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1.  Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

2.  The Shake Up Learning Blog

The Shake Up Learning Blog provides teachers and educators with easy to understand, use tomorrow resources for Google and G Suite for Education, mobile learning and classroom technology integration through digital learning resources, technology tips and tricks, in-depth e-courses, books, resources, cheat sheets, blog publications, and podcasts.

3.  Online Personal Training Courses

London, UK
Online Personal Training Courses

Premier Global NASM delivering the UK's leading online personal training courses.

4.  Hot Lunch Tray

Hot Lunch Tray

Serving up steaming scoops of K12 education & technology observation, thoughts, and opinions. With gravy.

5.  Safety Blog

Safety Blog

6.  Stikins Name Labels

Stikins Name Labels

The official blog of STIKINS, a product of Label Planet – a UK based adhesive label company specializing in stick-on label products, school item labels, name fabric transfers, and labeling equipment.

7.  NLP Techniques Blog

NLP Techniques Blog

NLP Techniques. 100+ NLP techniques for business, life, and relationships

8.  The A&P Student

The A&P Student

Tips for making the learning of anatomy and physiology faster, more efficient, and way more fun!

9.  How To Calculate

How To Calculate

Learn how to calculate anything

10.  The A&P Professor

The A&P Professor

11.  The Silent Corner

The Silent Corner

This blog contains written works and personal insights of a Fulbright scholar, which includes academic writings, research papers, learning materials for students, and other informative articles.

12.  The Great American History Blog

The Great American History Blog

13.  Contentment Acres

Contentment Acres

A Christian homeschooling family of 8 (soon to be 9) sharing our life experiences, homeschool, tips, etc on our 14-acre farm in rural Virginia.

14.  Culture & Society Blog

Culture & Society Blog

A blog that covers cultural beliefs and facts from history to politics to science.

15.  Michigan Girl's Cafe

Michigan Girl's Cafe

A personal blog about the life of a graduate student who is pursuing a dual master's degree in social work and information science at the University of Michigan.

16.  Doctor John Proofreading

Doctor John Proofreading

Blog dedicated to proofreading, Ph.D. thesis editing, writing tips, and all things philosophical and literary

17.  5 Simple writing tips for improving your essays and getting better grades.

5 Simple writing tips for improving your essays and getting better grades.

5 simple writing tips to help with essay writing and getting better grades

18.  Jesus, the Revolution & You

Jesus, the Revolution & You

‘Jesus, the Revolution & You’ presents Revolutionary War history, the Founding Fathers, and the stories of some who came before…alternating our stunning, monumental past with thoughts and articles about history-in-the-making today, the Scriptures and how, sometimes, they are all related.
This author has no doubt that the hand of God was very much involved in the birthing of the United States of America, her founding documents, and her government. It is not too late to rekindle the Founders’ vision, wherever one can. It is always the time to meet the Lord, here in America and anywhere else in the world.
His truth is marching on.

19.  McCain's Corner

McCain's Corner

An independent scholar, writer, and genetic genealogy consultant's commentary on Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and Southern history, families, and folklore, as well as faery faith and second sight.

20.  Fightback Ninja helps you fight back against scammers, spammers, and time-wasters

Fightback Ninja helps you fight back against scammers, spammers, and time-wasters

My mission is to help people fight back against email and telephone scammers, spammers, and time-wasters.
I will post anything I can find that helps people to fight back.
Plus warnings of new scams, advice on how to protect yourself against such people, and guidance on who can help if you have been scammed.

21.  Sir Gawain's World

Sir Gawain's World

22.  King Harold Day

King Harold Day

23.  Edwina Richards Studio

Edwina Richards Studio

What's Sewing On At My Place. A look inside my studio, where I create historic costumes and bridal gowns.