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Added: February 08, 2009
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#71 ART JACKSON'S ATROCITY Gout (2016) Remastered & Expanded - The True Story Behind The "Unreleased 1974 Album!"

Now The Truth Can Be Told...We didn't even have a band name when we first went into a 24-track recording studio in Central Florida to record Gout. It's the result of a live, six-hour, totally improvised session that, when it was all said and ...

Something's Coming...

#70 "4 Gigs In Kingston - The Complete We're Late For Class" (USB Flash Drive)

Don't have the time to download over four gigs of music? We'll... have we got a deal for you. Now, for the first time on planet Earth, you can purchase the entire We're Late For Class catalog - over 24 hours of so-called "music," designed to ...