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Religious belief is a destructive force that causes far more harm than good. Atheist Revolution is a blog dedicated to breaking free from irrational belief and opposing Christian extremism. Topics include atheism, skepticism, secularism, and freethought.
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Satanists Suggest Christians Own Child Abuse

Child abuse is directly forbidden in the 11 Satanic Rules of the Earth. Christians however have been abusing children for centuries. They own this.— The Church Of Satan (@ChurchofSatan) November 14, 2017I don't dispute ...

The Continued Support for Roy Moore

Want some insight into how many evangelical fundamentalist Christians in the South can continue to support Roy Moore even as more allegations surface? Visit Walker Springs Road Baptist Church in Alabama and talk to 83-year-old Don Day. Here's ...

Has Atheist Blogging Peaked?

There has been some discussion lately on a few other blogs I read and across various social media platforms about the decline of atheist-oriented blogging. When I say "decline," I am not referring to a decline in quality but a decline in the ...

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