Too Many Questions

Added: July 16, 2012
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Casually Explained: Evolution III - The Human Player Type

I love @CasuallyEThis is one of the Too Many QuestionsPEACE CrispyPlease leave a comment - Anything will doThe best communications are often,THREE WORDS OR LESSOR ONE OR MORE FINGERS!No part of this publication may be reproduced, ...

The Atheist's Inevitable Confrontation

A Little Philosophical Armour for The Novice Atheist's Inevitable ConfrontationWhen 'coming out', many atheists suffer an all too common and unnecessary confrontation as their loved ones show concern for the fledgling atheist's immortal soul.Many ...

Dem Drones

IntroHeads are disconnected by dem lie drones, Heads are disconnected by dem lie drones, Killing in the Valley of lie drones, Coz they do the work of their lore.VerseBeliever's connected to the Progressive Progressive's connected ...

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