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Added: May 03, 2012
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We are the Doorway – Tending the Light

I am running the latest round of my Energy Work for Sexual Trauma teleseminar starting next week, details here. My oldest daughter recently read Mists of Avalon – one of my all time favorite books – and while discussing it with her I realized ...

Healing the Masculine – As a Woman

This blog is dedicated to healing and empowering the feminine, as is my private session work, but of course feminine energy and power does not exist in isolation. The feminine and masculine are codependent, defining each other. Whether we are ...

Why NOT to Believe in Soulmates…

I hear a lot about soulmates in my line of work, as in, ‘when will my soulmate show up?’ Or ‘She must not be my soulmate because….’ Or ‘But he’s my soulmate so….’ Over the years I have actually come to see the entire idea of ...

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