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Religious belief is a destructive force that causes far more harm than good. Atheist Revolution is a blog dedicated to breaking free from irrational belief and opposing Christian extremism. Topics include atheism, skepticism, secularism, and freethought.
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Could Atheism Replace Religion?

I was asked recently whether I thought atheism could replace religion. I said that I thought atheism could replace religion only in the sense that religion could eventually die out and then I suppose one might say that atheism had replaced it. ...

No Politician in History

I imagine most of you have already seen this image countless times, but I couldn't resist sharing it. The quote is yet another in a long series of "Trumpisms" from our president, complete with his characteristically oblivious narcissism and ...

Who is Responsible for the Negative Media Coverage of Trump?

Believe it or not, my Trump fatigue has subsided a bit. With virtually all the news in the last couple weeks being Trump-related, I wouldn't have guessed it either. My second wind probably won't last long, but I'll ride it out for now.President ...

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