61.  A Lifestyle Change for Peace

A Lifestyle Change for Peace

62.  Courage For Today

Courage For Today

63.  SeaClearly


64.  Reiki Training Program Blog

Reiki Training Program Blog

65.  Ruminations from the Temple

Ruminations from the Temple

66.  Truth in Weakness

Truth in Weakness

67.  Spirtuality for Midlife & Beyond

Spirtuality for Midlife & Beyond

68.  E-graphX Renaissance Blog

E-graphX Renaissance Blog

69.  Shifting My Perspective

Shifting My Perspective

70.  Meditation in Sydney

Norton St, Leichhardt NSW 2040, Australia
Meditation in Sydney

Guided Chakra Meditations has been founded in Sydney by Senka. For the past 30 years I’ve been helping people eliminate stress, get more energy, clarity and focus through meditation. Collection of Meditation Courses, Membership, Spirituality, Healing Crystals, Channelled Guided Meditation, Benefits of Meditation and so much more.

71.  I Believe I Receive in Jesus Name

I Believe I Receive in Jesus Name

72.  All Natural Spirit

All Natural Spirit

Natural Living, Symbolism & Spirituality in a Modern World… Bringing Meditation, Metaphysics & Magick into Everyday.

All Natural Spirit was inspired by Nature, the concepts surrounding Symbolism and the desire for Spirituality. The aim of my blog and my store is the cultivation and expression of the Soul through DIY stress management ideas and tools derived from Meditation, Metaphysics and Magick.

73.  FireSpeaks


74.  The Arbour

The Arbour

75.  The Christian Reviewer

The Christian Reviewer

76.  His Glory Blog

His Glory Blog

Christian Insight, Practical Christianity, Bible Study, Knowledge of God

77.  Flowerchild777

Arkansas, USA

Flowerchild777 is a website that promotes unity, unconditional love, healing, and so much more. It addresses unconventional topics that many are afraid to discuss. It is a site mainly for freethinkers and free spirits.

78.  Love Spells That Work

Love Spells That Work

Have a love spell cast that works to change your life and improve your relationships now. A coven of witches come together to cast spells to help people with relationship problems. Get your ex back or mend a relationship and make your life better.

79.  NowTHINK!AboutIt


Inviting Fair Discussion On God Issues...And A Few Things More.

80.  Creative writer/owner

Creative writer/owner

81.  Catholic's Question

Catholic's Question

82.  Inspirit*ational


83.  HOPE FOR TODAY with Clint Decker

HOPE FOR TODAY with Clint Decker

84.  Bible Crazy Religious Questions and Answers

Bible Crazy Religious Questions and Answers

85.  Solar Wind

Solar Wind

86.  Rambling about my faith

Rambling about my faith

about the christian faith, the Bible and how the Bible and Jesus' teachings relate to everyday life

87.  Crossandresurrection


88.  The Good Life

The Good Life

89.  The Good Life

The Good Life

90.  Beyond A Church

Beyond A Church

Moving Christians beyond a church mindset of institutional tradition and into a powerful, interactive community of disciples becoming like Jesus.