31.  SecondIron's Blog

SecondIron's Blog

SecondIron's Blog is born from one man's desire to provide faith-guided leadership for both men and women. Drawing from years of experience, he intends to 'sharpen iron with iron' by providing insights on how things could have been done differently from when he did them for his first time. Charles Johnston was a foster child who wasted more than 20 years of his time drifting through life. Discover how he's gained purpose and clarity and how 'living second' has enriched his life. Aside from leadership and faith articles, also find some local event updates as well as music and book reviews.

32.  LLM Calling

LLM Calling

33.  free aduio sermons

free aduio sermons

34.  Heartbeat Magazine blog

Heartbeat Magazine blog

35.  Too Many Questions

Too Many Questions

36.  Dick Stannard's Blog - My World As I See It

Dick Stannard's Blog - My World As I See It

How do you live out the Christian faith in a society that normalizes and legislates new anti-Christian customs and practices? Dick Stannard’s Blog – My World As I See It is one man's response to the growing resistance for all things Christian! Join Dick Stannard, the author of the blog, as he explores the issues and frustrations as well as the joy and victories that come with Christian living. He shares stories of men of faith, insights and commentaries on a variety of issues, tips on how to grow spiritually, and more.

37.  Done with Religion

Done with Religion

38.  Mexica Telpochcalli

Mexica Telpochcalli

Sixth Sun Ridaz is a an urban, hip hop oriented site dedicated to sharing Traditional Native Mexican philosophies, worldview, and history in contemporary adaptations to engage urban youth.

39.  HealthyNatured - Healing Naturally

HealthyNatured - Healing Naturally

Holistic healthy living with latest news and information regarding natural remedies, alternative treatments and spiritual development.

40.  Life Counselor, Author, Radio Show Host

Life Counselor, Author, Radio Show Host

41.  Mind Shadows

Mind Shadows

42.  United Faith Church

United Faith Church

The United Faith Church Blog is a collection of posts by church leaders for the benefit, encouragement, and teaching of United Faith Church members and all web readers.

43.  philmorgan.org


News and views for Christians who want to love God with passionate hearts AND discerning minds. (Reason and revival are not mutually exclusive.)

44.  Stepping Aside

Stepping Aside

45.  Bob Hostetler's Daily Prayer Blog

Bob Hostetler's Daily Prayer Blog

46.  Prayer Coach

Prayer Coach

Drawing you to the heart of God.

47.  The Divine Heart of God the Father Encompassing All Hearts

The Divine Heart of God the Father Encompassing All Hearts

48.  Dennis L Hitzeman's Worldview

Dennis L Hitzeman's Worldview

The Worldview weblog is the written observations and commentary on the world and current events by Dennis L Hitzeman. The author can be reached via weblog comments or by email at dlhitzeman@hitzeman.com

49.  Spirit's Next Move

Spirit's Next Move

50.  Small Group International

Small Group International

Practical advice and tips for small group leaders. Providing tools and information to create transformed lives in small group members and others they influence.

51.  Cherry Sage's Blog - Engrossing information about the psychic and mystical world.

Cherry Sage's Blog - Engrossing information about the psychic and mystical world.

Authentic psychic, Cherry Sage, and true psychic advising advocate blogs about her readings and the pitfalls encountered when seeking psychic advice. Read fascinating posts enlightening seekers of the psychic world about only the most noteworthy truths.

52.  In Love With The Lord

In Love With The Lord

53.  Astridestella.info


54.  Kitegirl Coach

Kitegirl Coach

Get clear career direction, stress management, how to be happy, creative business and life coach, december 21 2012, law of attraction, help me find myself, creative career coaching

55.  StormJewel's Psychic Blog

StormJewel's Psychic Blog

56.  Peace Hacks

Peace Hacks

Resources for folks striving to rid their lives of peacelessness. We write on life, faith, relationships, adultimatums, and general no-punch-pulling articles aimed at removing whatever barriers to becoming more.

57.  George's Journal

George's Journal

A Christian worldview blog that looks at what the Bible says about topics like: Christian living, Christmas, the Church, Creation, Culture, Easter, Error, Family, God and Jesus, Gospel, Heaven, History and prophecy, the Jews, Money and wealth, New Year, Olympic games, Other religions, Peace, Promises, Answers to difficult Questions, Trials, the Unseen world, and the Future.

58.  Godsy Girl.Com

Godsy Girl.Com

Godsy Girl is a list of devotionals to encouraged today’s Christian woman. A Godsy Girl can be any age, nationality or ethnicity. The only qualification is that she love God and want to grow and mature into the woman He wants her to become!

59.  E-graphX Renaissance Blog

E-graphX Renaissance Blog

60.  SeaClearly: Awakening Winds

SeaClearly: Awakening Winds