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Live Improvisation For Your Smoking Jacketed Pleasure. 40 FREE releases and growing.
Added: February 08, 2009
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#75 The Singles Box

The original idea was to release a new single every few weeks and then sell our less-than-impressed fanbase some Limited Edition hard copies at inflated collector's prices. We envisioned including some droll postcards, like The Pixies might ...

#74 "I Wanna Be Your Man (Mono Master)" Official 2017 Digital Online RE-Release!

We first debuted an edited variation of this recording via the multi-artist, web-only project, The Beatles Complete On Ukulele... before posting it ourselves as #53 I Wanna Be Your Man 45. But now, in a misguided stab at crossover acceptance, ...

#73 The Behest of We're Late For Class - 2017 Official Digital Mega-Store Release!

In yet another attempt to inflict what we do on the masses, we are (for the first time) officially releasing a compilation of previously-released material to big league, professional, corporate digital retailers - like iTunes, Shazam, Amazon, ...

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