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The first Mascletá of the Year: Fallas in Valencia 2014

Last Sunday marked the first Mascletá of the Fallas in Valencia 2014 and yes, that means the party and Spring begins. This year we were invited to spend Sunday afternoon at a friends house in the city and to view the mascletá over their ...

The best DSLR camera for bloggers

I love stumbling on to blogs rich with images, if you're like me, I like to take my own photos, whether it would be a product review or just in general to insert on my blog posts for my readers to enjoy. It ads a lot more originality compared ...

Much in need of a chill out night with Ben and Jerry

For more frustrating matters... HOMEWORK. The boys get A LOT! A lot compared back in the UK, specially when it comes to my 6 year old who have started Primer on September. Every night he is required to do at least 3 homeworks, and usually ...