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Colouring is Good for your Soul – Guest Blog Post by Angie Grace

A note from Abby: Angie Grace and I became friends on Facebook as I became addicted to her colouring books and joined her Facebook group. She wanted to do something special to celebrate the launch of my new book, so she has created an exclusive ...

Healing after a Break Up – Book Extract Energy Healing Basics

I want to share an extract from my new book Energy Healing Basics, it’s called “Healing after a Break Up.” I’ve recorded myself reading this too, if you’d prefer to listen on SoundCloud you can click here: I’m s

Why are so many leaving the planet? Guest blog by Jennifer Hough

I just got news of yet another young person (in her 20’s, and very close to me) deciding that it is much to much to be here. Many young and more “life experienced” people are deciding to vacate their bodies of late. There are so man