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The world is in such a sad state. Many live in fear and without hope or faith because they aren't aware of their own power to change the world. Powerful Positive You's mission is to bring awareness of personal responsibility and power to humanity. Power Positive You's vision is to inspire and motivate many to seek their inner selves, spiritual truth and to change themselves for the better thus changing the world one person at a time. Each one inspiring and motivating the next person, having a positive domino effect on the world.
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Do Your Choices Reflect Your Desired Outcome?

Sometimes what we say we want and what we actually do are two entirely different things. Years ago, I used to say I wanted to lose weight yet I ate whatever I wanted with no sense of portion control or moderation. I also didn’t exercise. ...

My VSG Life: 12/5/17 Dietary Changes.

Dietary Changes Coming Up. I took a natural water pill today and I’ll be taking another later on. My edema is cutting up. My puffy face and ankles always tell the tale when edema is an issue. When my weight is in the range that it is I’m ...

My VSG Life: 12/4/17 Turkey Soup.

Soup Is Great On A Cold Day. Late last night I decided I wanted to make some turkey. My oldest daughter took out some turkey wings and legs out of the deep freezer for me and thoughts of turkey, stuffing, and gravy danced through my head. I ...

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