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Added: February 08, 2009
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#74 "I Wanna Be Your Man (Mono Master)" Official 2017 Digital Online RE-Release!

We first debuted an edited variation of this recording via the multi-artist, web-only project, The Beatles Complete On Ukulele... before posting it ourselves as #53 I Wanna Be Your Man 45. But now, in a misguided stab at crossover acceptance, ...

#73 The Behest of We're Late For Class - 2017 Official Digital Mega-Store Release!

In yet another attempt to inflict what we do on the masses, we are (for the first time) officially releasing a compilation of previously-released material to big league, professional, corporate digital retailers - like iTunes, Shazam, Amazon, ...

#52 Clash On Broadway 45

Green Day's on Broadway. How much would you have lost on that bet? So... this is from our Clash On Broadway Original Cast Soundtrack, which doesn't actually exist. Truth is, the idea is thinly stretched even as a 45. It's the rags-to-riches ...

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