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San Diego criminal lawyer Vikas Bajaj has over 16 years experience helping those accused of a crime. He handles all criminal matters including domestic violence, drug crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, DUI, and more.
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Violating a Restraining Order in California

When someone feels threatened by another person or fears for the safety of his or her immediate family they may ask a California court to issue a restraining order. A restraining order, if issued, places some legal restrictions on your ability ...

What are the Criminal Penalties Associated with a DUI Conviction in San Diego?

Drunken driving cases are taken rather seriously in San Diego; the consequences may sometimes be very harsh depending upon the nature and the number of offenses. DUI refers to Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or any other intoxicant. If ...

Federal Bank Robbery Charges

An Illinois man is facing federal criminal robbery charges for robbing a PNC bank in Skokie earlier this month. The man entered the bank, slipped a note to the teller, and demanded that she give him cash. Police caught the man in a neighboring ...

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