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New Band Of The Day 97: Subsonic Eye

“The moon is dead and I swear I saw the seaweed leaves and skyline skyscrapers“ Who: Wahida (vocals, synthesizer) – Daniel (guitar) – Bo (guitar) – Spencer (bass) – Lucas (drums) What: Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Small Country Blues Where: ...

Dearly Beloved – ‘Admission’ | Track by Track

Admission is out now. For me, mainstream rock seems a bit stagnant at the moment. The alternative choices are stellar. Insightful and hooky. But the mainstream ain’t in good nick. Hopefully Toronto’s Dearly Beloved can help remedy that ...

How slot machines celebrate musical greats

We’re betting a fair majority of adults have set foot in a casino or have enjoyed a flirt with fruit machines at some point in their lives. We also bet that anyone who’s been to a casino will be all too familiar with the ethereal, cheery ...

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