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Welcome to KNITmuch!

YES, it's an AWESOME knitting blog, but wait!… it's also a weekly bulletin, a monthly newsletter, and a quarterly e-magazine focused on the love and art of making beautiful knits. Best of all, it's ALL FREE from the publishers of A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine and the quilting blog counterpart, QUILTsocial.

I'm an avid knitter, knitting every day. I'm in love with knitting because it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment and lets me play with yummy yarn. I never leave home without it, and I knit just about anywhere. It makes me happy, and therefore to K is to Love.

KNITmuch will feature a variety of knowledgeable and passionate guest bloggers and contributors, each bringing their unique perspective. Join me daily as we discover new yarn, discuss its qualities, and show off knitting tools and accessories.

We hope you'll LOVE KNITmuch as a place of reference, learning, and inspiration.

July 01, 2015
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