Last Updated: 30/03/2023

The 8 Best Education Blogs

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List of the Best 8 Education Blogs

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is a resource site for educational technology. It curates and reviews digital tools for teachers and students. The site provides how-to guides, lesson ideas, and tech tips. It covers topics like iPads, Google apps, and online learning. It aims to help educators integrate technology effectively.

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The Shake Up Learning Blog

Shake Up Learning is a blog focused on innovative teaching and learning strategies. It provides practical tips and resources for educators to enhance their classroom practices. The blog covers educational technology, student engagement, and professional development. Shake Up Learning inspires teachers to create more dynamic learning experiences.

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The eTraining Blog

The eTraining Blog provides online safety training for workers across industries. It covers OSHA regulations, including HAZWOPER and fall protection. Employers use it to train teams on workplace safety. Workers can enhance their safety skills through the blog's resources. The eTraining Blog serves as a vital source of occupational safety information.

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Hot Lunch Tray

Hot Lunch Tray offers opinions and ideas about K-12 education technology. It shares the newest edtech tools, professional development tips, and remote learning advice. The goal is to help teachers improve learning. A veteran teacher writes practical articles for educators who want to integrate technology. The site serves up bite-sized insights to enhance classroom teaching with technology.

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PERCOMOnline is a Texas-licensed NREMT EMS school. It offers flexible and affordable EMT and paramedic training online since 2007. Their hybrid programs let students learn at their own pace. PERCOMOnline provides accessible EMS education with various payment options and scheduling flexibility. They assist students in meeting state and international EMS licensing requirements.

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Growth Equity Interview Guide

Need help acing your growth equity interviews? This blog prepares you to land your dream growth investing job. Learn what to expect in cases, how to tackle technical and fit questions, and tips to optimize your resume. Created by a former growth equity investor with experience at top firms like General Atlantic and Airbnb.

THFI (The Health and Fitness Institute)

The Health and Fitness Institute provides top-notch personal trainer certifications and career guidance. Learn practical skills, not just theory. Pick from personal training, nutrition, strength training, and wellness courses. Enjoy flexible online classes and expert support. At THFI, real success means impactful careers, not just diplomas. Contact us now for mentorship and to speed up your growth.

Contentment Acres

Follow the family's homeschooling adventures on their Virginia farm. Read about their faith, family time, and life in the countryside. Get homeschooling tips and see how this family bonds through outdoor activities on their land.

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