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Last Updated: 11/02/2024

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The 30 Best Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers

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List of the Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Dallas, Texas

Kraft & Associates, Attorneys at Law, P.C.
2777 N Stemmons Fwy Suite #1300, Dallas, TX 75207, USA

Kraft & Associates is a reputable Dallas law counsel. They fight for the rights of accident victims and disabled Texans. The attorneys offer personalized support to secure full compensation for clients. Kraft & Associates provides legal expertise for car crash injuries and Social Security claims. They protect your rights and strive to achieve the best results.

The Shapiro Law Firm
701 E 15th St #204, Plano, TX 75074, USA

The Shapiro Law Firm, a Dallas criminal defense lawyer team, excels in legal defense and family law. Attorneys Todd Shapiro, Howard Shapiro, and Peter Ganyard lead with decades of experience. They serve Collin County and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The firm tackles criminal charges, divorce, and child custody disputes. They fight for clients' rights and freedom. Recognized for their achievements, they aim for the best outcomes.

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Law Office of John R. Teakell
2911 Turtle Creek Blvd Suite 300, Dallas, TX 75219, USA

The Law Office Of John Teakell, a leading Dallas criminal defense firm, tackles felonies and federal crimes. John Teakell, who has a federal and state prosecutor background, guides the firm. They handle white-collar crimes, drug charges, gun violations, and more. Teakell, a Texas Super Lawyer and a top 1% attorney nationwide, achieves dismissals and charge reductions. The firm fights for clients' rights with deep courtroom experience. They help find the right lawyer for tough cases.

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Law Office of Brian Corrigan
1008 Ridge Rd St. 101, Rockwall, TX 75087, USA

Brian Corrigan, a Dallas-area criminal defense attorney, defends clients in Texas courts. With decades of experience, he tackles both felony and misdemeanor cases. His expertise spans DUI, drug offenses, white-collar crimes, and homicide. A former prosecutor, Corrigan uses his knowledge to protect clients' rights. He's board-certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Clients trust him for his communication and trial skills. Corrigan fights for the best outcomes, from negotiations to trials.

Scott H. Palmer, P.C.
15455 Dallas Pkwy Suite 540, Addison, TX 75001, USA

Scott H. Palmer, P.C., based in Addison, Texas, specializes in criminal defense, personal injury, and civil rights. This firm, led by Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist Scott Palmer, offers legal services across Dallas-Fort Worth. The team tackles domestic violence, drug crimes, theft, civil rights issues, car accidents, and wrongful death cases. With decades of combined experience, they focus on protecting clients' rights. Members include Rebekah Perlstein, James Roberts, and Grant Gerleman. Known for securing favorable outcomes, they provide aggressive, compassionate representation. The firm is a trusted media source for legal insights.

Warren Abrams, P.C.
10300 N Central Expy #283, Dallas, TX 75231, USA

Warren Abrams, a Dallas criminal defense lawyer, helps clients with DWI, drug crimes, theft, and violent offenses. Board Certified in Criminal Law. Consistently named a Texas Super Lawyer. Warren and Joshua Abrams ensure personalized case handling. They guide clients through legal processes. The firm offers flexible payment plans. Warren also mentors high school students in law.

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Pelley Law Office
1312 14th St, Plano, TX 75074, USA

Pelley Law Office is a Dallas criminal defense and bankruptcy firm. Led by attorneys Richard A. Pelley and Quinton G. Pelley, we defend against assault, theft, homicide, sex offenses, and drug charges. Our team conducts thorough investigations, securing dismissals and acquittals. We protect your rights, prevent criminal records, and keep you out of jail. Known for compassion and integrity, we offer free case evaluations. Contact a criminal defense attorney at Pelley Law Office for trusted legal support.

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The Beltz Law Firm
9696 Skillman St #255, Dallas, TX 75243, USA

The Beltz Law Group, a Dallas criminal defense lawyer team, tackles DWIs, drug charges, assault, and theft. They defend rights and protect records. For personal injury, they secure compensation for accident victims. They also resolve traffic tickets, preventing insurance hikes. The firm offers free consultations and is among the 10 best for legal help in Dallas.

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Mark A. Perez, Attorney at Law
3300 Oak Lawn Ave UNIT 700, Dallas, TX 75219, USA

Mark A. Perez defends clients facing criminal charges and immigration issues. Perez is a former Dallas County prosecutor with over 30 years of experience. The firm handles drug crimes, white-collar crimes, and violent offenses. Perez uses his background to secure the best results for clients. He offers 24/7 availability and multilingual services.

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The Lugo Law Firm, PLLC
550 S Watters Rd Suite 243, Allen, TX 75013, USA

The Lugo Law Firm specializes in criminal defense in Dallas. Michelle Lugo leads the firm, offering bilingual support. They defend against charges like DUI and drug offenses. The team also tackles federal crimes. Known for strategic defenses, they aim for favorable outcomes. Their experience spans decades, ensuring skilled negotiation and courtroom presence.

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Gallian Firm
3500 Maple Ave suite 720, Dallas, TX 75219, USA

Gallian Firm, based in Dallas, specializes in criminal defense and civil litigation. They defend against state and federal crimes, including drug and white-collar crimes. Their civil litigation covers business disputes and personal injury cases. Known for excellent case results, they use advanced technology and trial experience. They've secured dismissals and settlements in numerous cases.

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Peter Barrett
3500 Maple Ave Suite 550, Dallas, TX 75219, USA

Peter Barrett, a Dallas criminal defense lawyer, defends clients' best interests. He tackles state and federal charges, including drug crimes and fraud. His firm advises on legal options and negotiates for charge reductions. Known for jury trial success, Barrett ranks among the top 100 trial lawyers. Clients praise his dedication to favorable outcomes.

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David Finn
4015 Main St Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75226, USA

David Finn, a Dallas criminal defense attorney, brings decades of experience. He defends against serious federal and state charges, including drug trafficking and fraud. As a criminal trial judge and federal prosecutor, Finn knows the legal system inside out. He's board-certified in criminal law, leading thousands of cases and jury trials. Recognized as a Texas Super Lawyer and among the Best Lawyers in Dallas for over 15 years, Finn offers aggressive defense across Texas. His firm tackles a broad spectrum of criminal cases, ensuring robust client representation.

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The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker, P.C.

The Law Office of Kimberly Griffin Tucker defends against criminal charges in Dallas. The attorney tackles felony cases, DUIs, and drug offenses. With decades of experience, she brings unique insights from her time as a prosecutor and judge. Her firm ensures aggressive defense for the best outcomes. Clients receive personalized attention. She fights for rights in Dallas and beyond. Her expertise is recognized in the legal community.

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Law Offices Of Martin J Rubin
4514 Cole Ave Suite 600, Dallas, TX 75205, USA

The Law Offices of Martin J. Rubin specializes in criminal defense practice in Dallas. Martin J. Rubin, a seasoned criminal defense attorney, handles assault, theft, DWI, and traffic ticket defense. He aids in obtaining occupational licenses, expungements, and nondisclosures. With decades of experience, Rubin has managed countless cases throughout Texas. He is a top Dallas traffic ticket lawyer, earning the highest peer rating for ethics and legal ability. Clients value his clear communication and integrity.

The Goolsby Law Firm
2650 Valley View Ln building 2 suite 100, Dallas, TX 75234, USA

The Goolsby Law Firm specializes in criminal defense and DWI in Dallas, TX. Led by ex-prosecutor Mike Goolsby, they defend against charges like assault and drug possession. With decades of experience, they use insider knowledge to protect clients. They offer free consultations and fight for charge reductions or dismissals. Recognized by America's Top Law Firms and Top 100 Trial Lawyers, they safeguard clients' rights.

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The Law Office of Kristin R. Brown, PLLC
17304 Preston Rd #1250, Dallas, TX 75252, USA

Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers tackle crime in Texas, offering top legal help. They focus on trials, appeals, and writs. Kristin Brown is known for her effective defense strategies. The firm handles state and federal charges, including drug offenses and assault. They provide personalized defense plans. Brown is a respected speaker and author in criminal justice. The team's expertise leads to dismissed charges and not-guilty verdicts. They serve Dallas and nearby areas.

Haddad Law Firm
13601 Preston Rd Suite 765W, Dallas, TX 75240, USA

Haddad Law Firm specializes in criminal defense and personal injury in Dallas, Texas. Led by Manny Haddad, certified by the Texas Board, the firm tackles drug offenses, assault charges, car accidents, and civil lawsuits. Haddad is recognized as one of Dallas' Best Criminal Defense Lawyers. The firm boasts decades of experience and numerous awards, including Rising Star accolades.

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Winocour Law
1511 E Levee St suite b, Dallas, TX 75207, USA

Winocour Law specializes in personal injury and wrongful death cases in Dallas, Texas. They represent victims of accidents, defective products, and medical malpractice. The firm has decades of experience in the criminal justice system. Attorneys Jonathan Winocour and Mike Miller lead the team. They focus on securing justice and maximum compensation for clients. Services include handling vehicle collisions, workplace injuries, and catastrophic loss cases. Winocour Law has recovered millions for clients. They are known for their ethical integrity and rigorous preparation. The firm is a trusted advocate for the injured.

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Law Office of Phillip Hayes
3300 Oak Lawn Ave UNIT 600, Dallas, TX 75219, USA

The Law Office of Phillip Hayes, a Dallas criminal defense firm, tackles various charges. Services include defending against misdemeanors, murder, DWI/DUI, and more. Attorney Phillip Hayes, a former assistant district attorney, brings extensive trial experience. He fights for clients' rights across Dallas-Fort Worth in state and federal courts. His approach is aggressive, aiming for the best outcomes.

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The Farmer Law Group, PLLC
400 S Zang Blvd #350, Dallas, TX 75208, USA

Farmer Law Group in Dallas specializes in civil litigation and criminal defense. They handle personal injury, car accidents, wrongful death, and criminal charges. With decades of experience, they've represented hundreds of clients. Anthony Farmer, an award-winning attorney, leads the bilingual team. They strive for justice in state and federal courts. Known for tackling complex cases, they focus on personalized service and quality outcomes.

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Aulbaugh Law Firm
3300 Oak Lawn Ave UNIT 700, Dallas, TX 75219, USA

Aulbaugh Law defends Dallas clients in criminal cases. James Aulbaugh, an ex-chief felony prosecutor, leads the firm. They tackle domestic violence, drug crimes, DUI, and theft. It also covers personal injury and civil rights. Serves Dallas County, Collin, Denton, and others. Known for protecting rights and achieving outstanding results. Recognized among the best lawyers in Dallas.

Erin Hendricks Law
Campbell Centre II, 8150 N Central Expy M2070, Dallas, TX 75206, USA

Erin Hendricks Law, a Dallas criminal lawyer, defends rights with over two decades of experience. Erin leads the team with dedication, fighting state or federal charges. She minimizes risks and unfair outcomes. With a background as a prosecutor, she brings vast trial experience. The firm tackles various criminal charges. Recognized as a voted best lawyer by D Magazine. Erin fosters strong client relationships, offering supportive counsel.

Law Office of Walker Fults
3500 Maple Ave Suite 550, Dallas, TX 75219, USA

The Law Office of Walker Fults defends Dallas clients in criminal cases. Specializing in DWI, assault, theft, and federal crimes. Decades of experience and hundreds of clients represented. Walker Fults, a top-rated lawyer, fights for the best possible outcome. Success in tough defense matters, serving Dallas County and beyond.

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Law Offices of Robert Gregg
2024 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75201, USA

Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers, based in Dallas, Texas, serving the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. With decades of experience, they specialize in criminal defense and personal injury. They offer skilled trial advocacy and representation for assault, theft, and drug offenses. The experienced Dallas criminal defense lawyers help achieve the best possible outcome. They hold the Premier 100 Designation from the National Academy of Jurisprudence and a past presidency of the Texas Municipal Justice Bar Association.

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Pask Law, PLLC
5900 S Lake Forest Dr STE 410, McKinney, TX 75070, USA

Pask Law defends clients in the Dallas area against criminal charges. Neil and Harrison Pask, experienced attorneys, lead the firm. They aim for the best possible outcome, from DWI to violent crimes. The firm serves Dallas, Collin, Denton, and Tarrant Counties. Recognized for integrity and aggressive advocacy, Pask Law has earned numerous accolades.

Law Office of Clayton Smith
3300 Oak Lawn Ave UNIT 600, Dallas, TX 75219, USA

Clayton Smith defends Dallas clients in state and federal criminal cases. He tackles defense matters, including assault, DWI, and drug crimes. His background spans prosecution and defense. Clayton negotiates for lesser charges and secures bond reductions. He aims for the best outcomes in every case.

Abogado Penal - Alexandria Cazares-Perez
3500 Maple Ave Suite 550, Dallas, TX 75219, USA

Alexandria Cazares-Perez defends Dallas clients in criminal cases. She tackles drug trafficking, money laundering, and more. Bilingual services are available. Member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. She is recognized for her defense skills in Texas.

Asante Legal PLLC
705 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX 75202, USA

Asante Legal PLLC defends Dallas clients against criminal charges. Led by Adwoa Asante, certified by the Texas Board. Specializes in dismissals, motions, and trials. Fights for teachers, healthcare professionals, and truck drivers. Member of the Texas Bar Association. Decades of experience and hundreds of successful defenses. Protects rights and liberties.

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James N. Vasilas & Associates
13747 Montfort Dr # 250, Dallas, TX 75240, USA

Vasilas & Associates tackles crime in Texas, offering top-notch criminal defense and immigration help in Dallas. They defend against charges from DWI to capital murder. Also, they handle family-based immigration petitions and fight deportation. Their lawyers mix compassion with aggressive tactics for the best outcomes. Clients get personalized support. They're known for skilled, honest representation.

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