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1.  Couragoeus Christian Father

Couragoeus Christian Father

A Christian Blog, family blog

2.  The Watchman's Post

The Watchman's Post

The Watchman's Post

3.  Sunday School Lessons at Christianity Cove

Sunday School Lessons at Christianity Cove

Sunday School Lessons at Christianity Cove

4.  Orthodox way of LIfe

Orthodox way of LIfe

How to live a spiritual life in a busy world. Growing spiritually to gain union with God.

5.  Programming Life

Programming Life

6.  Heartbeat Magazine blog

Heartbeat Magazine blog

7.  SecondIron's Blog

SecondIron's Blog

SecondIron's Blog is born from one man's desire to provide faith-guided leadership for both men and women. Drawing from years of experience, he intends to 'sharpen iron with iron' by providing insights on how things could have been done differently from when he did them for the first time. Charles Johnston was a foster child who wasted more than 20 years of his time drifting through life. Discover how he's gained purpose and clarity and how 'living second' has enriched his life. Aside from leadership and faith articles, also find some local event updates as well as music and book reviews.

8.  United Faith Church

United Faith Church

The United Faith Church Blog is a collection of posts by church leaders for the benefit, encouragement, and teaching of United Faith Church members and all web readers.

9.  In Love With The Lord

In Love With The Lord

10.  Kitegirl Coach

Kitegirl Coach

Get clear career direction, stress management, how to be happy, creative business and life coach, the law of attraction, help me find myself, creative career coaching

11.  Meditation in Sydney

Norton St, Leichhardt NSW 2040, Australia
Meditation in Sydney

Guided Chakra Meditations has been founded in Sydney by Senka. For the past 30 years I’ve been helping people eliminate stress, get more energy, clarity, and focus through meditation. Collection of Meditation Courses, Membership, Spirituality, Healing Crystals, Channelled Guided Meditation, Benefits of Meditation and so much more.

12.  The New Life In Christ

The New Life In Christ

13.  SeaClearly: Awakening Winds

SeaClearly: Awakening Winds

14.  Spirit's Next Move

Spirit's Next Move

15.  The New Life In Christ!

The New Life In Christ!

A Christian blog sharing the good news of the Bible, devotionals, the right way of blogging, faith and prayer, spiritual transformation, and more.

16.  Witchcraft Spells

Witchcraft Spells

Magic spells cast by experienced witches and warlocks change the lives of others. Spells cast include love spells, money spells, lottery spells, luck spells, protection spells, and more.

17.  George's Journal

George's Journal

A Christian worldview blog that looks at what the Bible says about topics like Christian living, Christmas, the Church, Creation, Culture, Easter, Error, Family, God and Jesus, Gospel, Heaven, History and prophecy, the Jews, Money and wealth, New Year, Olympic games, Other religions, Peace, Promises, Answers to difficult Questions, Trials, the Unseen world, and the Future.

18.  SeaClearly


19.  Awakening Winds

Awakening Winds

A Christian Blog: Stand: Faith Can Move Mountains - Speak: Truth to Power -
Walk: Persevere In the True Light <+>

20.  Reiki Training Program Blog

Reiki Training Program Blog

21.  StormJewel's Psychic Blog

StormJewel's Psychic Blog

22.  A Lifestyle Change for Peace

A Lifestyle Change for Peace

23.  Truth in Weakness

Truth in Weakness

24.  Courage For Today

Courage For Today

25.  His Glory Blog

His Glory Blog

Christian Insight, Practical Christianity, Bible Study, Knowledge of God




27.  The Christian Reviewer

The Christian Reviewer

28.  The Good Life

The Good Life

29.  The Good Life

The Good Life

30.  HOPE FOR TODAY with Clint Decker

HOPE FOR TODAY with Clint Decker

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