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Unmasking Confidential Informants: Exceptions to the Informer Privilege

Confidential Informants Often fodder for Hollywood blockbusters such as Black Mass, Reservoir Dogs, and The Departed, the secrecy surrounding the identity of confidential informants has always captivated the public.  Though the film world has ...

Federal Prosecution of Child Porn Cases

How the United States Sentencing Guidelines apply in Child Porn Cases In the federal system, the receipt or possession of child pornography is illegal. Obviously, this is not breaking news. In fact, possession of child pornography is illegal ...

Backpage Bust: Promoting Prostitution and Sex Trafficking

DFW has long been established as a corporate headquarter hotspot for household name businesses such as Walmart, Exxon Mobile Corp, and AT&T. Also rooted in DFW are more provocative businesses, including backpage.com, which, since Friday morning, ...