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NeuFutur Magazine

NeuFutur covers music, movies, travel, entertainment, and health and fitness beats. We've been online since 1998 and continually publish hundreds of articles annually about various subjects.

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Home And Away With Lisa

Lisa is a crafty girl with wanderlust who works as an engineer by day. Her blog chronicles projects in her home, pictures, and stories from her travels. You can learn from her blog how to do arts and crafts, remodel your home on a tight budget, and bake and cook.

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At Home With Daneen

We are At Home With Daneen, a virtual hub for all things related to helping every woman live their best life. I'm proud to say that we're an award-winning women's lifestyle website, having won both a Blogger's Choice Award and a Blogger Recognition Award for being one of the best women's lifestyle blogs on the web. At Home With Daneen is focused on women-centric topics such as beauty, health & wellness; fashion & style; food & entertaining; home & garden and other lifestyle interests for women of all ages, such as business, family, travel and more! Our readers enjoy the conversational, tell-it-like-it-is writing style of our articles, and we hope that we convey our blog's mission throughout our pages: to be one of the best all-around women's lifestyle websites by educating, motivating and inspiring women, and to build a community of friendship among us all.

Happily Curated Chaos

Full-time family travel journalists share curated finds and honest feedback from their discoveries around the world. Get tips for family-friendly travel, vegan recipes, wellness for kids, and more every Wednesday on this blog. Perfect for families looking to balance chaos with intentional living.

Make Florida Your Home

Make Florida Your Home is a publication showing the best Florida has to offer from travel, food, and history. We also dive into real estate and mortgages. Let us be your tour guide for the best of what Florida offers.

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Your Coffee & Tea Essentials

Your Coffee & Tea Essentials is the ultimate guide for coffee and tea fanatics. Learn to make delicious recipes, discover equipment buying advice, and read up on the health benefits. This blog covers everything from brewing tips to buying guides, appealing to all levels - from beginners to aficionados. Perk your morning routine with fresh content for coffee lovers, tea connoisseurs, and everyone.

Focused on the Magic

Focused on the Magic is the creative outlet and happy pill of Deb Silhan. Diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and a recent widow, Deb believes in the power of a positive attitude and focusing on things that make every day magical. Deb is a long-time fan of Disney and finds magic and happiness in writing and sharing everything Disney-related. Her posts let you in on the latest Disney theme park happenings, movies coming out soon, and Disney-themed merchandise and recipes. Besides Disney, you'll also find Star Trek and Marvel-related content.

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Life of a Cherry Wife

I am a wife and mama writing about family, food, style, and being a Latina! I love sharing delicious recipes, daily family life, tips and tricks, and being realistic and trying to manage motherhood, family life, being a wife, and everything along the way!

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Western New yorker

The Western New Yorker is a lifestyle site that shares the latest products on the market, travel guides, parenting stories, and destination information.

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Hollybee Tells

HollybeeTells: Stories, reflections & insights - for personal growth, entertainment & fashion advice. Get a unique perspective on the world; gain life lessons & pop-culture insights. Inspire yourself with a captivating read today!

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Adore Charlotte - Parenting Lifestyle

An enchanting nook of the internet for family-friendly travel spots, budget baby essentials, home decor, fashion finds, entertainment, and organization wonders. Run by a mum of three, Charlotte, it empowers fellow mums to juggle parenthood, blogging, and affiliate marketing to make passive income while being present for kids. Discover exciting treasures for the family. No gatekeeping.

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Colorado Kelly

I want to provide you with an experience filled with high-quality, authentic information for all things home, health, and lifestyle! Every information is designed to be relatable and valuable, so you will receive helpful information each time you return. I am thankful to share my journey, beauty solutions, delicious recipes, and recommendations with you!!

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Ohla Living Blog

An ex-pat family from the UK, done with the rat race and living the slow-paced life in Valencia, Spain. Ohla Living Blog details their family adventures in sunny Valencia and further afield. Find an eclectic mix of parenting advice, yummy recipes, and resources to help you ease into the Valencian lifestyle.

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Always The VIP

Nightlife, fashion, and events in NYC

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The Coffee Post

At The Coffee Post, we believe coffee is much more than a caffeine hit a couple of times a day. We believe that the art of creating and enjoying and the culture surrounding it makes coffee great.

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Wicked Melody's Tavern

Wicked Melody's Tavern is a guide on anime, book series, and TV shows relating to the supernatural. Be on the lookout for the next mythical, ghost, zombie, and vampire stories to hit television. Get inside tips on what book to pick next through the book reviews the site offers.

With the titles arranged alphabetically under Anime and the TV Show categories and by the author in the Book Series group, Wicked Melody's Tavern makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

If you want more, the blog links to over 40 websites home to fictional and non-fictional content in the paranormal genre.

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Sanrio Hello Kitty Addict

Sanrio Hello Kitty Addict

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Dog Behaviorist

Dog Behaviorist is a blog managed by a certified dog behavior specialist. It offers advice on dog behavior, such as recognizing signs of aggression and preventing unwanted behaviors. It helps pet owners understand their canine companions better and provides solutions.

Tyler Jurelle Blog

Hello, I am Tyler Jurelle, a male model, writer, and entrepreneur. Thank you so much for checking out my blog. It is a personal lifestyle blog with three primary purposes: express, expose, and inspire. My blog allows me to say how I feel about topics that are important to me. Also, it will expose people to resources I use to help enrich my life. Finally, its goal is to inspire young people like me to look, feel, and be their best selves. If you have an idea for written content or want to work with me on any project, send me a message.

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CatholicLuv Blog

The ups and downs of Catholic dating and relationships.

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Chic & List

Welcome to Chic & List, a lifestyle blog dedicated to providing inspiration and ideas for women who are looking to live their best lives.

Our blog was founded by a group of passionate writers who share a love for fashion, beauty, home decor, travel, personal development, and all things related to healthy living.

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That Auto Blog

Automotive blog and reviews are written for the average person. Frequent informative posts from an everyday perspective.

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Life through the Kristal lens

Join me as I maneuver middle age while I try to find the humor in the changes in my body nobody told me about, and embrace my flaws with a flair for fun. I will share helpful resources, what it is like to craft with cats, tips and gifts you didn't know you needed, and positive ways to keep joy in your life.

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Bacon Grease

Showcasing Interesting Things for the Curious Mind

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Life Immortal Club

Life Immortal Club is the ultimate guide to living better and longer. We unlock the secrets to improving your health and lifespan through simple, practical strategies. Access tips on nutrition, fitness, reducing stress, and the latest longevity research. Our mission is to help you make minor lifestyle tweaks that boost vibrancy at any age.

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How do I start a successful lifestyle blog?

Starting a successful lifestyle blog involves a few key steps. First, you must choose a specific niche or topic to focus on, such as fashion, health, wellness, or travel. This will help you establish yourself as an expert in that area and attract a dedicated audience. Next, you should create a visually appealing and user-friendly website or blog platform to showcase your content. This will make it easy for readers to find and engage with your posts.

You should also develop a content strategy, which includes regularly posting high-quality, informative, entertaining articles, videos, or other forms of content. Additionally, engaging with your audience through comments, social media, and email newsletters is important to foster a sense of community and build a loyal following.

It would help if you explored monetization strategies, such as sponsored content, affiliate marketing, or selling your products or services, to turn your blog into a profitable venture.

How do lifestyle bloggers make money?

Lifestyle bloggers can make money through various monetization strategies. Some popular methods include sponsored content, where bloggers are paid to promote a product or service, and affiliate marketing, where bloggers earn a commission for promoting a product and directing traffic to the company's website.

A lifestyle blog can also make money by selling its products or services, such as e-books, courses, or consulting services. Additionally, lifestyle bloggers can generate revenue through advertising, such as displaying banner ads on their website or blog or through partnerships with brands for sponsored events or campaigns. Finally, a blogger can make money by offering sponsored social media posts or sponsored videos on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok.

How to promote a blog?

There are several ways to promote a lifestyle blog and increase its visibility and reach:

  • Submit your blog to relevant blog directories.
  • Engage with other bloggers and influencers in your niche.
  • Use social media to promote your blog and engage with your followers.
  • Use paid advertising to reach a wider audience.
  • Optimize your blog's content for search engines through tactics such as keyword research and on-page SEO.