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Do you know your Lemons?

No, really, this is a genuine question… You may, like me, have seen a recent post on Facebook aimed at spreading awareness of breast cancer. To comply with social media censorship rules, the woman behind... The post Do you know your Lemons? ...

Understanding the NHSLA — James Hawke, George Ide’s clinical negligence specialist, shines a spotlight into the shadows

Set back under Colonnade Walk on Buckingham Palace Road, just behind Victoria Station, sits a nondescript, anonymous-looking glass-fronted building. This building houses a team of people responsible for paying out nearly £1.5 billion in the... The ...

Investing in a new era — financial markets and the Trump factor

So it really did happen: Donald Trump is the new President of the United States, and never has there been a more polarising new US President. But whether you are pro-Trump or anti-Trump, the fact... The post Investing in a new era — financial ...