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Last Updated: 31/03/2023

The 8 Best HR & Career Blogs

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List of the Top 8 HR & Career Blogs

CareerAddict | HR & Career Advice

Read expert career advice, get matched to suitable careers, revamp your CV, and find exciting job opportunities near you.

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HR Bartender

HR Bartender is a helpful blog for the workplace. Sharlyn Lauby, an HR expert, created it. The blog gives tips on leadership, keeping employees happy, and growing your career. It also talks about HR laws. HR Bartender uses clear language to help readers understand complex work issues. The blog aims to make organizations run better.

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Market Connections - Job Search Blog

Market Connections Blog offers valuable career advice and professional development tips. Discover insights on resume writing, job search strategies, and career growth. Perfect for job seekers and professionals aiming to enhance their careers and stay competitive in the job market.

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The Bold Career Project

Bold Career Project helps people with their careers. They provide coaching services to help you succeed at work. Their methods look at the whole person to figure out good solutions. They can help if you are changing careers, want to advance, or feel stuck.

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AVIEX - Flight School & Pilot Training Resources

Aviation news, tools and tips on how to become a pilot, build a career in aviation. Special focus on helping veteran and military transitions to aviation careers.

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Coaching Expatriates Academy

Coaching Expatriates Academy provides online training for global leadership skills. Our Global Executive Leadership Program (GELP) helps executives make impactful decisions. We develop inclusive and influential leaders. The blog offers insights on global leadership, cultural competence, decision-making, and success mindset. We partner with companies to nurture top talent using a research-backed approach.

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Manage to Soar

Manage To Soar offers helpful tips on leadership and managing teams. The blog shows managers how to connect with employees and keep them motivated. Readers discover ways to recognize staff, work with different people, and support careers. Posts give useful advice to develop leadership abilities. Great for any manager who wants to improve their skills.

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Webuild by Michael DeSafey - Human Resource Professional

Michael DeSafey leads Webuild Services. It's a top staffing agency for the construction, engineering, and environmental sectors. With 25 years in HR and staffing, he helps organizations and professionals excel. Webuild focuses on staffing for infrastructure, engineering, and environmental projects globally. They also offer professional resume writing and online compliance training courses.

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