Best Beauty Blogs on Makeup, Skincare, and Cosmetics

Last Updated: 07/05/2024

Let's be real - we all want to know the latest beauty tips! This list covers top blogs from makeup artists and beauty insiders. They dish on cosmetics brands, review products, and share how-tos. Learn to create trendy looks and find skincare for your skin type from these beauty experts. Consider these fabulous blogs your new beauty BFFs!

The 6 Best Makeup & Beauty Blogs

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List of the Top 6 Makeup & Beauty Blogs


Allure offers the latest beauty tips, trends, and product reviews. Master makeup with tips from celebrity artists. Explore new skincare ingredients and haircare routines. Stay updated on plastic surgery and health news. View photos of top celebrity hairstyles and manicures. Receive expert and real-world beauty advice. Learn about the next big things in beauty.

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Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge Beauty is a luxury makeup and skincare brand. It offers worldwide shipping and free UK delivery. The products are cruelty-free and suitable for sensitive skin. Join the lisa&me loyalty program to earn rewards on purchases. Follow Lisa on Instagram and TikTok for expert beauty tips and tricks.


Love looking good without appearing too made up? Jessoshii is the beauty and lifestyle blog for you!

Jessoshii reflects a beauty and style philosophy consistent with its resident blogger's love for nature and the outdoors. It is home to fresh and natural makeup tips, looks, and reviews of organic, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty products.

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MirraSkincare is a skincare blog started by founder Katia. It provides science-based content and products without bullying or false promises. MirraSkincare welcomes all skin types and concerns. It aims to create a judgment-free space to discuss skincare topics like acne, rosacea, and eczema. The blog shares Katia's skincare journey and learnings.

Purely Radiant with Heather

Seint Makeup and Pomifera Skincare Educator Helping women simplify and optimize their beauty routine with Seint makeup and Pomifera skincare. For the Ultimate Guide in Seint Makeup, Mature Skincare & Beauty Tips be sure to visit. I provide lots of fresh tips and ideas for woman that are on the go.

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Glowalley- Skincare, Haircare, Fashion, Makeup Reviews

Glowalley is a beauty and lifestyle blog for women. We offer skincare tips, makeup tutorials, health advice, relationship tips, and product reviews. Our goal is to help women shine from the inside out. We cover everything from acne solutions to hairstyling tips, focusing on self-care. Our friendly tone encourages women to love their natural beauty. Follow us for ideas on skincare, haircare, fashion, and makeup.

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