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Added: February 01, 2017
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How to Use Colour Swatches to Choose Paint Colours

"What were they thinking?!"That's a thought that has likely crossed your mind when first moving into your home. You (and your significant other.) stand in awe at the choice of colours. You can't help but shake your head and comment about how ...

How to Choose a Reliable Calgary Painting Company

Are you in need of the help of painting professionals? Choosing the right painting company is an important decision. Picking the wrong company is something no homeowner wants to deal with.Working with an unreliable company likely means shoddy ...

5 Fascinating Facts About Painting and Design

Property owners in Calgary are enjoying a trending seller's market, with home prices on the way up, up, and away in 2017. With an upswing in prices, more homes will be listed and more competition will flood the market. How can learning the facts ...

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