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Lesser Included Offense Reckless Driving Aggravated Assault

Reckless Driving as Lesser Included Offense of Aggravated Assault In criminal law, a lesser included offense is a crime for which all of the elements (essential parts) necessary for a conviction are also elements found in a more serious crime. ...

Legal Drinking Age in Texas

What is the Legal Drinking Age in Texas? History of the Legal Age of Consumption and Purchase of Alcohol Currently, in Texas the legal age to purchase or consume alcohol (with few exceptions) is 21. Prior to 1920, there was no national minimum ...

What is a 1244 A or B

12.44 Texas Criminal Sentences WHAT IS A 12.44 REDUCTION AND AM I ELIGIBLE FOR ONE? If you are facing criminal charges in Texas, you may have been heard about getting a “12.44.” This refers to the Texas Penal Code Section 12.44 that gives ...

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