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Scriptural Witness #6 – False Prophets have False Dreams and Visions (part 1)

Have you ever sat and listened silently to a prophet (or prophetess) expound upon what seems the latest of an endless series of dreams or visions? Were you tempted to question the veracity of their encounter(s), only to be silenced by echoes ...

Scriptural Witness #5 – False Prophets Mimic the Spirit of God

False prophets (and their followers) love to put on an outward show so others will think that the “Holy Spirit” is moving upon them. Often, this is shown by various jerks, quakes, nonsensical phrases (no, I’m not referring to “speaking ...

Scriptural Witness #4 – False Prophets Lead You Away from God’s Commands

Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, John the Baptist, Jesus ... they all preached a hardcore message of repentance to the people, pleading with them to turn from their wicked ways and obey the commands of God so that they would be ble ...

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