1.  CNCCookbook


CNC Cookbook is committed to helping businesses create a system that can effectively operate their factory tools and machinery. The blog is created to help everyone improve their knowledge of Computer Numerical Control, regardless of their skill level.

2.  Let's Get Digital

Let's Get Digital

If you want to publish your book, David Gaughran should be your go-to guy to help you jumpstart your career. His blog has helpful tips on how to write, publish, sell and market your book through traditional and digital platforms.

3.  Moving Cost Blog at MyMovingReviews

Moving Cost Blog at MyMovingReviews

A daily relocation blog with moving tips, printable checklists and complete guides. As My Moving Reviews is the place for reviews of moving companies, you will find complete information on how to select the best mover.

4.  Preparing For SHTF

Preparing For SHTF

Content focusing on survival skills, prepping for natural or manmade disasters, bushcraft skills, and emergency preparedness. Includes product reviews, free books, infographics and more.

5.  Sawdust Girl

Sawdust Girl

Renovation, remodeling, cabinet making, workshop projects and a bit of woodworking.

6.  Organise My House

Organise My House

UK based blog on all aspects of getting organised. How to be organised for the home and in life in general. Get started today!

7.  Kid Friendly Things To Do

Kid Friendly Things To Do

Melissa, owner of Kid Friendly Things to Do, is a mom who loves helping her fellow parents come up with fun and exciting ideas and projects for their little rugrats. Apart from the activities, you’ll also find some good and healthy recipes your kids will love to munch on.

8.  The ReFab Diaries

The ReFab Diaries

The ReFab Diaries is a great resource to help you reduce waste through upcycling, repurposing and refashioning. If you have stuff in your home that you plan to throw away, wait a bit and read some of this blog's tips to help get ideas for your next DIY project.

9.  Sunshine and Sippy Cups

Sunshine and Sippy Cups

Meagan loves sharing “Busy Mom Solutions” in her blog, Sunshine and Sippy Cups. You’ll find useful and helpful DIY projects for your kids’ party and school projects, and some ways you can earn from home by working online.

10.  Reviewster - Software Reviews - Online Service Reviews

Reviewster - Software Reviews - Online Service Reviews

Reviewster will help you save hundreds of dollars by finding the best deals or doing a price comparison before you purchase anything. You can also read product reviews and comparisons to help you decide what to buy based on their features and specifications.

11.  HowToWriteBetter.net


If you are an aspiring writer aiming to improve how you weave your words in different types of writing, this blog should be your go-to platform. You’ll find over 1500 helpful pieces of information from top-notch contributors who want to share their secrets to success.

12.  Mindful Presenter

Mindful Presenter

Connect with your audience emotionally and intellectually by checking out the Mindful Presenter’s presentation skills training and courses. You are guaranteed to learn how you should appropriately express your knowledge and experience as you speak in front of a crowd.

13.  The Links Site

The Links Site

Create sumptuous desserts your kids will love by checking out numerous recipes from The Link Site. The blog owner also shares tips about gardening, DIY crafts, and more.

14.  Your Success Inspirer

Your Success Inspirer

Strengthen your faith in God with Your Success Inspirer. Feed your soul with daily bible verses, inspirational stories, love poems, quotes, and more.

15.  Clever Leverage

Clever Leverage

Lifestyle blog, covering health, wealth, and online business by Matt Justice. Full time YouTuber, blogger, and ATV enthusiast on the side.

16.  Wedding High

Wedding High

A Style of Living is owned by Bláithín, a published author who shares budget-friendly ways on how to style your abode, spruce up your party or create a meal plan for your family.

17.  Art Of Lockpicking

Art Of Lockpicking

Dreaming of becoming a locksmith? Art of Lockpicking can help you jumpstart your career with their tips. They also sell lock pick sets, tension tools, pick cases, and more.

18.  Because... I'm Cheap

Because... I'm Cheap

If you're into frugal living, Because I'm Cheap is certainly a blog you must follow. Jenn Miller, the owner, shares tips on how you can maximize your income and get more bang for your bucks when you're shopping or traveling.

19.  eventjuice


event planning and management blog for people interested in organising better events: event juice blog

20.  SpaFromScratch.com


Spa From Scratch is an amazing source for spa trends, research, and more. They also have numerous DIY scrubs and scents that can help you feel more relaxed and calm in the comfort of your home.

21.  Furnace Repair Edmonton

Furnace Repair Edmonton

Keep your home cozy, especially in winter by gathering some tips from the Furnace Repair Edmonton. This company shares tips on how to keep your furnace working perfectly, and how you can troubleshoot in case of any problems.

22.  Garage Doors Blog

Garage Doors Blog

Discount Garage Doors Inc (DGD) is a family-owned business that was founded in 1988. Their blog has loads of helpful tips on how you can keep your garage doors working perfectly to avoid unwanted accidents as well as decorating ideas for special events.

23.  Growing Organic

Growing Organic

Taking on a whole world organics approach to all areas of life. Follow along as we discover what it takes to truly live in the most natural and organic way, even through the noisy chatter of modern day living.

24.  Life Hacks for Living Well

Life Hacks for Living Well

life hacks for living well - ideas, tips, and tricks on living well, saving money, staying productive, and getting motivated.

25.  House Painters

House Painters

Payson Painting is a great resource to find home painting ideas, inspiration and DIY projects. Let them help you find the best color palette that will perfectly accentuate your home's interior and exterior.

26.  iDoStuff


All the stuff I Do covered in great detail. This is the place to ask questions and leave comments. Now with extra bits from the other half.

27.  Modern Day Redneck

Modern Day Redneck

A glimpse into the life of a modern day redneck and sustainable living.

28.  Lawns For You

Lawns For You

Learn how you can achieve a well-maintained garden by following Lawns For You. This site was founded by a father-and-son team, Duncan and Colin Gray, to share their expertise in the industry and help homeowners have a garden that they will surely be proud of.

29.  Pottery Making Blog

Pottery Making Blog

Pottery Making Info is a great resource for people who would like to get into the business. Their blog contains informative guidelines about the process and tricks that help both aspiring and skilled pottery makers.

30.  Prosumer Diamonds

Prosumer Diamonds

Prosumer Diamonds is a consumer's guide owned by Vincent Chan, a renowned diamond educator. Save money when buying your jewelry by reading his guidelines. He can also help you find the best piece that will accentuate your beauty and personality.