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Religious belief is a destructive force that causes far more harm than good. Atheist Revolution is a blog dedicated to breaking free from irrational belief and opposing Christian extremism. Topics include atheism, skepticism, secularism, and freethought.
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Concrete Christianspeak

Parking at work is sometimes a challenge. It is not uncommon for me to have to walk a bit between where I park and the building in which I work. While walking from my car into the building where I work, I had to cross a street. As I stepped ...

Christian Privilege in Day-Care

What if you were a restaurant owner and you learned that Christian-owned restaurants are exempt from health inspections? While you have to maintain rigorous health and safety standards in order to pass surprise governmental inspections, restaurants ...

Who has the Burden of Proof?

In Who has the Burden of Proof? Atheism vs. Theism, Austin Cline (ThoughtCo) provides an outstanding discussion of something every atheist (and every religious believer) should understand. Atheism (i.e., a lack of belief in gods) is the default ...

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