91.  All Natural Spirit

All Natural Spirit

Natural Living, Symbolism & Spirituality in a Modern World… Bringing Meditation, Metaphysics & Magick into Everyday.

All Natural Spirit was inspired by Nature, the concepts surrounding Symbolism and the desire for Spirituality. The aim of my blog and my store is the cultivation and expression of the Soul through DIY stress management ideas and tools derived from Meditation, Metaphysics and Magick.

92.  Beyond A Church

Beyond A Church

Moving Christians beyond a church mindset of institutional tradition and into a powerful, interactive community of disciples becoming like Jesus.

93.  THE BLOG by Jason E. Royle

THE BLOG by Jason E. Royle

Proponent of sensible thinking, providing a healthy dose of thought-provoking thinking for people of all walks of life.

94.  Rambling about my faith

Rambling about my faith

about the christian faith, the Bible and how the Bible and Jesus' teachings relate to everyday life

95.  Catholic's Question

Catholic's Question

96.  HOPE FOR TODAY with Clint Decker

HOPE FOR TODAY with Clint Decker

97.  Crossandresurrection


98.  Christian Blogger's Journal

Christian Blogger's Journal

99.  Bible Crazy Religious Questions and Answers

Bible Crazy Religious Questions and Answers

100.  Solar Wind

Solar Wind

101.  The Good Life

The Good Life

102.  Soul Source Psychic Intuitive Tarot

Soul Source Psychic Intuitive Tarot

Spiritual Psychic Intuititive Tarot Readings along with Positive Inspirational Quotes and Numerology.

103.  Gay Mormon Man

Gay Mormon Man

A gay mormon tries to live his life following LDS beliefs using humor and brains and a knack for writing.

104.  SeaClearly


105.  News and Reviews

News and Reviews

106.  Akshar-Brahm


107.  Awakening Winds

Awakening Winds

A Christian Blog: Stand: Faith Can Move Mountains - Speak: Truth to Power -
Walk: Persevere In the True Light <+>

108.  Arrows of Revival

Arrows of Revival

Arrows of Revival is a podcast series hosted by Bishop Omaudi Reid aka Bishop "Ball-of-Fire" and Pastor Guerline Reid aka "GateBreaker". One Word - One Prophetic Utterance - One Teaching can drastically change your life and ministry. The series includes discussions and teachings on the people of the revival, and the characteristics of the last days world revival prophesied in the Bible. God is shaping and polishing you as arrows that will hit the bullseye of Revival because one life focused on God and His kingdom can change a generation and usher in revival.

109.  Deliberate Legacies

Deliberate Legacies

The legacy we have to pass on doesn't have to be the one passed on to us... We can create a deliberate legacy... one of joy, one of laughter and hugs, and one where memories were worth saving.

110.  Washed By Water Through The Word

Washed By Water Through The Word

Sharing the truth of God's Word with others.

111.  Lovin' Tellin' The Story

Lovin' Tellin' The Story

112.  The Good Life

The Good Life

113.  Our Powerful Self

Our Powerful Self

A place to find tools and resources to remain mindful and present in everyday life. I share my life journey along with the things I have learned to face anxiety, worries and frustrations. I also give tips and advice on how to remain in the present "NOW" of life instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. All the way I am reminding myself of my tools and sharing my need to practice these tools daily.

114.  Following the Beloved Prophet

Following the Beloved Prophet

Sharing the beauty of Islam.My Travel Muses as an artist.My Love for Rumi Quotes and life in general.S.Seema.Z

115.  Confession Letters

Confession Letters

116.  Flowerchild777


Flowerchild777 is a website that promotes unity, unconditional love, healing, and so much more. It addresses unconventional topics that many are afraid to discuss. It is a site mainly for freethinkers and free spirits.

117.  Tim Bits: Better then a Tim Horton's donut hole, nourishing your mind and soul

Tim Bits: Better then a Tim Horton's donut hole, nourishing your mind and soul

I am an aspiring writer seeking opportunities to expand my abilities that hopes to one day get published. If you wish to cintact me about any writing opportunities,feel free to contact me by emailing ofwolfandman01@gmail.com

I currently write weekly devotionals inspiring the body of Christ through Got To Be There Ministries International.

118.  Everyday Bible Blog

Everyday Bible Blog

119.  Housetops


120.  The Model behind brain and behavior

The Model behind brain and behavior

The oak tree is in the acorn. Looking at this small, beautiful rounded shape, no one would guess it could become an oak tree. Of course, by itself it would not develop. It needs the right conditions. In the same way, humans are called to become what our ancestors and even ourselves cannot see. But to develop all our potentialities, to evolve, some conditions are needed. These must be enhanced in the same way we surround the seed of nutrients, water, earth and light, putting it in contact with and allowing it to be a part of a living whole.This living whole is found in nature. The system behind nature has been described by all great tradition and can be found in the structure of our brain. The LIFE biosystem or Isis Code deciphers it. Book:Isis Code by Ariane Page