Step Coaching

Blog | Action Step Coaching

Blog about Christian Life Coaching issues, Wellness issues, Habit Change, Weight Loss, Fitness, Sleeping Habits, Spiritual Habits, Spending Habits

16.  The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show

The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth Radio Show

17.  Psychic Bloggers

Psychic Bloggers

News, Views and Information From The Psychic Access Community. All blogs are submitted by current psychics at PsychicAccess.com

18.  Breath of Optimism

Breath of Optimism

19.  Finding Joy in Everyday

Finding Joy in Everyday

20.  Writer, Adventurer, Philosopher

Writer, Adventurer, Philosopher

21.  Finding God's Grace in Everyday Life

Finding God's Grace in Everyday Life

22.  Finding Hope

Finding Hope

A blog to share the ups and the downs of my faith journey - to encourage you to take steps in your own journey. To share what I’m learning. To encourage each other as we go through the difficult times. To celebrate the good times. To remind us to be intentional about our faith. To inspire others to seek a personal relationship with God.

23.  Flag Display cases,Burial Display cases,Flag Box,Flag Frames

Flag Display cases,Burial Display cases,Flag Box,Flag Frames

24.  JOY!!


prayer, spirituality, Catholic

25.  HonorOfKings.org


26.  Renewed Daily

Renewed Daily

27.  SecondIron's Blog

SecondIron's Blog

SecondIron's Blog is born from one man's desire to provide faith-guided leadership for both men and women. Drawing from years of experience, he intends to 'sharpen iron with iron' by providing insights on how things could have been done differently from when he did them for his first time. Charles Johnston was a foster child who wasted more than 20 years of his time drifting through life. Discover how he's gained purpose and clarity and how 'living second' has enriched his life. Aside from leadership and faith articles, also find some local event updates as well as music and book reviews.

28.  LLM Calling

LLM Calling

29.  HealthyNatured - Healing Naturally

HealthyNatured - Healing Naturally

Holistic healthy living with latest news and information regarding natural remedies, alternative treatments and spiritual development.

30.  Harmonia Philosophica @ WordPress

Harmonia Philosophica @ WordPress