Best Beauty Blogs on Makeup, Skincare, and Cosmetics

Last Updated: 26/09/2023

Let's be real - we all want to know the latest beauty tips! This list covers top blogs from makeup artists and beauty insiders. They dish on cosmetics brands, review products, and share how-tos. Learn to create trendy looks and find skincare for your skin type from these beauty experts. Consider these fabulous blogs your new beauty BFFs!

12 Top Makeup & Beauty Blogs

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Discover beauty tips, product reviews, and advice from Allure magazine. Learn makeup looks, hair ideas, and skin-care secrets. Find the latest trends and interviews. Allure shares beauty tips for women in a fun, relatable way.

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Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge's Beauty Blog offers in-depth makeup tips, professional techniques, and product recommendations from a renowned makeup artist. Discover transformative looks and must-have beauty essentials for all skin tones and types.

Beauty, Health & Lifestyle Portal - Tips, Advice & Home Remedies

Find tips, fashion guides, and solutions to common beauty dilemmas.

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Love looking good without appearing too made up? Jessoshii is the beauty and lifestyle blog for you!

Jessoshii reflects a beauty and style philosophy consistent with its resident blogger's love for nature and the outdoors. It is home to fresh and natural makeup tips, looks, and reviews of organic, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty products.

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Forever Fearless Magazine

Forever Fearless shares tips on how to find the best makeup look that will suit you well. Find reviews on new beauty products you might be raring to try.

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A Life With Frills

A Life With Frills: Discover beauty, luxury, and travel gems with Glasgow Laura Pearson. Uncover top skincare picks, unique global experiences, and stylish lifestyle tips for every body type.

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All about On-Demand Courses Hair Extensions and Franchise Opportunity by Diane Shawe

Find information about Hair Extensions Techniques, Courses, and Hair Extensions Kiosk Salon Franchising Opportunities. Learn how to care for your hair, thinning hair, hair loss, hair extensions, hairpieces, and wigs.

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Mirra is a skincare platform of over 100,000+ beauty nerds who believe that the most crucial ingredient is transparency. By marrying content, community, and commerce, Mirra empowers millennial women with the tools they need to decode the unregulated, $14 billion skincare industry. After releasing a weekly skincare newsletter that went viral to over 100,000+ subscribers, Mirra is launching an exclusive line of skincare products.

Purely Radiant with Heather

Seint Makeup and Pomifera Skincare Educator Helping women simplify and optimize their beauty routine with Seint makeup and Pomifera skincare. For the Ultimate Guide in Seint Makeup, Mature Skincare & Beauty Tips be sure to visit. I provide lots of fresh tips and ideas for woman that are on the go.

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Dazzling White Teeth HQ

Dazzling White Teeth HQ is our little blog about whitening teeth methods, including chewing gum, oil pulling, DIY, products we've reviewed, and just anything related to how to make your teeth whiter safely.

We've put a lot of work into this site over the years and hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!


Jaggerware LLC

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Glowalley- Skincare, Haircare, Fashion, Makeup Reviews

Glowalley is an Indian beauty blog offering skincare & haircare tips, product reviews, weight loss advice, natural home remedies, and the latest beauty trends. Peruse posts on pumpkin seed oil, turmeric scrubs, silky hair remedies, cartoon nail art, yellow & pink nails, butterfly nails, ways to say "I love you," dry fruits for hair growth, hibiscus water benefits, mole removal scars, and more.

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Glamour for the Everyday Women

We are a lifestyle blog committed to fashion, hair, cosmetics, handbags & accessories, and issues affecting women.

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