Preparing For SHTF

Content focusing on survival skills, prepping for natural or manmade disasters, bushcraft skills, and emergency preparedness. Includes product reviews, free books, infographics and more.
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Have You Considered Your SHTF Communications Plan?

  Be Honest About Your Current Communications Plan For most preppers quantifying is a problem. We buy stuff and we store stuff, but do we have a true definition of what “prepared” is?  The truth about being prepared is that we cannot quantify ...

Practice Advanced Urban Survival with Skill Over Gear

True Urban Scenario While the wasteland model of the urban sprawl tends to grace the pages of books and big screens. I envision a much different scenario. Rather than a world of desolation I see nearly the opposite. There are 8 and a half million ...

How to Survive World War 3: Useful Tips & Tricks

There are many possible scenarios where a third world war might arise: ideological or religious reasons, as well as a lack of resources. So what are you going to do in an SHTF situation, especially one when nuclear or microbiological weapons ...

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