1.  Tyee Home :: thetyee.ca

Tyee Home :: thetyee.ca

Daily new and views from British Columbia. Independent, intelligent analysis of politics and culture, with feisty reader discussions on every story.

2.  "Ms Sparky"

"Ms Sparky" blog is committed to exposing KBR and other corporate criminals who commit fraud on the taxpayers dime and endanger our troops while doing it. I write about subjects such as prostitution, human trafficking, rape, electrocutions, fraud, corruption etc. Evidently the main stream media thinks that's all too boring!

3.  Beyond the Cusp

Beyond the Cusp

Editorial opinion on current events and related subjects emphasis in the Middle East that some think could only originate Beyond the Cusp.

4.  Life After Jerusalem

Life After Jerusalem

The musings of a Two-Spirit American Indian, Public Diplomacy-coned Foreign Service Officer

5.  Canadian Soapbox

Canadian Soapbox

Commentary and opinion on Canadian politics and current events, as well as whatever else strikes the fancy of this 40ish year old former student of political science.

6.  Sparking the Left

Sparking the Left

Progressive commentary & links to fan the flames of action. Two bloggers and long time friends from Kentucky doing what we can to spread the word of progressive politics.

7.  Take The Red Pill Now

Take The Red Pill Now

Take The Red Pill Now

8.  Pertinent Problems

Pertinent Problems

Young people on the defining issues of our time.

9.  Eurodiplomat


A European affairs portal developed as an information source for working professionals in Europe; it also talks about workplace challenges and regional to global politics.

10.  Through the Islander's prism

Through the Islander's prism

Glimpse of the world through a Mauritian point-of-view, with posts about the life in Mauritius, its politics, activism, social media, ecology, and environment. Some of the articles are written in French

11.  PoliticalControversy.com Blog

PoliticalControversy.com Blog

12.  What Do I Tell My Kids

What Do I Tell My Kids

13.  The Sunday Breakdown

The Sunday Breakdown

The Sunday Breakdown is ongoing series that recaps a few popular news stories from the previous week, giving you just enough information to sound vaguely informed when talking to your family, friends and coworkers. It features witty, razor-sharp commentary from a moderately qualified fourth-year journalism student, who spent an adequate amount of time reading about the topics on actual news sites beforehand.