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Another Octopus and Some Scarves

Another Octopus and Some Scarves I have been putting off writing this post because I seem to have mislaid my first octopus. (See “Two Jumpers and an Octopus”.) I wanted to take a photo of both of them together to give a better idea of their ...

Knitting Is Not A Women Only Club

Knitting Is Not A Women Only Club This day and age knitting has a definite gender bent. We tend to think of it as a “granny” hobby done only by little old ladies rocking in wooden chairs. Maybe we think of young pregnant women waiting for ...

Annie’s Clearance Sale!

Check out the great savings in Annie’s clearance sale! You can shop from over 800 items in the online catalogue. I have just spent a lot more time browsing than I had intended to. There are heaps of amazing bargains on some really great stuff. ...

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