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Kurt Schlichter: Trump punked the GOPe by getting punked by Chuck Schumer, or something

I guess when you're a prolific social media whore, you tend to say a bunch of things, things which may not always conform to what you said the day before.You hate libertarians one day, they're your best friends the next.Whatever gets you to ...

Our nonchalant policy on nuclear proliferation

China has nukes, Israel has them, India and Pakistan have them, Iran has or will have them. North Korea has them. Not to mention Russia and several Western nations. Notice a trend here?Perhaps we've slowed or stalled nuclear proliferation here ...

Cautiously pessimistic about Star Trek: Discovery

As a Trekkie, my anticipation for a new Star Trek television series began with excited wonderment. News of a new Trek series is always good news. Until it's not.I don't want to be one of the bandwagonistas kicking a fetus before it's born, but ...

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